1001 things to do in Lusternia before you rage quit



  • CyndarinCyndarin used Flamethrower! It was super effective. Member Posts: 4,508 Transcendent
    Shuyin said:
    194. 202. Resurrect a year old thread cause you haven't checked when the last post was made.

  • ChirbiChirbi Member Posts: 148 Capable
    202. Take on more responsibilities IC than OOC even though you're IRL responsibilities are also staggering
  • RetherianRetherian Member Posts: 24 Inept
    203 Try to influence while caring for an infant...."How so?"
  • AeldraAeldra , using cake powered flight Member Posts: 1,166 Transcendent
    204 greet your org with another orgs name
    205 follow it up with an ooc comment on ct
    Avatar / Picture done by Xeii. Wheeeeee 
  • VersaleanVersalean Member Posts: 1,109 Transcendent
    206. Write a MUDLET package for a friend, full of troll aliases, such as turning GlomCT into a tell to Marcella, or changing around their emotes (kiss = slap, etc.)
  • ValariaValaria Member Posts: 45 Apprentice
    Xenthos said:
    2. Get True Ascendant.

    3. Become a Vernal God.
    number 3, i think Estarra is watching you closely since you did that silly event with the alternative reality things. XD I had fun time reading that story that had happened while ago. :D
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