The Elder Wars Mafia! Morgfyre and Malmydia Win! (Lavinya/Ushaara)



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    While trying to murder Yomoigu I actually saved a draft during the deadlock saying maybe we had become so wrapped up in our deadlock that we were letting people slip by, and I accused Lavinya.

    but I never posted it because I thought people would take it as deflecting and lynch me. 

    Also I'm terrible at playing town and got everyone wrong the whole game. Awkwardly Selenity and I were simultaneously wrong and right about each other the whole game until the end.
    Known Aliases: Celina/Cyndarin/Fire Jesus/The Night/That Bitch who griefed us
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    5. Maybe announcing limited cult recruitment ahead of time would be better?

    No, but you should make sure the cult head has a very, very clear idea of how their mechanics work. I did not enjoy trying to grapple with how purposefully vague my role was, and could only hope I was pushing towards misinformation with my early dayphase theoryspinning.

    I pretty much knew right away I wasn't going to last because I had to keep second guessing just what I could do, and that's more frustrating than fun.

    Fun fact, I totally only intended to keep Ush around as an easy lynch if we couldn't adequately pressure other people. Which just turned into endless frustration with all the stupid kill immunity that day... but at least I got that all out of the way for Morgypie.

    Special shoutout to @Dylara for knowing her sistah so well. I actually agreed with her, I was tilting pretty hard and it was obvious imo. But somehow that got her lynched. She just can't win as vig - see also Michael in Gods and Monsters.

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    @Silvanus - but selenity had a double vote power
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    @Sylandra I knew you could turn everyone against me so I had to remove you and hope for the best. I honestly have no idea how I lasted so long haha. This was an awesome game and I admit I was pretty proud of coming up with Zvoltz and the flavour of the powers I had (and a made up one) but you saw right through it so DIE, SPANNER IN MY WORKS!

    Traitor messages:

    • Lavinya February 27
      ohoho awesome. Finally a role that does something!

      Just clarifying but I presume only one of us does the kill, but on the off night we have the option of Fain recruiting or checking to see if someone is recruitable? And if Morgfyre successfully performs the kill, he gets more powers? (Love that flavour, ha).
    • SilvanusSilvanus February 27
      Yes, on the off night you can ask for a clue and I'll try to come up with something witty of who the player is. 
    • VivetVivet February 27
      Well now, that's a lot of pressure to have going into the start. But I guess we'll talk more when night falls.
    • LavinyaLavinya February 28
      Oh hey since it's very relevant in the game right now, what is our win condition? It's not in our role sheets.
    • SilvanusSilvanus March 1
      I guess that is important. For role wise, you are considered a pseudo cultafia but with limited recruitment. For game wise, you are considered soulless due to elixir. 

      Traitors: You win when all Soulless are defeated and the rest of the Elders pose no threat (have a majority over town). 
    • VivetVivet March 1
      Eugh, good grief I have no idea what to do or try. Just for clarification's sake, is the disruption field meant to let me relay PMs here during the day if I activate it? I'm still a little confused on that one.

      I suspect sending out a cult invite to an incompatible party will result in an obvious "teh Fain offurz u pots but u sez nowai". Should we information fish for tonight?
    • SilvanusSilvanus March 1
      The disruption field basically just opens up messaging here during a day phase, either in limited size or limited amounts.

      And yes, that is basically it for a fail on the elixir. A success will have them added to this message group and their new role revealed.
    • LavinyaLavinya March 1
      I can try for a kill and see what new powers I gain? 

    • VivetVivet March 1
      I am cool with this if you want that. Take your pick from the menu, but I feel it is sensible to believe there is a watcher.
    • SilvanusSilvanus March 2
      I think I am just waiting on you guys, though it hasn't even been 12 hours
    • LavinyaLavinya March 2
      I think so too. I imagine there will be eyes on Xeii bit maybe going after a less contraversial person like Falmiis would be successful? If you think it's too risky I'm ok with you getting a clue instead. 
    • VivetVivet March 2
      Nomming sounds fine too, if you want to go after Falmiis. I really don't feel like I have a solid read on who might be up to what.
    • LavinyaLavinya March 2
      Ok let's lock in a kill tonight then see what happens! Morgy is hangry.
    • VivetVivet March 2
      Okay, go go gooooo
    • SilvanusSilvanus March 3
      So killing Not Falmiis, locked in though you'll have like 9 hours to change your mind before I get a chance to write it up.
    • SilvanusSilvanus March 3
      You sit, patiently waiting for Falmiis, when all of a sudden the First World shakes and thunders around you when Falmiis comes walking in. You can see the Basin changing around outside behind Falmiis, but Falmiis is alone as you wait for him.

      "Krokano! We have some matters to discuss."

      "Morgfyre! This is a surpr..."

      Before he even finishes, you plunge through Falmiis, grabbing his essence and consume it. When you finish your work with Falmiis, Someone appears out of the Shadow.

      Slaay the Hidden: As a member of the Dark Cadre, you follow Morgfyre's lead. Your expertise is in the hidden knife, the subterfuge kill within the dark. One time, you may use Slaay the Hidden to kill someone, they will die on the next night. This is a one time use and can be used at the same time as Fain's Elixir. Just Slaay (person)
    • VivetVivet March 10
      Okay. For clarification, Slaay is one of Morg's powers, right? I thought that was a hint at first, but now I have no idea.

      Lavy, I really got no idea what to be doing. I feel like I'm not going to last much longer, so I kind of want to try to convert someone tonight. Some reason or another I feel like it might be fun to pitch a shot at Phoebus. Thoughts?

    • SilvanusSilvanus March 10
      Slaay is a power that Lavi gained, yes. You can probably estimate what the next few powers named she will gain, sorry I did not make that clear. Any power that Lavi (or other traitors) have can be used in conjunction with Fain's power, the Elixir. 

