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    And sleep is a DRAMATICALLY tighter window than stunning, with the standard stun time sitting at 2s and the standard wake-from-sleep time being sub .2s. 
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    Also being woken up by damage...
  • EnyalidaEnyalida Nasty Woman Member Posts: 4,384 Transcendent
    Well that. In many cases you're going to wake yourself up one way or another before any other commands go through. Not many can really strip kafe on command anymore, so unless you're also aeon'd and have metawake off you wake as fast as your latency will allow a command to be sent. 
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    You can beast sleep/shieldstun/stab morphite ... Relies on poison shrugging to not proc, though. Works nicely if they're aeoned, though yes. High chance of failure.
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    Metawake on will counter sleep even in aeon though.
  • EnyalidaEnyalida Nasty Woman Member Posts: 4,384 Transcendent
    Beast sleep/shieldstun/stab morphite isn't relying on sleep putting you down, it's relying on stun and... that combo doesn't strip kafe (As I noted).  So any delay in WAKE beyond latency is due to some overlying condition that would delay you that exact amount anyways. 
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    @Ianir About the paralysis change and your post above, it seems to be made with keeping Warriors/Monks in mind and I do not really object the prior potency of paralysis. But they aren't the only class that rely on the aff.

    Since the envoys are gone and paralysis nerf went harder than i anticipated (I was just assuming concurrent cure), are there any plans/ideas to look at Druid melds today?

    The parity between paralysis/stun seems much more significant today
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    Are we finally killing sap then?
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    Crek said:
    Are we finally killing sap then?
    It can be discussed if/when both the druidry and global melding SRs go up. Both are sitting on my desk pending internal discussion.
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    If aeon is going (see: getting nerfed into the ground), so should sap.
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    Why can't I hold all these special reports?
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