Should the use of fast movement devices, artifacts, etc. be restricted for world games?



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    Aeldra said:
    For a harmony challenge on an enforced non-pk event, this is an interesting twist, allowing people to compete on a level playing field, so that's actually interesting.

    On a situation, such a seal challenge,  I feel it's inviting death and chaos and frustration. If I think back to last years death challenge ( which I was competing and ended on 6th or something ), the amount of times I was tracked down and chased by over 10 people and my only chance was that I had a bazillion of ways to escape.

    Not to mention that I spent hours preparing the places that seemed worth going to.

    So my verdict is this:

    on an harmony challenge, even the seal -IF- you can't punch mobs to make them uninfluencable or other shenanigans ( such as locking people in that are competing ) then, this would be really a show of 'who's got the best strategy and the fastest influencing ), which I'd enjoy.

    on a death challenge, I'm feeling like there's no way this would be a good sort of change. You need to be mobile and able to escape, even if it's just your orgbix or 'teleport nexus'.

    This is pretty much where I am at with this poll. Not being able to escape or be saved with empress just makes it all too easy to have people locking you down forever with things like pits. Just imagine having to walk between any two areas in the game with an enemy tracker leaving a pit in every room along the way.
    Dys said:
    Also how many mist jars?!

    Veyils said:
    The meadows were not closed by admin but individuals distorted them on a number of events which basically locks out anyone who doesnt have the artifacts.
    Yep, I distorted the gate to waste storage facility while I was influencing there. It was more to stop people from being able to get to me to harass me while I was influencing (which I have a lot of experience having to deal with) than to stop other people from being able to come influence the mobs though. I think being able to keep yourself from being harassed is a much larger factor than having to compete with people for mobs. Ascending to havens was still active when I left, but I think I would have had to heartstop to get out after that change.

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    It is also worth noting that when it comes down to it, most of the ways to 'cheat' the system for the harmony/death events are pretty established and have been fixed/mitigated. A fundamental way to how they work at this stage would undo a lot of that, and would probably just result in a fair bit of general discontent/frustration (more than usual*) for the next few seal events as people use the tricks they've saved up to game the system in unintended ways.
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