Voices in my head? I hope.

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Was standing alone in the theatre contemplating some poetry when this happened.

Kethuru says, "Why hello my child, are you ready for my release."

I thought in shock as I heard this voice, curious who or what it was. For a time, I contemplated answering, and then I did.

You say, "Who's there?"

I asked out of wondering the voices name. It did not respond.

You say, "Are you still around, ancient voice possibly in my head?"

I questioned simply, hoping that the voice, which sounded alien would respond and not watch me, likely laughing.

You say, "Maybe I'm ready for you to be around maybe I'm not. Maybe I'm slowly going insane from all
the time I spend in the astral."

I hedged, after all I did spend a fair amount of time the past weave and current in the astral.

You say, "Oh well."

I accepted, after all a voice was a voice was a voice.

You say, "Well at least it was probably in my head, and not likely to be an evil entity trying to
ploy my soul from me like some kinda soulless goddess held beneath the earth."

I contemplated aloud. My mind forming connections, likely where there were none.

You say, "Paradigmatics is a hell of thing."

I admitted and then headed off. There were orcs to kill and bodies to sell. I had better things to do with my time than contemplate strange voices. Even though I did feel completely sane at current.

OOC: For reference here's my stats box just before the event.

+ Neela ------------------------------------------------------------------+
| Rest      : fully rested                 Lessons        : CENSORED|
| Hunger    : utterly satiated             Lesson Pools   : CENSORED|
| Sobriety  : sober and in control         Credits        : CENSORED            |
| Tolerance : intolerant                   Bound Credits  : CENSORED|
| Sanity    : completely sane              Dingbats       : CENSORED|
| Warmth    : scantily-clad                Sticky Dingbats: CENSORED|
| Prestige  : opulent                      Reincarnations : one           |
| Rooting   : slight                       Timeout        : CENSORED|
| Aethergoop: CENSORED|
| Played    : 5 days, 18 hours, and 13 minutes   Vote Wgt : 5             |
| This Week : 3 days, 22 hours, and 28 minutes  


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