Hallifax celebrates a Vernal Ascendant, and Isune bestows a gift

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Back when @Maligorn got ascended, he was apparently (more or less) unceremoniously shoved into the Matrix. To make up for this dire oversight, @Zyphora planned a grand celebration, which was held today. Highlights of this log include: @Maligorn jumping out of a cake, @Gero trying to steal his toys, a companionable cube demonstrating eerily good timing, @Isune making the best gifts, and Hallifaxians being heartwarming.


(Hallifax): Zyphora says, "Comrades, please gather at the Matrix for Overseer Maligorn Shevat's Vernal Ascension ceremony."

Before the Matrix. 
Banks of clouds roil about here. There are 10 cylindrical chairs of transparent crystal here. Encircling the area, a wide crystalline table sits upon a line of balustrades here. There are 2 immaculate lucidian Sentinels here. There are 31 Sentinel Deputy Commissars here. The graceful, translucent form of a bird of paradise dances in the air, the insubstantial image shifting through a constant stream of vivid colours. Radiating with an incandescent brilliance, the Matrix floats within the circular walkway, slowly turning and revealing flowering geometric patterns. Wind whipping through his wings, Fraesic Sunfar, Keeper of the Matrix is here, face upturned to the chill breeze. A Guardian of the Apeirohedron floats here, confusing onlookers with its impossible to grasp shape. There are 2 storm-coloured greyhounds here. There are 10 Guardians of the Dodecahedron here. In the shape of an open palm, a metallic sigil lies here. Glowing gently with a soft blue light, a delicate dreamcatcher has been permanently hung here. A plump, stuffed teddy bear sits here, head canted at an angle as his button eyes gaze brightly ahead. Positioned in a cute bow, a ceramic fawn stands on nimble, long legs. Engraved with soaring swans, a crystalline table stands here, various platters, bowls, and trays stacked high upon it. A cow wanders about aimlessly, minding her own business and paying you no attention. Kialkarkea is vainly preening her wings. She wields a sleek beam generator in her left hand. Aramel Shevat is here, surrounded by a flurry of dancing cherry blossom petals. She wields a magic spatula in her left hand and a worn lute in her right. Vivet Pavok, Avatar to the Shrouded Guide with a Wakabi face is here. She wields a black and white lyre, adorned with swan heads and gemstone strings in her left hand. Ayisdra Ysav'rai is here. He wields a leather sling in his left hand. Overseer Maligorn Shevat floats here as ribbons of prismatic light dart about his form. He wields a delicate crystal staff in his left hand. Eyes aglow with a fierce, dreadful light, a slithering nagasith broods amid an aura of menace. Lady Zyphora Windwhisper, Quintessence of Refinement is here, surrounded by a flurry of white feathers caught in a perfumed breeze. She wields a delicate crystal staff in her right hand. 
You see exits leading northeast, southeast, southwest, northwest, and in.

Shining and radiant, dawn hues suddenly illuminate the sky, shimmering rays extending from the city of Hallifax in celebration and rejoice.

Lady Zyphora Windwhisper, Quintessence of Refinement smiles and says, "Greetings, everyone. We shall wait a minute for latecomers."

Motes around the Lady Aesthete sparkle with Her unrestrained, iridescent amusement.

Zyphora humbly drops one knee to the ground before Isune, genuflecting reverently in Her presence.

Maligorn kneels before Isune, swearing his allegiance to Her.

Lady Zyphora Windwhisper, Quintessence of Refinement smiles and says, "I believe we are ready to begin."

Isune casually inspects the refreshments with a quick glance then speaks with admiration, "Quite the assortment of pastries and sweets, My dears. Nicely done."

The Lady Aesthete idly flicks a wrist, causing a wisp of cloud to coalesce at Her fingertips into a cloud divan. She leisurely lounges upon it, Her eyes glittering with interest.

Turning to face Maligorn, Gero pulls his closed fist in and touches it to his heart. Mist coalesces briefly around him like a blurring corona as he honours Maligorn with his respect.

Gliding gracefully over to stand by the Matrix, Zyphora lifts her chin in pride as she smiles at the gathered crowd, her indigo eyes finally settling on Maligorn. She respectfully inclines her head to him in acknowledgment before turning to address the crowd as a whole.

After curtseying deeply with a grand sweep of her opalescent skirts, Lady Zyphora Windwhisper, Quintessence of Refinement says, "Welcome, citizens and friends of the Collective. Today, we have gathered to acknowledge, commend, and celebrate the Vernal Ascension of our own esteemed Maligorn Shevat, Overseer of the Skylark Consortium for Collaborative Advancement. He has served the Collective all his life, and is well-deserving of such a high honour for his diligent work and dedication."

