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So I've switched over to Tracker for a while now, and I've noticed a few things that would be nice if they worked differently:

1. Snake Charming puts the snakes into the net. There is no time when I want snakes to be in the net. Please, just send them straight to my inventory.

2. Why do FishCatch and Cluck have a chance to randomly panic the animal AND consume balance on failure? It's supposed to be better than killing/picking up, but its honestly not. GET FISH; KICK FISH and GET CHICKEN can be spammed (no balance loss on failure!), have no random failure chance and ren't in a skill

3. Tents decay after just one month. This spoiled a neat RP thing Orventa and I were doing, where we set up a basecamp on an aetherbubble we were exploring and brought notepads and sketches to survey the place for Orventa's new book. I mean, we didn't lose anything other than a 2000gp tent, but still. It would be nice to do that sort of thing and then log off and come back to the tent still being there.

4. Bond Listen probably does not need to fire if you're in the room. Unless Bond Listen works while you're deaf, in which case nevermind this request.

5. It would be really nice if traps didn't require you to outrift a bunch of stuff. You can eat out of your rift now, why not do traps?

6. Bells were added to inform you when your traps go off. What would have been better is if you could just set a bell trap in a room and have it ring the whenever someone entered - even non-enemies - regardless of what traps are present. A Tracker's version of Demense Watch, in effect.


  • BreandrynBreandryn Member Posts: 1,521 Transcendent
    Regarding #6, there is a distinct difference between knowing if someone has entered a room and knowing if a trap has gone off. The latter informs you that your trap is there (and now unprimed) and what effects the person who set it off is suffering, eg in a pit or...pretty much just that until traps are revamped. Not commenting on either one being better, but elaborating on a small difference.
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    Right now, you only get a name if you're in the same area, at which point it isn't terribly helpful since you were already going to find out that information upon arriving in the room regardless - you'll see them in the pit. A little bell that goes "DING! Someone's come through the Nil Cubix entrance. Better go find out who!" would probably see a lot more use.
  • ArixArix Member Posts: 1,454 Transcendent
    Is THIS why you just randomly handed me a bunch of snakes?
  • LeradLerad Member Posts: 2,405 Transcendent
    Bells as they stand ARE used, by the way, as call outs for when someone trips a pit in area defense. Good for killing scouts who are otherwise slippery. Announce when someone trips a trap as a signal for everyone to scent and converge, and you can start tying down the person before they get out of the pit, if you're lucky.

    Of course, a room alert is probably more useful. 
  • EveriineEveriine Wise Old Swordsbird / Brontaur Indianapolis, IN, USAMember Posts: 2,985 Transcendent
    If your tent decayed after a month, it's because you bought a tent that had just one month left. I use tents all the time, and they last quite a while, like any other crafted item.
  • MoiMoi Member Posts: 1,213 Transcendent
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    The tent item had 184 months left. I know, because my tent buying criteria was "let's get the one with the most months left, since all the designs in this shop are super goofy looking".
  • DeichtineDeichtine Member Posts: 2,016 Transcendent
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    Oh gods make snakes an actual commodity you can inr or store in some  way.

    Maybe a hunting power that lets you put them to "sleep" which turns live snakes in your inventory to "dormant sleeping snake" item.

    Snake based abilities are just too much work, you need to go catch the snakes and by the time you may want to use them all the snakes have reset.
  • EnyalidaEnyalida Nasty Woman, Sockpuppeteer to the Gods Member Posts: 4,386 Transcendent
    I think that @Iytha is specifically talking about tents that are left out and open, not the tent object itself in your inventory. 
  • MoiMoi Member Posts: 1,213 Transcendent
    Yes. Pitched tents. The kind you can actually go inside of.
  • EveriineEveriine Wise Old Swordsbird / Brontaur Indianapolis, IN, USAMember Posts: 2,985 Transcendent
    What happens to it after a month if you leave it up and unattended? It just disappears? I've clearly never left mind pitched and unattended for that long. And I can't remember if someone can take down someone else's tent and swipe it.
  • MoiMoi Member Posts: 1,213 Transcendent
    Yep, it just decays in place.
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    Goddamit, dude. Trust you to come out with that. :smiley:
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