When do books offically start adding to library weight?

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And for how long?

Right now, Celest has a bunch of books that were published on the 7th of Roarkian, 341 CE. It's currently 14th of Roarkian, 343 CE ingame and all of those books still have the line "This is a recently published book and has not yet been reviewed." on library info. Currently, none of them are adding anything to the "Recent Scholarly/Literary/Book Rating" listing on LIBRARIES, nor on the "Current Growth" listing under LIBRARY AUDIT. I thought that what happened was that the books spent exactly 300 days in the critique phase after being published and then some period (supposedly a year?) waiting for the Divine Scholar team to approve/deny the critiques made and apply credibility changes as appropriate. But that's not what's happening, so I'm left wondering how it really does work.

Another related question: Once the books do start showing up on Current Growth listing, how long do they stay there? 300 ingame days? Until the turn of the year? Until the turn of the next year?

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    It should be approximately a year.

    When you get the line "Book X has successfully been published and those who have critiqued it had their reputations tarnished," the book is successfully published (and you start getting the scholarly / literary points there).  I don't know that there even is a specific "submit period" and "critique period," I think the moment it's published it can be critiqued, and if not critiqued it's supposed to just automatically go active after a certain amount of time.

    However, current growth works differently; current growth is the # of books which have been published that year; the organization that publishes the most gets the "fastest growing library" tick.  Current growth is thus reset to 0 at the beginning of each year (note that since the reset / reorg of the library system I haven't seen Current Growth for any library go above 0, so it might be busted now, but that's how it used to work).
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    Xenthos said:
    Current growth is thus reset to 0 at the beginning of each year (note that since the reset / reorg of the library system I haven't seen Current Growth for any library go above 0, so it might be busted now, but that's how it used to work).
    I know that current growth in Serenwilde is 0, and I have not seen it move, nor reset, from year to year. Is this factor perhaps still "busted" as @Xenthos put it, or am I reading this wrong?

    More importantly, how can we view all the books our organization publishes besides merely getting bogged down by the library log and picking out when such and such book was published so we can track progress?

    And, can librarian's possibly get a message when a book finally passes successful publication because there is a difference between LIBRARY PUBLISH <book> and actually-for-real passing publication. I say this because if an organization were to give library rewards for successful publication then what marks the time a book is successful since it has to pass both organization criticism and divine scholar final review and can we get a library command to show current growth and recent publications.

    I am open to suggestions.  
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    Current growth sort of works. I'm not sure that it works exactly as intended, but it functions. It does go up in response to books getting approved, but not always immediately after approval. I'm not sure what triggers it. I think that it's best to think of current growth and the fastest growing library points as a nice bonus, but nothing that you can ever expect to have. The irregular time for things getting approved makes it unpredictable, anyway. I do have suspicions about how the irregularities with scoring happen, but I haven't looked closely enough and tracked information to be confident.

    I've used two ways for tracking how long books have left in the critique period. When I was ambitious, I'd note down each book and its number in a help file when I published it, and check it every so often with LIBRARY INFO. The remaining time shows up near the bottom of the output. When I was lazy, I'd ask another librarian (has to be foreign, can't use your own aides) to LIBRARY AUDIT PUBLISHING and tell me what book from Halli showed up.

    Books getting approved should show up in the city log when it happens. At a library administration level, I suggest just defining successful publication as getting through the review period without critiques. The odds of a book getting rejected by the admin without critiques is not zero (I had it happen twice, although both of them got reverted after a quick email to support to appeal it) but is really, really low. It's easier for everyone, and includes less irritated waiting for payments, if you don't wait on admin approval.
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