Open Combat: A Synopsis

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Hi, everybody.

This week/month, we're trying something a bit new. Instead of pushing all of this to envoys and making 'analysis' threads after the fact, we're going to try the whole "open these discussions up to the entire game" thing.

I am going to set a few ground rules for all threads titled with 'Open Combat', and I am going to link this into the first post of all such threads.

1) All forum rules apply. Read them here -

2) Seriously, no personal attacks, fighting, or antagonising others. If this comes down to fighting or actively egging people on, I will get involved. This is not the place for that, and I really do not give half a duck what your personal feelings about how 'terrible' a person or organisation are, or how 'stupid' someone's idea might be. You can discuss without letting it get personal.

3) Stay on topic. These threads will be about the topic given, and in them, I don't care what X has unless it is relevant to why you are suggesting Y, and even then, I would rather these changes be made on their own merit and not just as a "They have X, so I want X so I can be OP". This especially applies to Twist and Succumb, they are both on my radar.

4) Open does not equal democracy. Just because everybody likes the idea of giving Z an orbital nuclear laser does not mean we will do it. I don't care how cool it sounds.

5) Ianir may amend these rules as necessary. Hopefully this is not required.
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