The Sacrifice of Averi Nightshade

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Today I shared the tale of how Viravain returned to Lusternia. I've been meaning to share this sermon-slash-tale for the past few days and I've glad we finally had the numbers for a good turn-out. I've finally done a sermon after a loooong time. Hopefully, I get to do more of these things. :) Massive raves to everyone who came! 

Shadowed woods.
Thick, gossamer strands of spider webbing are strung through the air, clinging to the surfaces of trees and rock alike from a shield shrine of Viravain nearby. A fierce rainstorm rages in the skies above with full force. Sprays of chervil cover the forest floor. Lovely coltsfoot carpets the forest floor. A sedge of galingale is firmly planted in the forest floor. A marjoram bush flourishes here, spreading its delicate scent. Black rosevines grow atop this mound of loam. A hemlock sapling clings tenaciously to the ground here. Casting darkness all around, a shadow totem thrusts up from the ground, chilling the air.
You see exits leading southwest and northwest.

Bowing cordially towards those in attendance, you say, "Greetings, brethren."

You see the following people here:
Kraw, Eliron, Karlach, Lysistrata, Tylwyth, Eadei, Siam.

Lysistrata curtseys deeply, "Greetings".

Softly, you say, "I've invited everyone here for a brief tale - one that resonates closely with who we are and who we should always be."

With a flourish of his arm, Tylwyth bows deeply.

Eliron gives Lysistrata a peck on the cheek.

Lysistrata flashes Eliron a joyous smile.

Lysistrata gives Eliron a peck on the cheek.

His gaze locking on Karlach, you say, "Three quarters of a century ago, we witnessed the rise of Karlach, Ascendant of Death..."

Karlach's eyes widen, as he looks down at his fingers and counts.

You say, "His recent baptism into the Mistress's Garden reminded me of something. Of someone. Of events that unfolded shortly thereafter."

You say, "While the Glomdoring was celebrating the victory of Karlach's Ascension, a strange and unfamiliar visitor came to the forest."

In a loose yet upright poise, Eadei remains silently contemplative while pale-gray hues reside closely upon you to discern each word with careful scrutiny.

You say, "She was a faeling of Night's Coven, albeit one previously unknown to the rest of us: Averi Nightshade."

You say, "Without much fanfare, she emerged from the shadows and demanded the Glomdoring's aide."

You say, "While we are not eager to assist such strange visitors so easily, we do not reveal our hearts to these visitors."

Your eyes twinkle enchantingly.

The ghost of a smile passes fleetingly across Eliron's lips.

Among the sparkling motes of light, a translucent figure appears in the air and then quickly solidifies as Pypo comes into view.

You say, "And so her request for aid was not met as warmly as she perhaps desired."

You say, "She would not reveal the fullness of her designs and preferred to cloak them in shadow when pressed for information - merely stating that her endeavours are for one who slept. One of the Wyrd."

Pypo begins to wield a tiny firebreathing salamander in his left hand.

Lysistrata tells you, "My apologies. I must sleep."

Spreading his arms wide, you say, "Of course it is quite easy to make so wild a claim! The Glomdoring's skeptism was quite plain."

Lysistrata Shee-Slaugh, the Umbral Postulant says, "Pardon me.."

Lysistrata leaves to the northwest.

You tell Lysistrata Shee-Slaugh, the Umbral Postulant, "It's fine."

You say, "Yet while the rest of the forest questioned dear Averi, a few of our own began to search the Glomdoring for anything out of the ordinary."

Tylwyth i think i remember this....

You say, "And so Ried Stormcrow, one of the finest Wyrden to have ever served the Glomdoring, chanced upon this mound."

You nod your head at a mound covered in thorny vines.

Tylwyth nods his head emphatically.

You say, "And while the Glomdoring as a whole did not extend its hand in aid yet, Averi demanded for a blood sacrifice to be made."

You say, "She remained cryptic and tight-lipped," he pauses to eye Eliron, "of course Master Eliron would know, having met and questioned her."

You wink knowingly.

The ghost of a smile passes fleetingly across Eliron's lips.

Lord Eliron Shee-Slaugh says, "Ever does service to the Glomdoring require vigilance."

