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So this was a discussion that occured on CT. I think it's representative of the philosophy of Hallifax and Zvoltz's Order.

(Hallifax): You say, "Citizens."

(Hallifax): You say, "What is Harmony?"

(Hallifax): Entrias says, "The Basin's future, if we have our way."

(Hallifax): You say, "Yes, hopefully. But I'm looking for something a bit more specific."

(Hallifax): Maellio says, "A dynamic state of interaction, in which all parts are in equillibrium with one another towards a single goal or set of goals."

(Hallifax): You say, "Ah, that is a good definition."

(Hallifax): You say, "And how does that differ from Order?"

(Hallifax): Entrias says, "In many ways, it doesn't. In Harmony, there is Order, and vice-versa."

(Hallifax): Maellio says, "Order is a sequence, be it of events or relations, which dictates how things connect and follow logically."

(Hallifax): Tavon says, "Mmm, in my opinion, Harmony is what is achieved when everything is in Order, and content in its place in said Order."

(Hallifax): You say, "Hmm hmm."

(Hallifax): You say, "So Harmony has an emotional element?"

(Hallifax): Maellio says, "That could be said universally, I would suspect."

(Hallifax): Tavon says, "In my opinion, yes, I believe it does. Posit this: Order can be enforced. However, if order is enforced against the will of the ordered, is it truly Harmony?"

(Hallifax): You say, "Yes, quite. A tyrannic government can be quite orderly."

(Hallifax): You say, "But disharmonic."

(Hallifax): You say, "This disharmony tends to lead towards instability."

(Hallifax): Tavon says, "Aye, the parts of the Order are constantly looking for a way to escape the Order."

(Hallifax): You say, "How might you ensure Harmony?"

(Hallifax): Tavon says, "I can think of a few ways. I believe that Harmony can be ensured through force, although I cannot suggest that is the best way. As evidenced by the Tainted Broadcasting Centre and other items around the basin, minds can be controlled and made to obey in a certain way."

(Hallifax): You say, "Hmm, I see."

(Hallifax): You say, "But even if their mind and body obey, does their soul synchronise with the Collective?"

(Hallifax): Tavon says, "Aye, the better way, in my opinion, is to conquer minds and hearts through conviction, and demonstration of the benefits of Order and Harmony. Tricks may work in the short term, but long term conversion should come from within."

(Hallifax): You say, "I think this is an important distinction between our Lord Architect and the Mysrai entity."

(Hallifax): You say, "Our Lord Architect seeks to build a long-lasting structure."

(Hallifax): You say, "The Mysrai entity seduces inviduals to her cause as she needs, and discards them readily when they no longer suit her whims."

(Hallifax): Tavon says, "Aye, while Hallifax may have the appearance of the ephemeral, we are built to last, in society and structure."

(Hallifax): Skye says, "I believe that Harmony is where robustness meets equilibrium, where the whole contains many differing pieces without any of them amassing too much influence. It can be peaceful or meticulously maintained. To me, neither a quiet peace nor volatility is more Harmonious."

(Hallifax): You say, "So a certain dynamicism is required."

(Hallifax): Cilo says, "I think Mysrai might be one of the few entities that would give Morgefyre indigestion."

(Hallifax): You say, "The Lord Builds both a Structure for a society, and Designs the dynamics that play in that Structure."

(Hallifax): Maellio says, "All is accounted, not merely a selection haphazardly selected by whims."

(Hallifax): You say, "Can a society be Harmonious while at war?"

(Hallifax): Tavon says, "Absolutely. As long as each member of the society is aware and comfortable of their place within it, it can be both Harmonious and at war."

(Hallifax): Vivet says, "Internally, if said society is unified in their cause, I would believe it is attainable."

(Hallifax): Skye says, "How does Harmony influence growth?"

(Hallifax): You say, "What of the external society. Would it not be better to try to assimilate them through peaceful means?"

(Hallifax): You say, "Ah, let us consider Citizen Skye's question first."

(Hallifax): Vivet says, "Hmm."

(Hallifax): You say, "I am of the opinion that Harmony is required for long-term growth."

(Hallifax): Tavon says, "I believe Harmony has less to do with growth than the overarching Plan of Order does. Harmony may affect the rate, but not the overall amount."

(Hallifax): You say, "I think a non-Harmonious society may grow, per se, but only by consuming others."

(Hallifax): Tavon says, "I agree. Hence, why I said Harmony affects the rate of growth. No Harmony is the same as no growth. However, the final plateau of growth is determined by Order."

(Hallifax): You say, "A society can only grow as big as the Structure it is within."

(Hallifax): Tavon says, "Yes, exactly."

(Hallifax): You say, "As a note."

(Hallifax): You say, "If this discussion interested you, and you would like to learn more."

(Hallifax): You say, "The Lord Architect is always looking for more Labourers."

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    i c wut u did thar
    Propoganda at it's finest.
    Give them a taste, have them begging for more.
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    You can't really same the same, can you?
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    "The Panthron"
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    On Chaos and Order, by Kalas Orti


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    I've always kind of wanted a divine sponsored basin wide discussion on the different philosophies of the basin. I think it would be interesting to see how everyone perceives the other orgs and how they brainwash...er...convince their own.



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