      If you kill without using a Power, you can't use the Elixir or ask for a hint on recruitment. If you use a power, you can still either kill/recruit.

      Note: If you fail a recruitment, the attempted conversion target will be notified of an obscurely unrelated request, but not of your true intentions, with one obvious exception that will only reveal your intentions, not your identity due to the masked ball.
    • VivetVivet March 10
      Okay, that's good to know. I swear though, my current state is so horrible for this role, hahaha. I want to play risky but it'd also be pretty lame if I flopped majorly. And I just can't be around often like I was today - today was one of my day's off and as soon as I'm working again it'll be scant posting once more. Oh well.

      Actually, wait a sec. The elixir flavour script specifically states "player" instead of "players". If there's only one person we can even recruit, then I guess it has to be Malmydia. Meeerf.

      Well, whatever we do tonight I should probably be the one acting.

    • SilvanusSilvanus March 10
      I did mention members in that same flavor message but i guess it doesn't hurt to say you can only recruit two out of the other 18 players.
    • VivetVivet March 10
      Oh, right. I even had to reread it three times again just to find it. I've been like that in Lusternia when I'm online of late too. :x
    • LavinyaLavinya March 10
      Hmmm well it would be pretty amazing to recruit the other players. We know Malmydia, any thoughts on the other? I'm already under heat for being dumb early on. I plan to claim Slaay as my role if I am pushed to it as a Vig and outline the above power but only if I really really have to. 

      I agree we need to recruit. I'm not sure if we can safely approach Ushaara tonight though. Also Silv I'm presuming that text to slaay needs to be done in game during day?

      I wonder if Tremula is Drocilla. She seems so excited to RP her role it wouldn't surprise me. But that's a bit of a stab in the dark. I'm open to suggestion, Vivet!
    • SilvanusSilvanus March 10
      Oh no I am sorry, the Slaay is a night power, not a day power, and it can be used at the same time as Vivet's powers. I can see how that is confusing now the way I worded it.

      This is why I need a proofreader on things.
    • LavinyaLavinya March 10
      Next time I will be your proof reader and share the popcorn. Because holy cow day two. Ok thank you, good to know! I can still claim a one-off Vig power, sweeeet.
    • VivetVivet March 10
      I'll probably have to be real dicey if I try to claim anything, so don't mind if you do have to bus me.

      Trem has been decent at staying under the radar, but I can kind of see Shaddus maybe being one as well. I don't know.

      We didn't get a hint yet. I guess we can just request a hint if we're not feeling too bold or certain?

    • LavinyaLavinya March 11
      A hint might be the safest option for tonight. 
    • VivetVivet March 11
      K then. Silvanus, I can't Take A Hint, halp pls
    • SilvanusSilvanus March 11
      Just a hint tonight, nothing else?
    • LavinyaLavinya March 11
      I want to hold off on using my Slaay power tonight. No kill tonight.
    • SilvanusSilvanus March 12
      You were both eagerly awaiting on what to do next, sitting and chatting about who would be the best fit, when all of a sudden, a sword comes slashing through the air and slicing Vivet from top to bottom, completely destroying Fain.

      Raezon and Ghesia look to Morgfyre as the person to lead us going forward, and ask him:

      If the fates decided Lavinya was best fit for Morgfyre, then who would best represent Drocilla?

      Morgfyre's new role sheet:

      Traitors: You win when all Soulless are defeated and the rest of the Elders pose no threat (have a majority over town). 

      Twelve Traitors: They will brand us as traitors if we fail, but we are the only hope for survival against the Soulless. The Soulless will not stop until we stop them, and we are the only ones able to stop them. They have betrayed us by denying us our only chance at victory. You may exchange messages freely during the night with other members of your group, but due to your nature, your group must attempt a kill every other night.

      Forbidden Elixir: Our only chance for victory. You will have the ablity to recruit members to your Mysteries, though limited selections do exist. Your team can either kill someone during the night or choose to recruit a member, but due to your nature, your group must attempt a kill every other night. You may also ask for a clue on the player who you may recruit instead of killing or recruiting.

      Dark Cadre: You are the leader and tactician and by all accounts have consumed more Essence than any other. Your strength grows rapidly and with each kill, you become stronger. And as you become stronger, those in your Formation feed off your strength. Every successful kill will add powers to your arsenal.

      Slaay the Hidden: As a member of the Dark Cadre, you follow Morgfyre's lead. Your expertise is in the hidden knife, the subterfuge kill within the dark. One time, you may use Slaay the Hidden to kill someone, they will die on the next night. This is a one time use and can be used at the same time as Fain's Elixir if you were not the leader. Just Slaay (person) during nighttime.

      You are dead Vivet.
    • LavinyaLavinya March 12
    • VivetVivet March 12
      Silvanus, if you run out of vote count gifs here is my contribution:

    • VivetVivet March 14
      Another solid option:

    • Lavinya

  • LavinyaLavinya Former Queen of Snark AustraliaMember Posts: 3,354 Transcendent
    • Lavinya March 16
      Amazing. You and your immunities haha. I think I'd like to try and take out a lurker who likely won't be watched. Kill Ssaliss please! 
    • SilvanusSilvanus March 17
      Now that Fain is gone, you finally have control of the Elixir and the course of action. And now, especially with Fain gone, you can get rid of that annoying witch, Lisaera. You know she is always floating around the Forests, it was easy to find her and eat her essence. Part of being the leader of this band now, you have to make some sacrifices, so you brought someone along to share Lisaera's essence:

      Thax the Machine: Only once, you can be rebuilt during the day, this is a twilight power, usable after a lynch, simply post RESET DAY in bold. The day will start over, all votes will be removed, the lynch will reset, the day will continue on as normal, all votes can be recast the same way.
    • LavinyaLavinya March 17
      Ahahaha YES that is an awesome power.
    • LavinyaLavinya March 20
      I may regret this later but I think if I don't attempt it I will have no chance at winning. I need to recruit Ushaara please and hope to Nil he's left alone.
    • SilvanusSilvanus March 21
      Ushaara's new role sheet:


      Humming to herself, Malmydia traced a long finger over my wounds. She painfully pulled off torn strips of flesh. Then, she began using her instruments. They poked and prodded into my wounds, then probed deeper and deeper into my flesh. The pain became abominable, and I began to squirm under her hands. The power in the instruments flared with energies that turned from frigid cold to blazing hot. I swear at one point she shoved her entire fist into my skull, grabbing ahold of my spirit and stretching it out. I finally could take no more and screamed. I begged her to stop, over and over and over, I pleaded. Each time, she'd pat my hand and say, "There, there. We're almost done."