Her melodious voice resonant and clear, Lady Zyphora Windwhisper, Quintessence of Refinement says, "The role of the Vernal Ascendant is manifold, and so much more than merely a prestigious title. Such an honour dictates great responsibility, even beyond the eternal conquest of the Domoth Realms to empower the Collective and its citizens."

Lady Zyphora Windwhisper, Quintessence of Refinement intones, "As the last Force Commander of the Aeromancers, and the Lord Potentate of the Symphonium before that, Overseer Maligorn Shevat has ever been a figurehead of Hallifax, a powerful force upon the field of battle and an intelligent voice of reason within the city. He has also risen to become an Awakener of Eventide, representing the Order of the Elder Goddess Isune, the Aesthete, as well as Her tenet of Compassion."

Maligorn blushes furiously.

Her expression warming into a smile, Lady Zyphora Windwhisper, Quintessence of Refinement says, "He has additionally served as a former Minister of Power, faithfully tracking and overseeing the power of the Matrix. Finally, his long decades of service to the Collective have come to fruition once more, in an incredible way, for we have chosen him to be our Vernal Ascendant."

Turning to address Maligorn, Zyphora states, "Overseer Shevat, know that you are valued as a model of Collectivism and Hallifaxian work ethic. Bear your mantle proudly but humbly; with grace, decorum, and poise; and lastly with strength and resilience, for, as ever, like all citizens of the Beacon of Harmony, you are a servant to the Collective first and foremost."

Maligorn bows his head in agreement and assent.

Zyphora raises her hand high, twinkling motes of radiant sunlight swirling around her fingers. With a graceful gesture, she flicks her wrist towards Maligorn, the sparkling, varicoloured motes briefly enwreathing him with the jewel-hued image of a Sun-in-Glory, manifesting about him in an incandescent glow before evanescing into the aether.

Kindly, Lady Zyphora Windwhisper, Quintessence of Refinement says, "Overseer Shevat, you bring honour to the Collective. We know you shall continue to do so, and we shall stand by you every step of the way."

With a warm smile towards those gathered, Lady Zyphora Windwhisper, Quintessence of Refinement says, "If there any others who wish to speak in honour of our newest Vernal Ascendant, kindly step forward."

Shuffling its cuboids around contemplatively, a companionable cube emits a little beeping ditty, quite musical and catchy. As the cuboids settle into place and reveal a rosy heart on each side, the cube chirps in an ominous, discordant tone, "STILL ALIVE."

(Ad-Hoc): Zyphora says, "Thanks, cube."

(Ad-Hoc): Vivet says, "Cube responded fast."

Isune's face warms with a slow, earnest smile at Maligorn, pride in Her eyes.

(Ad-Hoc): Maligorn says, "Appreciate it, Chell."

Elayde arrives from the up.

With a flourish of her arm, Elayde bows deeply.

Maligorn takes a deep breath and then exhales, attempting to keep a straight face and a supplicative mien.

Vivet Pavok, Avatar to the Shrouded Guide says to Maligorn, "I seem to recall varying times in the past where you were within consideration, and each time it would fall to another. You did not enjoy that, and it left you with an unpleasant mix of emotion."

Isune favours Elayde with a new, warm smile and gestures for her to attend the festivities and take a place of repose.

Vivet Pavok, Avatar to the Shrouded Guide says to Maligorn, "In spite of that, it never got the better of you."

Vivet Pavok, Avatar to the Shrouded Guide says to Maligorn, "And here we are now. If nothing else, a hallmark example of the Higher Emotions dominating the lesser."

Vivet Pavok, Avatar to the Shrouded Guide says to Maligorn, "I hope you feel thusly as well."

Vivet nods solemnly.

A sudden wind surges in from the northeast, gusting throughout the vicinity as Akatriel fades into view.

Elayde smiles shyly in return at Isune but remains at the edge of the gathered crowd to merely watch.

Earnestly, Overseer Maligorn Shevat says to Vivet, "Thank you."

Gero steps forward, speaking so that all in attendance can hear, "Excellent work comrade, your example blazes a bright trail for the rest of us to follow." He inclines his head in respect to Maligorn, "One will, one Collective," he finishes before stepping back into the crowd.

Nodding once, Overseer Maligorn Shevat intones, "One Will, One Collective."