You say, "And so the Harbingers, with Master Eliron at their lead, sought out the wisdom of the Voice of Mahalla, who was just as cryptic and mainly expressed the Wyrd's growing excitement - for the forest did stir then."

You say, "The matter was brought to the Shadow Court, who discussed the merits of helping Averi. In fact, her slaughter was considered as well."

Karlach smirks.

Nodding at Eliron, you say, "Ever are we vigilant and possessed of a healthy dose of suspicion."

Karlach Stormcrow, Ascendant of Death says, "In fairness, the battle upon the Astral Planes had left the adrenaline running in some of us for longer than others."

You nod your head at Karlach, showing your acceptance.

The ghost of a smile passes fleetingly across Eliron's lips.

You say, "While this was happening, Averi spoke with one just as fiery, our dearest Celina, family member to Averi herself."

You say, "And afterwards she spoke with Zouviqil, who found she resonated with Averi on account of the black roses that suddenly bloomed in fullness all across the Glomdoring."

You say, "For indeed first blood was spilled upon this very mound, as was Averi's desire."

Karlach suddenly loses focus in his eyes and shudders, then looks curiously refreshed.

Karlach releases a delicate paper dragon and it flutters into the air and around him, its charm dissolving into the air around him as the vellum disappears in tiny motes of dust.

You say, "As the Glomdoring came to life, dear Master Eliron still determined to ascertain Averi's loyalties, for a servant of the Wyrd must not be deceived so easily by smoke and mirrors, as alluring as they may be."

You say, "And so the Queen of the Slaugh, one of Night's Avatars vouched for Averi's loyalty to the Coven of the Night and to the Glomdoring."

You say, "Upon hearing Lhiannan's words, the Glomdoring resolved to aid the Shadowdancer."

The Portal of Fate flashes as Aisyl steps through, now ready to begin a fresh life in Lusternia.

You say, "Dearest Tacita and Master Eliron enticed bards and lured them into the Glomdoring - and upon reaching this mound, the bards were sacrificed."

You ask, "Blood feeds the Glomdoring, does it not?"

An impish grin creeps over Kraw's face as his eyes light up with mischief.

Pypo carefully lights a smoke wreathed pipe and puffs on it before blowing out a small, murky smoke ring.

The smoke ring expands and turns into a blood red rose, which blooms ever fuller and fills the area with a sensuous fragrance.

You say, "And so upon this mound black roses flourished upon thorned vines until at last...a lady rose from its heart. A figure of a woman in the likeness of the Glomdoring's Mother stood before everyone present."

The faintest display of epiphany displays upon the muses face, yet Eadei easily discards the reactive emotion once more to a stonewall exterior. Keen hues glance idly at the ground, surveying the nearby terrain, then sets his attention back unto you.

His voice growing somber, you say, "The Glomdoring has not seen the Mother for a long time then, and though hopes were kindled and blood pulsed quickly within many of us - myself included - we kept our silence, as pregnant as it was with anticipation."

You say, "One of us brought the Crown of Gloriana and placed it upon the statue's brow and together with the scythe in its hand adorned the figure so similar to the Mother."

You say, "It was our hope that uniting the Crown with the figure would somehow result in...something."

Softly, you say, "And yet the statue remained still."

Shadows grow longer in anticipation for the return of their dark mistress as Father Sun's chase brings him closer to the world's edge.

You say, "It was at this moment that Averi Nightshade realized that she was before the threshold of her greatest duty. She stepped forward and proclaimed, "Nothing matters but Glomdoring!" before she slit her throat, giving her life to the forest. It was this great sacrifice - this great demonstration of loyalty and unflinching dedication to duty that finally woke the Lady Viravain, Mistress of the Webs, Lady of Thorns, Mother of the Glomdoring from Her long slumber."

The sound of wings flapping heralds a screeching murder of crows flying overhead.

You murmur softly to yourself.

You say, "I thought to share this tale for there are a few lessons that Averi reminded us then."

You say, "First: the Glomdoring demands our service and we are to devote ourselves completely towards ensuring that the Glomdoring flourishes."

You say, "Second: our mortal and selfish vanities do not matter. If they hinder us from our service, then we are to cast them aside."

