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First of all, this would never have been possible without the hard work from an Achaean player by the name of Ada. You'll probably be familiar with the name as it's the developer behind the HTML Pastebin.

I came across this project on Github and spent a few hours quickly learning Golang and getting it installed on my server then porting it all over to Lusternia. A little more time picking up the nuances of the Discord API and job was done! As a result, I present 'The Lusternia Livefeed Bot'.

It's a Discord bot in the normal sense and should you wish to receive its data, please join my channel: https://discord.gg/qwNReTx

Things seem to be working fine, though if you notice any hiccups or incorrect data, please do let me know as I just LOVE fixing bugs. (I really don't, but well... Occupational hazard). My email is martin -at- taernae -dot- net


email: [email protected]
Discord: Pharanyx#4357


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    Oh, if anybody has any ideas or requests on further events to display, drop me an email or post in the data-request channel. There's really no restriction on what it can display, though anything outside of what's available on the livefeed will require a bit of inital coding work.
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    email: [email protected]
    Discord: Pharanyx#4357
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