Aramel says, "In the time that I have lived in this city, I have come to know Overseer Maligorn as one who treasures the city's growth as his own." Turning to Maligorn with a small smile, she says, "Each time Hallifax gained in strength, in knowledge, or in the service of its citizens, you were joyous for it. It is well, for there is no other reward which can serve so greatly to lighten the duty of an Ascendant."

Maligorn beams broadly.

Maligorn hides an exuberant smile with his hand until he can fashion it into a dignified expression of poised gratitude.

Ejderha clears his throat, then speaks to those assembled. "Overseer Maligorn was the one who oversaw my fairly recent entry to the Collective, and in my time here, I have found him an excellent example, an inspiration, with a heart of service and willingness to recognize and appreciate the service of others. While I have felt welcomed by all, Overseer Maligorn has been especially welcoming, though he knew me not at all before I came to the gates." He smiles at Maligorn, and nods. "Thank you, Overseer."

Elayde dips her head slightly to Maligorn. "You were one of the first to guide me here. For that, I thank you. You have sincerely impressed me with your resilience and knowledge and your pursuit of it. " She lowers her wings then continues, "No matter your height, your stature among us makes you one of the tallest in my eyes." A small, teasing smile follows, before her wings wrap around herself once again.

Quietly laughing, Overseer Maligorn Shevat says, "You are all making it very difficult to not jump for joy, and laugh at the top of my lungs, and otherwise celebrate loudly."

Softly, Skyborne Parvenu Elayde Shevat, Symphonium Elder says, "I'm not sure anyone would think badly if you did."

Falaeron Shevat says to Maligorn, "I will admit that when I first joined Hallifax you didn't leave much of an impression on me. Young and aspiring combatants are often told stories about individual warriors who would be feared by the enemies of Hallifax, or about leaders who would serve as an inspiration to all citizens both on and off the battlefield. You never featured in any of these stories, but very soon after meeting you I realised it was not because you did not deserve such stories."

Falaeron Shevat says to Maligorn, "It is because your service is too often unseen, unheard, and unpraised. Today, we celebrate your service and dedication to our city. Know that we have chosen you because we deem you to be worthy. Know that often the greatest heroes are not the ones who are spoken about, but the ones who make a real difference. You have made a very real difference to Hallifax. Be proud of everything you have done for our city, because we are proud of you. Congratulations."

Voice clouded with various emotions, Overseer Maligorn Shevat says, "Thank you, grandson. You...you haven't done too shabbily yourself."

Akatriel Trueflight, a Leaf on the Wind smiles and says, "Maligorn, my mentor, is easily the most profound influence I've had on my life in Hallifax. If not for him, I probably wouldn't have found my family and my home. Maligorn is an example to be followed, to me, and hopefully to everyone else who knows him. He's really just the greatest guy."

Maligorn flashes Akatriel a joyous smile.

Akatriel Trueflight, a Leaf on the Wind says, "There really can't be enough thanks given to him, for what he's done, and what he's going to keep doing."

Akatriel nods his head sagely.

Nodding her head and shuffling awkwardly, Prefect Kialkarkea Diodorus, Textile Engineer says to Maligorn, "The basin is often filled with people who come and go. Novices which never awaken after orientation, friends which simply sleep, and the odd shrubbery. When you came into the realm, it seemed possible, even likely that you might be one of those. The basin was rocked with change, and those who come forth in those times are often short lived. I am glad you were not among those that slept. You have been honorable, skillful, and helpful, you become a pillar of the Collective. I am glad I have had the opportunity to live in a city with people like you."

Prefect Kialkarkea Diodorus, Textile Engineer says to Maligorn, "It is people like you who give the realm life."

Nodding slowly, Overseer Maligorn Shevat says, "Thank you. That's very kind of you to say."

Standing as She turns to face Maligorn, though Her hand gestures with permission in Zyphora's direction, Isune gets up from Her cloud divan and asks, "With our hostess' permission, I have a surprise for our most honoured guest."

Zyphora flashes Isune a joyous smile.

Zyphora nods her head sagely.

Isune flicks Her wrist at the cloud divan, dismissing it into motes of light that fade into the aether and takes measured steps towards Maligorn.

Intoning ominously with solemn seriousness, though Her eyes glitter with a certain mischief, Isune, the Aesthete says, "Bake Maligorn into a delicious cake." Maligorn looks befuddled for a moment before seeming to dwindle as a giant, luscious seven-tiered cake springs into existence, obscuring them from view as Isune picks it up gently.