Kraw tilts his head back and looks up at the sky.

Many small, glowing red eyes peer out at you from beneath the trees, only to vanish moments later.

You say, "Third: whoever we are, no matter how tall or tiny we are, whatever our race is. These things do not matter so long as we serve the Glomdoring to the best of our ability."

You ask, "Would it have mattered if Averi was a Nightshade? Would it have mattered if we knew her name? What if she chose to never reveal her name? Would it have mattered if she were an elf? A trill? A lucidian?"

You say, "Mortal. Demidivine. Fae. It matters not."

You say, "The beauty and virtue of Averi's sacrifice is that she perceived what she must do and sought to accomplish it."

You say, "In fact, her service to the forest does not stop with her death."

Intone, you say, "Blood feeds the Glomdoring."

The sound of a distant scream echoes between the trees, only to be suddenly cut short.

You say, "Her blood helped usher the Lady Viravain into Her mortal experience once more. Averi's now rotten corpse fed the very forest we call our home."

You say, "Whether we see the full extent of our part in the Web, in the Glomdoring. it hardly matters as long as we do our duty."

You say, "Now, we may err and sometimes forget these things, but what matters is what we do after committing these errors."

Odd sounds echo through the gloomy forest, their source undetermined.

You say, "Remember Crow's Aspects: False Memory. Black Sorrow. Blood Thirst. Dark Spirit."

You say, "Remember the most important lesson of all: Nothing. Matters."

Sofly, you say, "But Glomdoring."

You murmur softly to yourself.

Karlach Stormcrow, Ascendant of Death says, "Glory be."

Drawing yourself up to your full height, you raise a balled fist into the air and proudly shout out, "F'ai Glomdoring!"

The corners of Crek's mouth turn up as he grins mischievously.

Drawing himself up to his full height, Kraw raises a balled fist into the air and proudly shouts out, "F'ai Glomdoring!"

With great elegance, Pypo, Wyrden Sting lays out a spread of exotic cuisine and delicacies before you. Along with everyone else, you indulge yourself in this epicurian feast, eating and drinking until utterly satiated. The fine meal not only lifts your spirits, but enhances your body as well.

Drawing himself up to his full height, Karlach raises a balled fist into the air and proudly shouts out, "F'ai Glomdoring!"

Kraw thanks Pypo profusely.

Smoothly, Lady-Queen Rancoura So'hthae, Adumbriata Incarnate whispers, "Glory ever be to the Heart of Darkness."

Lord Eliron Shee-Slaugh smiles and says, "Glory be to Glomdoring."

(Glomdoring): You say, "Nothing matters but Glomdoring!"

(Glomdoring): Eliron says, "Glory be to Glomdoring."

Drawing himself up to his full height, Pypo raises a balled fist into the air and proudly shouts out, "F'ai Glomdoring!"

A subtle shifting of the shadows draws your eyes to the evanescent form of Nivn'falsia, the ephemeral umbravian, whose lazuline eyes gaze at you contemplatively from the darkness.

You say, "Thank you for coming, brethren."

Karlach Stormcrow, Ascendant of Death says, "Thank you for telling that story."

Kraw bows respectfully to you.

You say, "Continue serving the Glomdoring - our duty remains perfect so long as it is for the Glomdoring."

Rancoura tells you, "I regret to have missed much of the sermon, Star-Eyes, but from what I did witness, you speak beautifully."

Karlach inclines his head politely to those around him.

Pypo's mouth turns up as his face breaks into a smile.

(Glomdoring): Corissai (from the Realm of the Nightmare) says, "Glory be to Glomdoring!"

(Glomdoring): Dhani says, "Glory be to Glomdoring!"

You see the following people here:
Kraw, Rancoura, Karlach, Eliron, Eadei, Xenthos, Tylwyth, Pypo, Crek, Siam.

Viravain, Lady of the Thorns shouts, "And You would seize Me? Fool! I am the Glomdoring! I am the Wyrd, and beneath the cloak of Night, the shadows of the Silent stir!"


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    Viravain, Lady of the Thorns shouts, "And You would seize Me? Fool! I am the Glomdoring! I am the Wyrd, and beneath the cloak of Night, the shadows of the Silent stir!"


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