      But Malmydia was far from done. It went on and on. I struggled. I wept. I raged and entreated. I tried to summon the reserves to free myself, but my strength was sapped away by the fluids being pumped into me. Several times I began to lose consciousness, which would have been a mercy, but she would pause and summon energies that brought me back to vivid awareness.

      Traitors: You win when all Soulless are defeated and the rest of the Elders pose no threat (have a majority over town). 

      Third Circle: As a healer, you have the ability to rebuild those who have been destroyed using the Elixir. You may block any death, regardless of the means, of any Traitor. This can stop any activated power, day or night. (except lynching which is actually exile).

      Consumption: Anytime you kill, you will gain a new power to better use your abilities. 
    • LavinyaLavinya March 21
      Yesssssssss welcome at last @Ushaara!
    • SilvanusSilvanus March 21
      Time to argue out of another paper bag here
    • UshaaraUshaara March 21
      Finally, haha! Assuming no day chat but hi hi. 
    • UshaaraUshaara March 21
      Though I see now I had a much better chance of pulling off my sole Survivor win, sob sob!
    • LavinyaLavinya March 23
      hey @Silvanus Clarifing, if I use Slaay power, they die the NEXT night, not the same night?
    • SilvanusSilvanus March 23
    • VivetVivet March 23
      Not a GIF, but Silvanus, you should totally use this on the next vote count (or maybe the lynch)

    • LavinyaLavinya March 24
      On a plane but I was leaning towards killing maybe phoebus or othero. Open to suggestion! Is your power one off Ushaara?
    • UshaaraUshaara March 24
      Hey. Assume it's a one off but @silvanus feel free to correct? Also is it passive or do I need to activate it?

      I'm a bit worried about Breandryn giving out powers since might mean another vig/investigation etc. 

      Can we do a me kill/you Slaay combo? Or does Slaay count as the kill attempt?
    • UshaaraUshaara March 24
      Also, who do you think is the other Soulless? I'm thinking mebbe Yomo, but that he did seem to jail Selenity is weird so could be way off.
    • SilvanusSilvanus March 25
      It's a one off, and it is an activated power via message. Just bold save (person) after someone has died, and everyone will see a message similar to Thax returning. 

      You can only do two kills if you both used your powers.
    • Lavinya March 25
      I'm so glad we found portius. I can't help but feel othero might be scum. Killing breandryn would also be good. Can we both kill and use slaay power? I'd like to see if i can earn something else with another kill and if i could kill and slaay...well, awesome. 
    • UshaaraUshaara March 25
      I think we can only kill + Slaay tonight if I am the one doing the regular kill? But if you want to go for a regular kill for more powers go ahead. I've gotten this far without any. 

      Am expecting some more attention tomorrow, since there's no other clear Soulless/Traitor, but will try keep spinning the Nemach as Traitor theory a while longer. 

      Will have to see what sort of verbal gymnastics are required to escape another lynch. 

      So if you use Slaay tonight, can put me down to kill Breandryn. If you use regular kill, that's fine too.
    • SilvanusSilvanus March 25
      You can only kill twice if you both used individual powers, normal killing is just the mafia power. 
    • LavinyaLavinya March 25
      Ok I'll use slaay on phoebus tonight. 
    • LavinyaLavinya March 25
      Actually wait going to hold off on slaay i think
    • LavinyaLavinya March 25
      So i think extra powers are hard to pass up. I'd like to do a regular kill and I agree getting rid of Breandryn is a good move. If Ushaara is ok with that lock it in 
    • UshaaraUshaara March 25
      Yep. That's fine with me!
    • SilvanusSilvanus March 27
      You successfully killed Breandryn, you gained:

      Grunella the Bloody: You may either execute any player who has a vote placed against them that is not your own or kill someone through any protection. One time use any. Either EXECUTE (player) during the day or STRONGARM (player) at night.

    • UshaaraUshaara March 28
      @silvanus just in case Dylara uses her daykill on me, am I able to use my power to save myself?
    • SilvanusSilvanus March 28
      Yeah, it'll protect either one of you one time. It'll include a fluff message about a third circle healer helping you out but that's it on information. It's done via PM, at any point after your death but before my acknowledgement of it. 
    • LavinyaLavinya March 28
      Oh question about execute, is it a PM activated power?
    • SilvanusSilvanus March 29
      By post 
    • UshaaraUshaara March 30
      Haha. Loving this game. Just in case I need to post it here too, Save me
    • SilvanusSilvanus March 30
    • UshaaraUshaara March 30
      Wishful thinking perhaps, but do Thax/Gruenella etc. count as Traitors for the outnumber win, or do we really have to get numbers down to 2 of us, 2 of them?
    • SilvanusSilvanus March 30
      Ha that would've been interesting to think of, this game has given me a lot of interesting ideas going forward, but that isn't the case.
    • UshaaraUshaara March 31
      Rawr, Sylandra, you're too sharp! It's game over if the lynch goes through. 

