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Hey Folks,

I just put together a simple little Chromebook app that opens up the Nexus client in its own window. Hardly revolutionary stuff, I know, but I was thinking that if Iron Realms made their own official version of this and put it on the Google/Chrome store it could bring in quite a few potential players.

I came upon this idea when talking to some folks on Genesis Mud. I was asking them how they managed to have such a significant player base (rarely fewer than 60 or 70 players online) despite having a low ranking on the top mud sites and even an inaccurate player estimate on Mudstats (fewer than 18 players online average). The answer I got was that most of their new players came from the Chrome store where they had posted their web client as a Chromeapp.

Seeing how this has worked for another mud already and I managed to put my own Chromeapp together in like 10 minutes (and I'm not very good at that sort of thing), I feel like this would be a fairly easy way to bring in new players for Lusternia and all the other IRE games.

What do you guys think?


  • At first glance, this seems like the cost:benefit on this could be very worthwhile, either for Lusternia or IRE as a whole.  I think this should be looked into.

  • (Newbie): Noi says, "This has the best browser client by far, so I'm glad I'm enjoying it because I've got a Chromebook."
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