Looking for RP help and a gently used manse

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Hello all!

TL;DR: Sorry, I get long winded. Anyone have some suggestions for someone who is stuck in an RP rut? I'm trying to get back into the game and I'm completely clueless. Also, anyone selling a manse? 

I left the game years ago and I finally made my way back. Last I played, I left the Shadowdancers/Glomdoring when I answered a "Looking for Spouse" ad and joined Magnagora.  I stopped playing because I was depressed and everything that was fun was no longer fun. Even this game, which used to be an escape. I couldn't come up with jewelry designs, poems or anything. Seven years later (I can't believe it was long ago!), I'm back, slightly happier but stuck in that same runt.

I have no idea what to do with myself in game anymore. I was considering just retiring my character and moving to another character or another game, but I haven't spent enough money. I don't really want to roll another because I feel like I've spent a lot of money (more than I usually spend) on this character or skilling up or selling for gold. I mostly RP and tag along with hunts when I can, though. So, most of my money usually came from me selling credits. Even with a system, hunting is too fast for me. I'm trying to get over that. I am level 50ish and I was still bashing rocktrolls and leading bards, IIRC. I may get into questing more. But, I remember trying to stay neutral since I couldn't PVP. Another thing that may have to change, right?

Anyway, any RP suggestions would be great. Right now, I'm in Drusilla's order so I'm trying to figure out if i can make that work and I have  an idea or two. I really enjoy the darker RP moments. I'm remembering a RP I had with a higherup in Magnagora. She took me to meet a demon, I watched torture some poor soul, then I had to AFK. I really wanted to see what would happen next! 

Also, I'm married, but my wife is not active. Which brings me to my next point. Anyone selling a manse? I transferred it to her player years ago to redecorate. Now, I can't find the player OOC either. :(


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    Well, if you're looking for a fresh start, good news! All of the old guilds were destroyed a couple weeks ago. Each org now has three new guilds that are so brand new, the elections for the first guild leaders haven't even finished yet. No matter what guild you join, you and everyone else in it is starting fresh with something new. It's actually an exciting time to return to the game!

    From what I hear, you'll have some amazing experiences in @Drocilla 's order, so that's a great place to start looking for RP. And with the new guilds now in place, the new avenues for guild RP are opening up to.
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    As for manse, i am not selling mine. I invite you to put it to good use.
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