Ascension 2017

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Logs from my POV.
Part 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, 8, 9, 10, 11, 12, 13, 14, 15, 16, 17, 18
Yes, 18 parts. Deal with it.

About half of the logs are just insanity spam.

Things that went well:
  • Claimed the staff right at the start. The staff spawned in neutral territory and I lead our group to it, while the enemies only Malarious and Ixion came. Easy to claim it there.
  • Our melders were on point. @Maligorn, @Saz, @Kreon.
  • @Kaimanahi being an excellent leader and keeping up the pressure on the enemies after I lead our group to our doom.
  • We were able to last a long time on Capricorn without losing position so we could eventually get to @Ixion.
  • Empress doing a lot of work in keeping our group together.
  • People moved quickly to regroup and didn't waste a lot of time deffing up.
  • Camping Cancer worked pretty well. I knew from wildnodes experience that it was rare we lost the sphere entirely as opposed to getting our nodes sniped.
  • We reacted quickly when the Staff was dropped, though we didn't always get it. @Ciaran was able to secure it a lot and pass it on.
  • Victory.
Things that didn't go well:
  • Getting Falmiis radded out at the start. Should have had him moved a bit.
  • Was too hesitant after losing the Staff the first time.
  • Me leading the group to our doom on Capricorn. The lag didn't help, though.
  • Aforementioned lag, especially at the start. There were huge lagspikes and big delays on my commands so I couldn't react or give orders to the team.
  • No Axelords to break Serpent. Between Serpent, GPent and plain running away, it was hard to even land any hits on Ixion.
  • Aoe damage is crazy atm.
  • Insanity is quite frustrating for conflict events.
  • My 'empress ally' alias was broken.

Apologies if I missed anyone.

Shedrin, Akatriel, Phoebus, Maligorn, Gero, Nelras, Yarith, Zyphora, Ciaran, and of course Falaeron formerly known as Falmiis.

Bleuu, Kali, Kaimanahi, Kreon, Lorina, Kuryakin, Neos, Faeie, Auriella

Aramel, Aeldra, Anita, Tristanna, Kendra, Saz, Elarin, Ejderha, Rivius, Sondayga, Ymuli, Mnemosyne, Barrin, Aquifn

Dys, Enadonella, Shuyin, Malarious, Breandryn, Tirah, Danquik, Torgue, Tremula, Steingrim

Silvanus, Jaspet, Veyils, Tarken, Tyamit, Indoril, Athree, Zilias, Rancoura, Kalaneya

Nilofer, Sthai, Cerin, Karlach, Mrak, Sylvanas, Ellowyn, Avurekhos, Veldrin, Rolsand, Thalkros, Drauzgot, Leolamins, Lavinya, Eicia, Sluelugh, Sabnoc, Ixion, Alexin, Alharya
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  • SazSaz Member Posts: 181 Gifted
    Here are two very brief logs from my PoV.

    A melder's biggest fear:

    A melder's utopia. Felt like I was Santa, wrapping up presents for the children below:
     "Oh the year was 453CE, how I wish I was in Serenwilde now... aletter of marque come from the regent to the scummiest aethership I ever seen, gods damn them all...I was told we'd cruise the void for auronidion and dust, we'd fire no turrets, shed no tears.. now I'm a broken man on a Hallifax tier, the last of Saz's privateers."

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    Seriously, when my cechos suddenly wall-of-text me, I get very anxious very fast.

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