      Have to head to bed, but good luck! Hope to see you still alive in the morning!
    • LavinyaLavinya March 31
      I was thinking the same! Going to think on how best to name my powers. Curse Sylandra. Though if I am going down, I'm going to spite vig someone on my way! And going to reset the day for funsies.
    • UshaaraUshaara April 3
    • LavinyaLavinya April 3
      This has been an epic day, and Lehki may even have saved me. How freaking hilarious!!
    • LavinyaLavinya April 3
      At this point I feel like Lavyina, Dylara, and Ushaara have proven themselves.

      I am putting this here because I love it so much.
    • UshaaraUshaara April 3
      Haha. My favourite moment so far is from my Day 2 survival struggle.

      Weiwae votes against me on the 'you didn't tell anyone that investigating you would be a waste' logic....
      • Me to Silvanus: Et tu, Weiwae? *dead
      • Silvanus: I'm still amazed you are alive.
      • Me: Haha, I need Sylandra to come in agreeing with me at this point to save me.
      Wake up next morning... Sylandra had come in agreeing with me... D

      Still think it's impossible to win, but having so much fun.
    • LavinyaLavinya April 3
      lol yeah I thought it was all over a while ago so the fact that you and I both are somehow still in it is amazing and hilarious.
    • UshaaraUshaara April 5
      Amazing, hahaha. Both of us act tonight? Me kill and you Slaay? 

      If we can survive Soulless and get our actions through jailings, we'd start tomo with..
      8, lynch Yomo, 7, Slaay kill, 6,  nightkill, 5, but then you're the likely lynch...

      I think you'll be a goner once Yomo flips, but if Soulless can get a kill before they go, we might actually fluke this. But think Yomo's on a jailing tonight and we're likely to double target...

      Soo close, but really need some luck

    • UshaaraUshaara April 5
      What other powers might you get hmm? Ivanko the Cruel,  I forget who else there is other than Blooredi, Raezon and Gheasia
    • LavinyaLavinya April 5
      I am just amazed we're both still alive haha. Let's go for broke - you kill and I'll Slaay absolutely. Who should we target?
    • UshaaraUshaara April 5
      This is all based on Yomo being Soulless...

      1. Lavinya
      2. Ushaara

      3. Yomoigu 

      4. Selenity
      5. Fyler

      6. Lehki
      7. Dylara
      8. Phoebus
      9. Weiwae 

      Ergh, so hard to guess what others will do...

      If I was Yomo, I'd probably try kill one of us. He knows you're lying, and whatever way he might think I will flip, it'd put emphasis on a Traitor discussion which might just be enough of a distraction for him to slip through the lynch. 

      -Hopefully- he goes for someone else though. 

      Good thing is he probably didn't use his strongman on Shaddus, so he might have a lynch immunity and take two lynches to remove. :?

      But I'd expect him to try push the lynch on us tomorrow though, with a "I jailed Lavinya/Ush and definite Traitor" play.

      But if he doesn't target us tonight, don't think Selenity/Fyler would be targeted either, since Selenity would shrug attack off and Fyler splinters.

      I don't know if Weiwae will jail Yomoigu again though, since he may think Yomo killed Breandryn and is jail immune off Othero's wording of the attack? 

      Meaning he'll probably jail you/me, or one of Lehki/Dylara/Phoebus.

      So I'll be likely going for one of Dylara/Phoebus, since they're getting to the point where they're determined to lynch me, even if it may not be their own best move. 

      Very wary of Breandryn's gifts too. Need to look back over the thread to see what nights she actually passed one off. Would imagine Weiwae got one.

      Lots of luck needed to get both kill + Slaay off 

      Who do you think we should target?
    • LavinyaLavinya April 5
      I think Dylara - she wanted you gone but didn't push as hard as Phoebus, so it benefits you without being an obvious revenge sort of move. I wonder what would happen to Fyler if Selenity is taken out? I was thinking maybe of using slaay on her? Lehki wants to find the soulless more than us so feels safer to keep around, and Weiwae has all but confirmed us, ha. Though offing the jailer makes sense, I hope the soulless go after it instead. Unless....I slaay him?
    • UshaaraUshaara April 5
      Hmm, would Slaay work on Selenity? She seemed pretty confident that she didn't need protecting.

      I could go for Weiwae though. The double jailer thing is already weird and having him flip town is just another nail in the coffin for Yomo. Only worry there is if there's another immunity in play from a Breandryn gift or something. Though it would make our next night phase easier having him gone. And with Yomo around, I should be able to survive the Dylara/Phoebus inquisition a bit longer.

      We're high risk whatever we do...

      So maybe me for Weiwae, and you Slaay Dylara is best option? 

      Hopefully Silvanus will be kind and Slaay will be unblockable since stealth killer and all.
    • LavinyaLavinya April 5
      Ok sounds logical to me. You kill Weiwae. I will Slaay Dylara
    • UshaaraUshaara April 5
      Eeeeggghh, now I'm second-guessing Yomo being the Soulless since he did jail Selenity. 

      I'm thinking Breandryn's actions were 

      N1 - Forge for self
      N2 - Forge for Xeii (Failed)
      N3 - Forge for Dylara 
      N4 - Forge for Shaddus (Failed)
      N5 - Forge for Weiwae? (Died)

      Only delivery she did get off before N5 she said was a day power, which makes me think Dylara's daykill. 

      Curse this game. Better stick with gut.

      Kill Weiwae
    • LavinyaLavinya April 5
      Having the jailer die has to help us, surely. Fingers crossed we both survive until morning lol.
    • UshaaraUshaara April 5
      Haha, yeah. Riding our luck big time. 