Turning around to the guests, Isune, the Aesthete says, "Hm, now, who is hungry?"

Gero says, "Me!"

Zyphora gives a trillingly melodic laugh.

Isune gives a magnificent seven-tiered cake to Gero.

Vivet hums a happy tune.

As Gero devours a magnificent seven-tiered cake, the canny and sneaky form of Maligorn is revealed who tackles him, sending him rolling head over heels as Maligorn yells in triumph. 
Gero deftly manages to remain standing.

Falaeron's eyes sparkle with amusement.

Overseer Maligorn Shevat exclaims, "Ahah!"

Pleasant laughter chimes throughout the area, sparkling with crystalline light.

The corners of Elayde's mouth turn up as she grins mischievously.

Overseer Maligorn Shevat frowns and says, "Oh, he managed to stay on his feet."

Aramel Shevat says, "I would like to try this unusual cake."

Glaring, Gero says to Maligorn, "And don't you forget it."

Gero says to Isune, "If Aramel is to try it, I demand, politely, that Falaeron is put inside."

Aramel Shevat says, "This isn't -his- party."

Falaeron peers at Gero unscrupulously.

Maligorn carefully gathers icing from the top of his snout to inspect.

Maligorn peers at himself unscrupulously.

Raising an eyebrow, Falaeron Shevat asks Gero, "Didn't you say your wedding was next month?"

Gero says to Falaeron, "It is."

Shuffling its cuboids around contemplatively, a companionable cube emits a little beeping ditty, quite musical and catchy. As the cuboids settle into place and reveal a rosy heart on each side, the cube chirps in an ominous, discordant tone, "STILL ALIVE."

Gero says, "But this is not about me."

(Ad-Hoc): Aramel says, "Perfect timing, cube."

Unfurling Her radiant wings, Isune flies straight to stand behind Maligorn now, forcing him to turn to look upon Her, the iridescence of Her wings glittering and shining with the austere moment.

Maligorn takes an instinctive step backwards, gulping audibly as Isune appears before him.

Isune flicks Her wrist, causing a wisp of cloud to coalesce at Her fingertips and sends it flying beneath Maligorn, raising him to Her eye level and before all in attendance.

Using a finger to turn the cloud to face Her, Isune, the Aesthete says, "My Maligorn, there are many words to be said in this moment. But the words are only the vehicle by which we each convey that which should imprint most upon you and your heart this day."

(Ad-Hoc): Gero says, "That's why we have this hammer, to beat it into you."

(Ad-Hoc): Maligorn says, "Ahahahaah."

As if stirring a cup of tea idly, Isune swirls Her finger to force the cloud to turn Maligorn and have him gaze upon the assembled crowd.

Maligorn looks around from his vantage point, at the very least able to stand steadily upon the cloud platform.

Leaning in with a volume just barely high enough to be heard by those not Her intended target, Isune, the Aesthete whispers to Maligorn, "These individuals, these members of the Collective and her allies, her friends, do not attend for words or idle commentary, My Maligorn. They are here for you; their love, their pride, the unending compassion in their hearts for your struggles and triumphs."

Maligorn nods in understanding, as yet remaining silent. He clutches a delicate crystal staff in both of his hands, ears perked to listen further.

Isune purses Her lips and blows a tiny stream of dawn-hued radiance upon Maligorn's chest, just above Maligorn's heart, and smiles with pride.

Visibly relaxing, Overseer Maligorn Shevat says, "Ah...yes. Of course."

Addressing the whole now, Isune, the Aesthete says, "We honour Maligorn, this day, for all he has done, all he has triumphed over, and all he has yet to accomplish. I have watched his growth from afar and can only say I am more than pleased with how he continues to strive, every day, to better himself and become a better version of who he thought he once was."

Maligorn releases his death's grip upon his crystal staff, returning it to his left hand.

Making Her announcement with a more formal tone, Her voice pregnant with pride, Isune, the Aesthete says, "With the aid of My wondrous Sun-in-Glory, we offer you a gift My Maligorn. A memento of how far you have come, and how far you have yet to go."

Isune begins to wield a spherical astrolabe of golden beryl in Her left hand.

Isune lifts a spherical astrolabe of golden beryl in Her hands, allowing all to see its work.

Mouth opening slightly in awe, Overseer Maligorn Shevat says, "Oh."

Pressing it into his palm warmly, the pride on Her face is undeniable as Isune gives a spherical astrolabe of golden beryl to Overseer Maligorn Shevat.

Maligorn beams broadly at Isune.

