MMF's CCTO fix!

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Guess who's back? Back Again! Ane's back! With code for her friends!

Ok people, some of you may have noticed or figured out that MMF has a built in combat callout feature coded in, but there was an alias that was missing to swap between outputs and actually make it work. Well I've fixed it up and have included the file so that you, yes you, can also call out super important things in combat to a specific clan using the built in system. Install is easy, just download the zip here and import it into mudlet. (No need to unzip!) Should work directly out of the box (no need to install or restart, just make sure you save your profile before you close mudlet!)

The package is just 3 simple aliases. There are no triggers or scripts you need to toy with in order to get this to work. All that stuff was already coded into mmf, this is just a fix to allow you to swap out your output and use CCTO as intended.

The aliases are:

     This displays a help menu on your screen which explains how CCTO works, what variables to use to set the proper output, and tells you how to look up an example if you need help. (Picture below)

ccto <output variable>
    This changes the variable that CCTO outputs to when sending out messages. Options are squad/currentclan/clanbyshorthand/order/team/coven/tells/mmfecho. These are the ONLY options currently, if you want to see another option added, send me a message IG, we can see about adding another channel.

     This is just a test alias, disabled by default, that sends a message to your current output stating what your output is currently set to. This was simply for testing and debugging purposes, but I left it in, in case anyone decided they wanted to toy with it.

And that's everything. Now go grab life by the horns, and make sure you tell everyone you know when you do so!


First) This is -only- a fix for the CCTO caller already built into mmf. It will -not- work in any other client, or even on mudlet if MMF is not imported and installed properly.

Second) I do plan on pushing this to the mmf update team to include in the next update. I wanted to put it up here for people who prefer not to wait, or if for whatever reason the next update doesn't happen for a long time, it is still available.


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    For clarification, this isn't a real fix in the terms of me editing MMF sourcecode or anything like that. It's additional aliases you have to import which give added functionality to the existing system (the biggest issue being that there was no alias to change where the messages output to and no real helpfile on the system to know how to use it correctly). CCTO always worked, it just defaulted to squad which had to be changed by editing the script, making your own alias, or changing the mmconfig option which I always tend to forget in the heat of combat.

    Once I do push this to the MMF update team, then it will be added to the MMF sourcecode.
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