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    I....I made my favorite youtuber a lusternia character ;-;
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    Oh,didn't notice this interesting thread.
    Well,as of Dusiana,I wasn't inspired by a particular character if we're talking about her personality.
    But maybe I can say that she has an attitude a bit like Venus the amazon from "Bill & Teds' Excellent Adventures" cartoon:

    However,I think that the personality of a character can be also shaped by events that happen during its life. That's why I find it difficult to give a "standard full personality" to Dusiana at the moment.

    Regarding her look (especially her hairstyle) I was inspired by the witch Circe as depicted on a Winx Club comic:

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    Do I even need to say more?
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    I have defiantly taken some inspiration from Tavore Paran from the Malazan series and Kitiara Uth Matar from the Dragonlance books in terms of personality.
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    Veyils said:
    I have defiantly taken some inspiration from Tavore Paran from the Malazan series and Kitiara Uth Matar from the Dragonlance books in terms of personality.
    What is defiantly taken inspiration?  "I will take this whether you like it or not!" ?
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    erk typos again sigh
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    Before the Institute came out, Orventa was a Sentinel agent and new to the city.

    Quorra: for her wide-eyed optimism and determination

    She came to dislike conflict and combat however, and joined up to become a healer with the Institute.

    And became  more like a mix of Radia, Quora's mentor, and Lady Isobel on Downton. Empathic, sometimes aggressively progressive.


    With the passing of old friends, family, and her husband, she's since retired from teaching and administrative duties to become a youthful looking 'Grandma' that's full-time explorer, cook and philanthropist.

    I'm a consent-based roleplayer! Kindly ask first, and I will return the favour. Open to developing tinyplots.
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    This may be a bit egotistical or what not. But I had no template for Xypher. He is, or was my first year of college self's super of the ego. The ideal self of a younger me >.>

    The rest and how he wound up? Is simply how the character developed on his own. And yes, he started Dracnari, but that's cause I myself have always said I'm more lizard than person with my love of heat and being warm!
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    Princess Pippilotta of Villa Villekulla.

    And maybe a little...

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    Tylwyth is inspired by both Sage and Royal of the Merry Gentry books. And the Darach of Teenwolf.

    FOR pposters who aren't steingrim:

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    Notice a theme?

    And a bonus, a specifically cited inspiration, both in character and out, positive and negative:

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    HK-47 FTW.
    Everiine is a man, and is very manly. This MAN before you is so manly you might as well just gender bend right now, cause he's the manliest man that you ever did see. His manly shape has spurned many women and girlyer men to boughs of fainting. He stands before you in a manly manerific typical man-like outfit which is covered in his manly motto: "I am a man!"

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    Invoker from DOTA 2 (a representation of Prince Kael'thas Sunstrider from World of Warcraft)

    Image result for invoker

    Yes, here it is. Maligorn's supreme ego, the one that gets him into trouble. The thirst for knowledge that consumes lesser beings certainly doesn't affect him, after all. For a long time, Maligorn has had (still has) (what he thinks is) a big brain and a big mouth, and works very hard to match his combat prowess to back his smack talk, while also providing historical knowledge and context to whatever he might be interacting with off the fields of battle. This personality flaw is flaunted like a weapon or a "perk" to destabilize enemies, which is exactly like something Invoker would do, but where Maligorn diverges is that he privately works on trying to be more humble/kind/introspective.

    Image result for Taliyah

    Taliyah from League of Legends

    Now, this is a stretch. How did you take inspiration from a character that came after Maligorn was created? Well, the truth is, I'm more trying to match characters that followed my own thought process when I was thinking of him. Ergo, I wasn't thinking specifically of Taliyah when crafting his personality, but something totally like Taliyah. So, yes. Effortless confidence, magical prowess, pleasant demeanor, and a strong sense of purpose, searched for in the crystal spires of Hallifax. But he is also energetic and and playful when not posturing a la Invoker, and tries to get along with everyone. edit: furthermore, a pride for his people (race), homeland, etc.

    Image result for Envy FMA

    Just a little bit. I'm not totally sold on it, might come back to edit later. But really, trying to emulate humans the awe-inspiring lucidian and trill of Hallifax and not quite accomplishing it can be taxing. Some days, it doesn't affect him at all. Other days, it can make him a little unstable.
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    Well, this part should be the most obvious:

    Though I also take some inspiration from Tohru

    and Momiji from Fruits Basket.

    Her looks are all Usagi but some of Usagi's more annoying qualities (and Momiji's, for that matter) have been replaced with some of Tohru's instead.
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    FruitsBasket!! That's a series I haven't heard about in some time. What a nostalgia rush, wow. (I was totally Team Yuki.)
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    Sylandra said:
    FruitsBasket!! That's a series I haven't heard about in some time. What a nostalgia rush, wow. (I was totally Team Yuki.)
    I rewatch it probably every year and reread it every few months. It's such a great story, though the manga is much better. Fruits Basket Another stopped their production sadly or else I'd be reading that too.

    (also, Team Adult Momiji... thank you manga for giving me a choice better than Yuki and Kyo!)
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    Pash is... Pash. Pash is like when I got stoned this one time, and felt like I was made of wet sand that was smooshed together but would crumble if I moved too fast. She's bewildered by new realizations, and has some curious ones of her own. (During this time, I talked to my friend about the fictionalness of time, which is in part why she is very anti-time as a constraint.)
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    Ok let's start with the most blatantly obvious one here:

    There's definitely a LOT of Steven Quartz in Faeie. They wield a shield but no weapon. Very sensitive. Cries a lot. Finds beauty in everything. Very empathic. Healing healing healing. Very obvious.

    These two, Starfire and Raven, were a great inspiration also, if only because of the one episode where they switch bodies and have to learn the way the other works. One's powers required strong emotions to fuel them while the other required a clear mind, concentration and coldness. Faeie is obviously way more emotional than the cold but they've learned they needed more of that other side to survive and so that episode always comes to mind with them.

    And of course a classic Magical Girl has to be on the list, Card Captor Sakura to be precise. Tempted me to take Tarot if only to be able to reference this but definitely an inspiration even if Sakura isn't exactly the most complex character as much of an archetype, but it's still a very fitting archetype: The Idealist.

    Speaking of Card Captor Sakura I couldn't help but take a little inspiration for Faie's new looks from Yue.

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    Special mention to my girl Soraka from when I played LoL for showing me to love the Pure Heals gameplay and for that Stars Aesthetic.

    I love almost all of her skins, too. (I'm poor though so I ever only bought the Reaper one).
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