      Come on a sweet sweet extra Malmydia power that lets us win this! D
    • LavinyaLavinya April 6
      Ushaara needs some sweet sweet powers for his birthday! (Happy birthday!)
    • SilvanusSilvanus April 6
      Oh hey he doesn't have any powers so you can't do two things at once
    • LavinyaLavinya April 6
      He doesn't have the ability to do the normal mafia kill? Or if he does we can't use another power? Is that how it works?
    • SilvanusSilvanus April 6
      You can only kill twice if you both used individual powers, normal killing is just the mafia team power. Same as the previous night
    • LavinyaLavinya April 6
      ahhh ok. I think it's more important to do the kill then, so ignore my Slaay and just let Ushaara kill Weiwae.
    • UshaaraUshaara April 6
      Oh noes. Best laid plans and all that...

      Good with just killing Weiwae yep.

      (Thanks! )
    • SilvanusSilvanus April 7
      Kill was successful!

      Bloodredi: Being the only member of the Twelve to seek Fain out, Bloodredi's creations took on a grotesque form. You may use his Scorpions to roleblock one person a night. You may only do this two times. ROLEBLOCK (person) at night.
    • LavinyaLavinya April 16
      Ok Ush. I think we could lynch Yomo tomorrow if we survive, so thoughts? Should we kill Dylara tonight?
    • UshaaraUshaara April 16
      Looks like the inquisition will still be going strong against me so lynch Yomo is a goer, yep. Will probably have to try be around bit more to stop a quick lynch against me.

      Good with Dylara, yep. You want to perform the kill? 

      Not sure how useful Blooredi roleblock will be given Selenity's power is still restricted until Celina splinters, and seems only other power in play is Soulless kill.

      Was thinking to maybe try pass it off as an arson prep, and hope people would believe Phoebus flipped to Traitor when Lisaera died. Elfenehoala taking Blooredi's 'sought out the Traitors' role in the game etc.

      Though if it's not going to be visible if it doesn't block, who knows if that'd work 
    • UshaaraUshaara April 16
      Really hope Yomo goes for Phoebus. Tomorrow would be crunch day if we both survive tonight, and getting the lynch on Yomo would give the win I think?
    • UshaaraUshaara April 16
      Squeaky bum now, haha. 

      Maybe I should block Yomo so that he doesn't kill me/you? 

      There'd be 6 in play with Dylara out, so 4 to lynch. Likely votes

      Me: Phoebus, Yomo
      Yomo: Me, You

      Selenity is a wildcard and flip flops her vote so who knows who she'd go for. She doesn't trust either of us, but at least has been more vocal calling to lynch Yomo. 

      Fyler was leaning Yomo today, so hopefully would go for it again?

      Hopefully enough in Othero's info, and Yomo's shifty claim to persuade the votes his way.

      Still a risky plan but we'd win the following night? But by highlighting the block, it would possibly be harder to get him lynched, so downsides too. 

      Though could cast doubt on claim of roleblock appearing late game when it hasn't ever featured before.

      Curse this game! D 
    • LavinyaLavinya April 17
      We can both use a power if we don't kill right? So theoretically you role block yomo and i slaay someone, which would give us 2 kills the next night right? 
    • UshaaraUshaara April 17
      Hmm, that could work, and a no-kill Night to figure out with no jailer in play would be extra confusing. Just need to be sure we can stick the Yomo lynch.
    • LavinyaLavinya April 17
      I guess we can argue perhaps he has a dual ability - kill OR look for exco?
    • UshaaraUshaara April 17
      Hmm, a no-kill Night could actually be spun as Illith vs Nemach blocking each other, and help mislead toward the Traitor faction starting as Nemach + Fain theory.
    • UshaaraUshaara April 17
      That might throw some attention your way again though, since Zvoltz being a non-player in Elder Wars makes it a tenuous claim.
    • SilvanusSilvanus April 18
      So what are we doing? Waiting on you two
    • Lavinya April 18
      Hmm It is risky leaving people alive I guess. Let's kill someone, Dylara? Alternatively I'm curious what happens to Fyler if Selenity dies first.
    • UshaaraUshaara April 18
      Hmm, I'd say go for Dylara then. If Selenity is the Fates, probably need 3 attempts to remove her.

      Do you think I should block Yomo? Or just hope that he doesn't target me/you?
    • LavinyaLavinya April 18
      Pretty sure we can only both use a power if we don't do a kill. So you could block and I could slaay but the kill counts as our 'mafia' action. 
    • UshaaraUshaara April 18
      Oh, I thought I was free to block since it wasn't a kill?
    • UshaaraUshaara April 18
      Silvanus: "Oh hey he doesn't have any powers so you can't do two things at once "

      I have roleblock, so I can roleblock while you normal kill/slaay?
    • LavinyaLavinya April 18
      ohhhhh. Oh. You could be right!

      so you block Yomo, I will kill Dylara. And if I can't do an outright kill, I'll use Slaay. Sound good?

    • UshaaraUshaara April 18
      Righto! *fingers crossed we both get through this

      Roleblock Yomoigu
    • LavinyaLavinya April 18
      @Silvanus Kill dylara, and if not, Slaay Dylara
    • SilvanusSilvanus April 20
      Successful roleblock on Yo and kill on Dylara! Lavinya gained:

      Ivanko the Cruel: Infamous for delighting in torture and pain, Ivanko's true speciality is in mutiliating their victim beyond all recognition. One time only, the person you kill will be janitored away to everyone else, but you will know who they were at least. Ivanko (person)
    • UshaaraUshaara April 26
      Hahaha, this game is great. 
    • UshaaraUshaara April 27
      I am grinning from ear to ear. G'night!
    • LavinyaLavinya April 27
      Hahaha too funny.
    • UshaaraUshaara April 29
      Please don't smite me, Silv, but just see Lavinya's last forum login was on the 27th.

      @Lavinya if you can find a spare minute, Day-end deadline approaching fast and continued deadlock is risky. 

