Alpha testers wanted for TCG

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Yes, that is correct, I am working on a concept for a Trading Card Game that will be dovetailing with the book I am writing in my free time.  It is in VERY early stages so it likely will not be in any playable form for a little while, but I am seeking initial expressions of interest from anyone who might be interested in giving it a test run and giving me feedback as to ways to improve the game.

Anyone who takes part in alpha testing will be required to sign a non-disclosure agreement and understands that any cards provided may hold no value beyond the alpha test period and may not be "tournament legal" (if the game even gets off the ground)

Details will be provided upon application, applicants are free to decline to participate if they decide it is not in their interests beyond that point.

If you have any questions please send me a private message, I will not be divulging technical details on the public forums for fairly obvious reasons.

Please include in your application how old you are and what TCG or other collectible games you have played in the past - lack of experience will not necessarily bar you from being selected, though for legal reasons you must be capable of signing the NDA or have a parent or guardian willing to sign it on your behalf.

NOTE: Participation is on a voluntary basis, no monetary payment will be involved, however cards will be provided when the game moves into the actual play-testing phase, with the potential to get exclusive one-off 'tournament-legal' cards as a thank you.
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