Maligorn begins to wield a spherical astrolabe of golden beryl in his right hand.

Isune, the Aesthete says to Maligorn, "You may turn and push the mechanisms like a normal astrolabe, and at night, USE it for a particularly interesting view."

Maligorn holds a sphericial astrolabe of golden beryl aloft, smiling in full as he admires its golden beauty.

Maligorn proudly shows off a spherical astrolabe of golden beryl: 
Beautifully translucent beryl imbued with the radiant light of the sun forms this spherical astrolabe, its centre enchanted with a soft incandescence which refracts ephemerally through etched, crystalline walls. Wrought of gold several shades deeper than the gemstone, elaborate framework ensconces the berylline sphere, allowing the inner globe to be rotated and turned freely. Worked into elegant spirals of wind, several rules and scales encircle the astrolabe at variegated angles, delineated with vivid insets of persimmon and saffron gems for fastidious calculations; tapered and deceptively delicate, the curlicued ends of the sculpted zephyrs indicate the positions of the brightest constellations. Flickers of magic coruscate over the astrolabe's surface, drawing forth echoes of the constellations above in a mesmerising display of heavenly splendour.

Overseer Maligorn Shevat says to Isune, "My Lady Isune - thank You. Thank You so much."

Overseer Maligorn Shevat smiles broadly and says, "You are right. I have much farther to go. Much, much farther."

Smiling warmly then speaks with tenderness, Isune, the Aesthete says, "Use it well, My Maligorn and remember, he who triumphs is not always who wins 'first'."

Overseer Maligorn Shevat says, "Of course, Lady Aesthete..."

Isune gestures at the cloud beneath Maligorn's feet and slowly, gently, lowers him back to the ground, where the cloud dissipates silently.

Maligorn nods in gratitude to Isune, resuming his customary craning of the neck to look at those gathered.

As the sun passes below the horizon's edge, Mother Night unveils her terrible, shadowy beauty, spreading darkness across the land.

Overseer Maligorn Shevat says, "Now, let's see."

Maligorn uses a spherical astrolabe of golden beryl and gazes into the skies above.

Zyphora's mouth turns up as her face breaks into a smile.

Gero tugs urgently on Maligorn's sleeve.

Gero says, "Me next!"

Overseer Maligorn Shevat says to Gero, "Most certainly not. If I am to be selfish about anything, it shall be this astrolabe."

Gero says to Isune, "That is if it is okay for him to share."

Vivet hides a grin behind her hand. 

Zyphora gives a trillingly melodic laugh.

Maligorn uses a spherical astrolabe of golden beryl and gazes into the skies above.

With amusement evident in Her voice, Isune, the Aesthete says to Gero, "Well, it is his now, he may do as he wishes? It is attuned to him, so he shall not lose it."

Gero grumbles something about starving scientific curiosity.

Motes around the Lady Aesthete sparkle with Her unrestrained, iridescent amusement.

Meliana's eyes sparkle with amusement.

Maligorn uses a spherical astrolabe of golden beryl and gazes into the skies above.

Overseer Maligorn Shevat says, "Oho."

Overseer Maligorn Shevat says, "Yes, yes." 

Overseer Maligorn Shevat says, "I can see the constellations in such clarity."

Superstitiously shuffling over and passing it behind her back, Kialkarkea gives a raised donut slathered in kafe icing to Meliana.

Elayde smiles slightly over the edge of the wings wrapped around herself as she watches Maligorn with amusement.

Gero cries aloud and tear at his hair, glaring in exasperation at Maligorn.

Hugging the astrolabe close, Overseer Maligorn Shevat says, "I don't foresee parting with this anytime soon. Or ever. Thank You so much, Lady Isune." 

Isune flashes Maligorn a joyous smile.

Elayde dips her head to the crowd then bows to Isune. The trill woman slips away quietly and quickly.

With a nod, Zyphora steps forward and proclaims, "Once again, congratulations to our Vernal Ascendant, Overseer Maligorn Shevat!"

Vivet gives up a round of applause.
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    Ngl this made me tear up a little bit. Best grandpup.  :'(
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    Congratulations, mal!
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    Congratulations, Mali! I know you've been waiting for this forever, and I'm super happy to see you finally get what you've been (sometimes not so) patiently waiting for. You're one of my favourite (non-familial) Hallifaxians because of the amount of depth you've sunk into your character and your willingness to go to any lengths to test those beliefs, even offering advice to someone whose beliefs are on the other side of the spectrum as yours for the good of Harmony and the Collective. Cheers, mate! <3
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