      (hope all's ok?)
    • UshaaraUshaara April 30
      (sorry for throwing you under the bus, desperate times pic applicable for me too! D )
    • UshaaraUshaara April 30
      hahaha, omg that was getting close...
    • LavinyaLavinya May 1
      Sorry! I was crazy crazy busy preparing my newly acquired second shop for opening and didn't get a chance to get back to the thread before now. Glad it worked out ok! (I will totally bandwagon a lynch on you in retaliation, muahaha).
    • UshaaraUshaara May 1
      Hey! No worries, I saw your absence post thing a bit after the fact. RL > all, but since we're so close to a win, timeout would have been worst way to end   

      If Yomo lynch goes through with no lynch surprise and we get a successful kill tonight, that -should- get us to 2 vs 2
    • UshaaraUshaara May 1
      Amazing news on shop, congratulations by the way! D
    • VivetVivet May 1
      omg gaiz u got dis, goooo team :pompom:
    • UshaaraUshaara May 1
      So, kill attempt kinda has to be phoebus I think? Fates have an immunity unless gaining the power made them lose it, and Celina will still have a vote? Question is what the hell could the reweaving fate power be, and if Lisaera dying gave Phoebus any powers/immunities? 

      One roleblock left, so serenity or phoebus?
    • LavinyaLavinya May 1
      I think you're right, Fyler has the vote either way and Selenity might dodge it. I think Phoebus is the right target.

      And wait? You have another roleblock still? Or did I misunderstand? 
    • UshaaraUshaara May 1
      Yeah, Blooredi was 2-shot 
    • UshaaraUshaara May 1
      I was terrified someone would do the numbers on 2 traitors plus soulless and realise I was the more important lynch, haha. The stalemate was great play for keeping us unconnected but was convinced someone would be figuring it out the longer it went on. D
    • LavinyaLavinya May 1
      Oh sweet. I would be inclined then to kill Phoebus and block Selenity, what do you think?
    • UshaaraUshaara May 1
      That's what I was thinking too. Just really wary of phoebus having an immunity following Lisaera death, but think we have to go for it.
    • UshaaraUshaara May 1
      I'll also be on a short trip from Wed-Sat, so really hope kill is success and that's the win, since won't be able for any last-minute Houdini's.

      Shall we lock it in?
    • LavinyaLavinya May 1
      Let's do it! Kill Phoebus
    • UshaaraUshaara May 1
      Roleblock Selenity

      (aaaaahhhhhhhhhh, if this is the win I won't be able to stop grinning for a week!)
    • LavinyaLavinya May 1
      We've come this far, I have high hopes!! It will be an incredibly epic win haha.
    • SilvanusSilvanus 12:56PM
      You were both successful and won the game post incoming

  • SylandraSylandra Friend of Dog Member Posts: 4,355 Transcendent
    Ha, I actually backed off on @Ushaara once I realized the more I pushed, the more @Weiwae and @Fyler suspected me. I started to really doubt myself! I thought maybe I was being super unreasonable after all. XD
    Fyler said:
    Sylandra has a very signature (and somewhat twisted) sense of humor
  • UshaaraUshaara Schrödinger's Traitor Member Posts: 1,264 Transcendent
    Oh my gosh, I'm still on road trip so only short post now but I had sooooo much fun this game. Hahahahahaha *highfive Lavinya
  • LehkiLehki Member Posts: 1,235 Fabled
    Well that was a wild ride. Illith's Kill only every 3rd night threw all of my suspicions way off. I was almost convinced that the Traitors couldn't kill and just had limited recruitment because I figured we'd have been seening at least 2-3 deaths a night if they did.  Near the end I was just assuming that Ushaara or Laviyna was the last traitor that had been recruited, but really thought targeting the Soulless first would be better for Town so never really pushed at them.

    I was originally planning to hold onto my governor power as long as possible, and since it was twilight activated, use it save somebody whose reaction after being lynched seemed like genuine town, or on the off off chance that scum decided to gloat when they thought they'd won on a mislynch. But then day 2 happened.

    Also this exchange made me laugh, in retrospect, though was pretty damn frustrated at the time.
    • LehkiLehki March 7
      Hey another question. Does "any lynch" includes a lynch on me? Also will using the power reveal me as the governor or will it be a hidden action?
    • SilvanusSilvanus March 7
      Yes it includes you, and it is a hidden action. It will at least say that someone saved you, but not who did.
    • SilvanusSilvanus March 9
      Oh god if you have to use your power also, I am going to laugh so hard.
    • SilvanusSilvanus March 9
      I assume you are going to save yourself, but you will have plenty of time to let me know if you want to or not.
    • LehkiLehki March 9
      Ah fuck what happened I haven't even looked at the thread today
    • LehkiLehki March 9
      150ish new posts fuck
    • SilvanusSilvanus March 9
      You got lynched hahahaha, and it will end the day with you dead or alive. Remember the power is a private PM, you don't have to say anything if you don't want.
    • LehkiLehki March 9
      Ugh, I'm tempted to just let myself die because town will probably still waste some time looking at me. 
    • SilvanusSilvanus March 9
      I am beside myself, the difference between yours and Breandryn is yours ends the night because its a PM, i'll explain that in the final vote post. I don't care if you quote this to them or not.
    • LehkiLehki March 9
      Don't gotta explain anything extra if that's how the power works. But yeah lll save myself
  • SylandraSylandra Friend of Dog Member Posts: 4,355 Transcendent
    Here's my silly convo with Silvanus, where you can follow the eventual downfall of my sanity. For some reason my avatar size was obnoxiously huge so I edited mine out for ease of reading.
    • Sylandra February 26
      Hoarsmore is one of my favorite gods, omg. So excite!
    • Sylandra March 1
      Gonna hermit all up in this bitch.

