The Wedding of Zyphora Windwhisper and Entrias Pavok

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Having issues editing this down to post, so hopefully Ushaara can post it for me.
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    He is a feathered cloud trill and somewhat awkward in appearance. His cheekbones are soft, and a 
    bulbous nose juts over surprisingly full lips. His head is feathered in a bronze cast, kept close to 
    his head. Entrias keeps himself generally neat with short-clipped fingernails and a trimmed goatee, 
    the only problematic spot being the occasional note or equation jotted down upon an exposed palm for 
    perusal later. His eyes are a soft powder blue, flecked with silver and wide as though absorbing the 
    world around him visually. Not entirely heavy-set, he still possesses a soft appearance as though 
    used to a shop or laboratory as opposed to the wild. He is wearing stained glass prayer beads of the 
    Lady Aesthete, a symbol of Isune, a formal evening suit of silver-grey brocade, highly polished 
    dress shoes, an engineer's utility belt and a faceted amethyst iris. He walks with the truefavour of 
    Estarra. He walks with the truefavour of Isune.

    The material composing the majority of this suit is of a fine silk
    brocade, the warp of a subtly iridescent silver-grey thread; the
    argentate hue is evocative of storm clouds, illumined from behind by
    distant flashes of lightning. Accented with sleekly angled shoulders and
    a shawl collar, the well-tailored, single-breasted jacket is cut away
    sharply at the waist in front. In the back, however, the jacket
    continues descending into two fluttering swallowtails lined with sombre
    sable satin, tapering into sharp points just below the knees and lending
    an air of classic, formal elegance. Beneath the jacket, a sky-blue satin
    vest is fastened closed with large golden buttons, each engraved with
    the outline of a cumulus cloud, over a crisply pleated shirt topped with
    the widest and most fashionable of black silk cravats. Fashioned from
    the same stormy silver silk as the jacket, the trousers fit stiffly
    through the legs, with a single line of silk braid decorating the outer
    seams. Sparkling aquamarine cufflinks the selfsame airy hue as the satin
    vest twinkle brightly upon the shirt cuffs, providing a final luxurious
    embellishment to this debonair evening suit.

    a striking wedding ring set with onyx and rose quartz
    A delicately wrought wedding ring has been set aside here, its rose quartz and onyx sparkling when 
    caressed by ambient light.
    As enchanting as morning's first rays of sunlight spilling over the
    world's edge to herald a shining new dawn, this slender wedding ring is
    wrought from twin strands of lustrous rose- and white-gold fused
    together into a single flawless circle. While the upper strand of
    blushing rose-gold is burnished to a silken sheen, the lower strand of
    pristine white-gold is delicately scalloped in a pattern reminiscent of
    the windswept silhouette of a cottony cumulus cloud. The effect of the
    contrasting, layered bands evokes the gilt-edged curve of a pearly cloud
    aglow amid the rosy radiance of sunrise. A polished midnight-black onyx
    carved into a trefoil adorns the apex of the ring, the tenebrous stone
    chased with an intricate tracery of golden veins. From the centre of the
    trefoil emerge the lambent gossamer petals of an iris sculpted from
    translucent rose quartz, the rubescent gem seeming all the more vivid
    and luminous against its stark onyx setting. When illuminated, the rose
    quartz iris captures and refracts the ambient light into glittering
    roseate pinpoints that reflect upon the lustrous darkness of the onyx
    trefoil, fostering a gentle glow akin to love's first blush. A symphony
    of contrasting hues and elements, this wedding ring forms a striking
    testament of unity and harmony.
    Bob Junior says, "I had a party hook onnce. Lost it iNsiDee of soMe buxsm dracnari maiden, I thiik."
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    Woo weddings! I really like how Hallifax posts the logs for those of us who can't make it. And to make everyone else jealous of course >>

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    Zyphora said:
    All of you sniping @Shedrin's forum points. Shame on you.

    Yes. Shame.

    I guess I'll just have to make it up with more Shedriny logs.
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