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  • IeptixIeptix Member, Moderator, Gods Posts: 819 Divine
    There are a lot of moving parts involved with damage, particularly with mutli-typed damage. It's certainly plausible something is misbehaving. Will investigate.
  • RolsandRolsand Member Posts: 875 Adept
    I'm not saying that the overhaul is really bad because I do like the gear and all but the way attacking works is just horrible. I feel like the hightest wound level I can get someone up to alone is light; I feel like stacking is already bringing down warriors but the whole modifier for afflictions is just making warriors useless against monks
  • QistrelQistrel the hemisemidemifink Member Posts: 1,717 Transcendent
    Monks are still going to be overhauled...at some point.

  • RolsandRolsand Member Posts: 875 Adept
    Hopefully monks aren't gonna be as good as now after the overhaul
  • HaghanHaghan Member Posts: 30 Capable
    Does bruising get inflicted only from Blunt damage? or from blunt type attacks?  (I.e. if I have a mace that did 66% blunt  33% asphyx.. would it bruise the same, or less.. or more (if the target was less protected against asphyx damage)

    Also, do the bleeding runes still work or will they be retired?
    How does  curing affect both bleeding and bruising?  Could simply adding in some bruising weaken all clotting?

  • RiviusRivius Your resident wolf puppy Member Posts: 1,623 Transcendent
    You can CLOT BLEEDING <number> or CLOT BRUISING <number> to select one or the other to clot. If you don't specify, it appears (if I'm not mistaken) that by default you cure half of each.

    Keep in mind, one clot cures 8 bruising whereas one clot cures 20 bleeding. So in general, high bruising is more mana intensive to clot away.
  • IxionIxion Member Posts: 729 Transcendent
    ^ this, functionality should not have been removed.
  • DeichtineDeichtine Member Posts: 1,584 Transcendent
    I think as far as I can tell it just happened, no one asked for it to happen so it dosnt seem to have been for a balance reason or anything. Maybe just a code thing and no one noticed to ask just yet?
  • RiviusRivius Your resident wolf puppy Member Posts: 1,623 Transcendent
    report 1457
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