      (Hope I was loud enough to get some fingers pointed at me. Come2me, night actions.)
    • SilvanusSilvanus March 2
      Ahhh, one of the best places on the First World to plant my roots and connect with the forest. The great Northern Forest in Lusternia, Serynwodenhillirim, home to many of the oldest trees, a great place to observe the passing of time. You find a small clearing by a pleasant brook in the corner of the forest, deciding that is the best place to reach out.

      You reach deep within the First World with your roots, connecting with the Great Spirits that reside there, feeling the deepest parts of the forest when your concentration is cut short by a visiting Shaddus. You watch his movements for awhile as he continues to search around the Forest, presumably looking for you.
    • Sylandra March 8
      I have so much sympathy for what you endured in Reign right now.
    • SilvanusSilvanus March 8
      I am laughing my ass off now, so all is well!
    • Sylandra March 8
      I swear to god Weiwae is so lucky I'm not an executioner, ahahaha. I would do EXACTLY WHAT YOU DID TO TEKORA, winning the game be damned.
    • Sylandra March 10
      I just want to tell you that you make my favorite mafia games. They're all so cleverly thought out and interesting, I feel like I'm in a story. Thanks for taking the time to find a computer on your trip! 3
    • SilvanusSilvanus March 10
      I actually took an earlier train home so I can write this post! Hahaha.

      Craziest day I've ever seen, I bet you are glad you don't have that executioner power now!
    • Sylandra March 10
      Hahaha, it was a legendary Day 2 for sure! It delayed my day's grading ridiculously. I remember I looked at the clock and blinked. "Two hours have passed and I haven't graded an essay? What? Oh no. I have an actual addiction. It's a problem now."

      And I don't know, ahahaha, there's a childish part of me that would still execute Weiwae. I would hold back probably because Team Town. But it would be hard sometimes! XD
    • SilvanusSilvanus March 10
      It's really hard to not say anything as a Mod, but I can read all the subtle hints and the meaning underneath their words.

      Executing Tekora is still a highlight of my time in Mafia, winning or losing at that point didn't matter because I got to kill Tekora, and I am so glad it's been probably a year or more since then and people still refer to that.

      Also, I need you to live! No one's role is set in stone, there will always be curveballs.
    • Sylandra March 10
      Isn't that part the most fun? Seeing how everyone interacts and why. I'm sure you thought "Oh nooooo" once you saw the people with immunities targeted. XD

      I think I'll survive tonight mainly because mafia knows I'm a fabulously loud scapegoat. They're hoping to get the Luce/Weiwae/Selenity trinity to knock me out. At least Shaddus knows I'm cool. Unless... unless Shaddus isn't cool... O_O

      I will try to live! I will chill out on Weiwae. Ahaha.
    • Sylandra March 12
      Dammit Shaddus. Y u do this.
    • Sylandra March 14
      Cannot help but feel this game is an elaborate set-up to lynch me and leave the town with just Luce, Shaddus, and Weiwae mucking around in their own mistakes. ;_; I feel like Drake, cuz I gotta lot of enemies.
    • SilvanusSilvanus March 14
      You are not the only one feeling that pressure! Hahaha this has just been too amusing.
    • Sylandra March 15
      WAIT IS PORTIUS ALIVE wtffffffffffffffffffffffffff

      Also I love that this Toy Story pic is being used again and again, ahaha.
    • SilvanusSilvanus March 15
      I swear, I don't know how this happened.
    • SilvanusSilvanus March 15
      The chances of everything happening to be like this is hilariously small.

      BUT IT DID
    • Sylandra March 15
    • SilvanusSilvanus March 16
      Well as you go to return to the Northern Wilderness, you do not see any waste around you. The Great Forest in the North is your favorite place to rest, and this time you are left all alone in your small brook. No visitors, no waste.
    • Sylandra March 16
    • Sylandra March 18
      Hahahaha oh man didn't Hoar hide the key to Drocilla's collar? Does Tremula need me to die to unlock her power? Could just be cult recruitment though. Maaaaan.
    • Sylandra March 20
      Phew glad we offed that problem before it started. GG, team. WE FINALLY HIT A LYNCH.

      Time to hope no one calls my bluff and kills me tonight. 3
    • SilvanusSilvanus March 20
      You were killed!
    • SilvanusSilvanus March 20
      Don't panic!

      Just kidding!
    • Sylandra March 20
      LMFAO so meeeeean.
    • Sylandra March 23
      [Re: Portius death] So satisfying omggggg
    • SilvanusSilvanus March 23
      I don't know how he survived day 4 really
    • Sylandra March 23
      Tremula lol
    • SilvanusSilvanus March 26
      Another day no one visited

      (Thanks Shaddus)
    • Sylandra March 26
    • Sylandra April 2
      If I die because Shaddus skimmed his flavor text I stg, lmao.
    [I die]
    • SilvanusSilvanus April 2
      It said northern wilderness 
    • Sylandra April 2

    • Sylandra April 2
      Was a good run. Being executed is strangely satisfying. If someone janitors me I will hate them forever.
    • SilvanusSilvanus April 2
      You should've won but it was unfortunately unlucky you got kind of the same role as Klaus Fuchs with the disappearing thing. I even randomized the roles too, yours wasn't the only amusing role to be given.
    • Sylandra April 2
      Ahaha. 3 Oh well. I sincerely enjoyed it.
    • Sylandra April 3
      Also this might be mean of me but part of me wants town to lose. They have played really badly so far. >_>
    SO EVEN THOUGH WE LOST, I got the petty petty princess outcome I wanted. :sunglasses:
    Fyler said:
    Sylandra has a very signature (and somewhat twisted) sense of humor
  • LavinyaLavinya Former Queen of Snark AustraliaMember Posts: 3,354 Transcendent
    The game was a blast, so much hilarity. Thanks @Silvanus!

  • DylaraDylara Member Posts: 1,287 Transcendent
    Vivet said:

    Special shoutout to @Dylara for knowing her sistah so well. I actually agreed with her, I was tilting pretty hard and it was obvious imo. But somehow that got her lynched. She just can't win as vig - see also Michael in Gods and Monsters.

    I really, really can't. :( Vig is actually my least favourite role.

    Also, told you guys you shoulda lynched Ushaara if I turned up dead. :p

    Thanks for the game Silvanus, was fun!

    Avurekhos says, "Dylara's a PvP menace in my eyes, totes rekting face."

    The eye of Dylara materialises in your hands and flings itself around your neck, tightening incomprehensibly until it is irremovable.
    Perfectly clean, this eyeball has been wrenched from the socket of Dylara. It has been animated by some unusual force, constantly looking around itself as if in shock or fear. It is bathed in a light covering of white flames that roll endlessly over its surface. A single chain of empyreal metal pierces either side of the eye, allowing it to be worn around the neck.

  • TremulaTremula Banished Quasiroyal Member Posts: 2,645 Transcendent
    What would my power have been? ALSO OMG. Can't quote because mobile but the bit where Silvanus told you I was Drocilla...was that the day I saved Ush by announcing traitor/survivor??
                          * * * WRACK AND ROLL AND DEATH AND PAIN * * *
                                         * * * LET'S FEEL THE FEAR OF DEATH AGAIN * * *
              * * * WE'LL KILL AND SLAUGHTER, EAT THE SLAIN * * *

    Ixion tells you, "// I don't think anyone else had a clue, amazing form."
  • SelenitySelenity My first MC to stay in Serenwilde Member Posts: 1,424 Transcendent
    Thanks for hosting the game, Silvanus! I totally sucked at it. Way too rusty. At least I managed to bluff the whole game being completely death immune... >_>
  • SylandraSylandra Friend of Dog Member Posts: 4,355 Transcendent
    Tremula said:
    What would my power have been? ALSO OMG. Can't quote because mobile but the bit where Silvanus told you I was Drocilla...was that the day I saved Ush by announcing traitor/survivor??
    You saved @Portius.

    (also poor @Dylara was the MVP this game, if she had full-on vig night powers I think this would have been a different game!)
    Fyler said:
    Sylandra has a very signature (and somewhat twisted) sense of humor
  • SilvanusSilvanus The Sparrowhawk Member Posts: 1,659 Transcendent
    Tremula said:
    What would my power have been? ALSO OMG. Can't quote because mobile but the bit where Silvanus told you I was Drocilla...was that the day I saved Ush by announcing traitor/survivor??
    Yeah you outed yourself the day they got the hint
    2014/04/19 01:38:01 - Leolamins drained 2000000 power to raise Silvanus as a Vernal Ascendant.
    2014/07/23 05:01:29 - Silvanus drained 2000000 power to raise Munsia as a Vernal Ascendant.
    2015/05/24 06:03:07 - Silvanus drained 2000000 power to raise Arimisia as a Vernal Ascendant.
    2015/05/24 06:03:58 - Silvanus drained 2000000 power to raise Lavinya as a Vernal Ascendant.
  • SylandraSylandra Friend of Dog Member Posts: 4,355 Transcendent
    edited May 2017

    If a traitor was lynched, Hoarcle would've gained Mysrai and Jadice - Form the Triumvirate and become a roleblocker, a recluse or a limited vig, their choice.

    You jerks denied me ultimate power! I also could've called out @Yomoigu's bluff definitively, omg. :o

    ETA: So I suppose @Drocilla didn't count, @Silvanus? (And Fain was a no because killed?)

    ETA 2.0: Also I would have definitely taken vig and murderized some folks.
    Fyler said:
    Sylandra has a very signature (and somewhat twisted) sense of humor
  • UshaaraUshaara Schrödinger's Traitor Member Posts: 1,264 Transcendent
    Portius said:
    To this day, I have no idea how Ushaara didn't just get lynched for claiming a traitor. And in a game with a very finite number of claimable roles, the last couple people to claim should be heavily suspect by default just because it's so dangerous to false claim a name early. So probably should've poked more at Lavinya, too.
    My true power was...

    But, haha, more seriously neither do I. We had a lot of lucky breaks, and Town had a lot of 'honorary Traitors.'

    This was such a wild ride for me, and I had so much fun. All my messages to @Silvanus were a variation of either "aaaaggghh, I'm so dead," or "hahahaha, how am I/are we still alive?" I lost track of how many times I was convinced I was going to die.

    I knew my early claim would be a risk, but damn it I wanted a chance to cause some mayhem! I figured Fain and cult were likely and my claim was a pure 'HERE I AM, CONVERT ME!'

    But I figured I could scoot by on reasonable doubt on Day 2 since the win condition was Soulless, though when Fain flipped on Day 3, I thought that was game over.

    @Sylandra can be terrifying to play against, but I was dancing with glee when she then turned into one of my quasi-defenders that day which gave me some breathing space. Though she then almost immediately nixed my push on you, and only that you slipped up with your account allowed me to highlight the conflicting claim.

    But man, I think I was 2 votes short of a lynch and trying to find enough material to convince people to switch to you was agony. @Othero was like 'I think he could still be telling the truth!' and others seemed to buy your Maeve claim. I was spluttering at how they could still think you were innocent. 

    @Silvanus What powers would we all have gotten from Breandryn, and what were the unused Traitor powers?
  • UshaaraUshaara Schrödinger's Traitor Member Posts: 1,264 Transcendent
    Also, thanks @Silvanus . Another brilliant game to play in!
  • LuceLuce Fox Populi Member Posts: 2,462 Transcendent
    The timing of me doing this game was spectacular. I'd investigated Yomo. 
  • FylerFyler Member Posts: 598 Mythical
    Weiwae said:
    My fails in this game was epic.
    You weren't alone!
    Known Aliases: Celina/Cyndarin/Fire Jesus/The Night/That Bitch who griefed us
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