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    I really want a tae'dae kid, help me show Selenity that I can find spawn too.
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    For adoption:

    Moi, a 20 year old krokani monk from Glomdoring. She's a novice wrangler for the Thornwatch/Ministry of Education and the author of two books and three help scrolls so far. Tidy, solemn, sometimes excessively polite. Can be whimsical if she doesn't think anyone is looking. Waxes poetic about how beautiful and perfect various bits of Glomdoring flora and fauna are, particularly when it comes to giant carnivorous insects. Hobbies include gardening, historical research, designing, tailing city-folk, snowball fights and feeding beetles.

    Moi will very very probably not leave Glomdoring or reincarnate to join your family, but is not fussy about the race/nationality of her adoptive parents beyond that. Moi distinctly recalls being a shepherdess in Paavik pre-Portal, and longing to visit the forest across the river. She is probably adopted into whatever family she ends up in.

    I am also willing to entertain the idea of bloodbonding and/or marriage into a family.
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    Bump. Get your own one eyed freak baby here.
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    Hi, I'm Sumi, one i only.

    I'm interested in being adopted/bloodbonded/married. My family probably isn't going to be my birth parents since Sumi is from the Grey Moors. 

    I don't want to give details about my character here, so message me here or in game if you are looking for somebody :)
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    We should totally found an Aslaran/Krokani family full of crazy wyrden peaceniks.
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    Shaddus and Orventa may be looking for children in the near future. The contents of this post can and will change @Orventa sees it and wants it added to.

    Family Trueflight was started in Hallifax but is (or will be) found in all organisations. Key personality traits found in its members include but are not limited to intelligence, curiosity, a love of exploration, and an open mind. There is no primary race in Trueflight, but it tends towards changelings; Shaddus isn't a changeling, but has reincarnated enough to where he really should have purchased a cameo. He's currently a viscanti, and Orventa is usually a faeling. 
    Dislikes: Shaddus dislikes Merians, Elfens, Mysraians, Lisaerans, aslarans who try to purr/roll their R's as speech, and Wyrden. I don't know if Orventa has any dislikes,  but she's pretty easy going. Being one or more of these disliked peoples won't disbar you from the possibility of being our child, but you better believe you're gonna have to work for it. 

    Likes: Intelligence, being self-sufficient, being a designer of any trade, being able to color-coordinate your clothing and accoutrements, knowing what you want out of life. Mega bonus if you have good spelling and grammar.

    If you're interested, or maybe if you're an older player who wouldn't  mind rolling an alt and trying out something new, hit me up in a pm here. Orventa is really active, and I'm...well, I check in when I can. 
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    @Caighan and Drauzgot. Definitely looking for kids, after they're eventually married. Unfortunately, Drauzgot is a heavy patriot and is unlikely (though it's not impossible) to take a kid from outside Magnagora. She's also very practical, and values people who are practical.

    No merian, elfen or faeling, or furrikin. Bonus points to krokani, orclach and igasho, but she's not super picky about race. n'Kylbar is a viscanti family, after all.

    Basically, I just want people I can RP with and make funny orclach faces at. I dunno what Caighan wants, but he seems to value RP too - so if you want two moderately active RP parents in an active RPing family with an adequate number of members who are also active (you'll have two great-great-grandparents, two grandparents, several great-great-uncles and aunts and many distant cousins spanning n'Kylbar, d'Vanecu, some i'Vipiere and a couple Celestwilde houses) then come find me! We can see if it's a good match.

    Drauzgot is never a good match, but I love RP and I love adopting kidlets who RP.
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    Beginning the search for children as well to join the ranks of the D'Cente. No real restrictions save that you are active, honestly. And prone towards hunting and/or combat is a huge bonus, given we're a blood family. However, long as you're contributing to the world in general, I'd certainly be satisfied, the more diversity in the Basin, the better I've always felt. If you've a love for lore and history, I'll especially adore you...despite the fact I'm told publishing books dings the Family honour a bit, with how I hunt I highly doubt such would greatly impact. Lusternian Lore has always been what drew me to this world, the best I've seen of any IRE game, though I have come to despise the Souless for squashing the sheer potential of all those civilizations They've destroyed during the countless millennia of each age....anyway. Combat, Hunting, trades and production (typically the D'Cente is counted as a merchant and mercenary oriented family due to roots in the Serenwilde and movements around for the greatest profit), and adherence to the motto 'If you want something done right, you go to a D'Cente' enforces quite the set of standards of expectations. Whatever else people may say, 'useful' certainly remains the most prominent of any member.

    Can message me here or in game if interested. First time I've tried it this way, usually disdained the forums but I have been making an effort to get around that. Having been approached by all my children on their own to adopt them out of the blue has always caught me off guard, so figured...this way at least there'd be a legit reason even if they don't approach me because of this offer :expressionless:

    D'Cente have been working hard to get out from under the cloud of prior, publicly defacing examples, but what family hasn't had such hurdles to cross? We're still a Great House, and ranked as nobility due to recognition by Magnagora, as the RP with such goes despite not being a Viscanti based family, nor historical in nature, having earned it through deed rather than merely handed such. More can be discussed directly.
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    You begin the process of considering Veyils and Enadonella as your parents. During the next Lusternian year, you may FAMILY REJECT PARENTS if you realise these aren't your parents.

    Moi is off the market!
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    looking for children!
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    Tossing this out there for Zeph for adoption, still have a few more hours of playtime to go but fam's have always appealed to me and the ability to meet more people/be comfortable with others.

    Currently likes: hunting, learning new things (she's focused more Guild-related tasks at the moment), looking to explore more Lore, exploration, loves music, enjoyed the theater--I may like to delve into writing a play or two so having those around who are more experienced at it would be great. It is very, very unlikely she would ever leave Glom. (May also try and dabble in combat, but it's definitely not my strong point)

    IG interactions are absolutely best for me so I can work to flesh her out a bit more. 

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    Karandyn is also looking for her (hopefully) forever family. Preferably citizens of Serenwilde, though New Celest and Halifax are okay too.

    She enjoys helping denizens with their various needs, hunting, attending theater events and really wants to learn to operate a post on an aethership.

    She's pretty laid back and sociable, though when it's time to be serious she snaps to attention in a heartbeat. Defense of her home and those closest to her are big priorities.
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    Tremula said:
    Are you a consummate urbanite? Do you know what you want, and what you need to do to get it? Do you think that Ladantine's only sin was failure?

    If so, you should probably let Tremula and Portius adopt you into the Nitraedes! 

     -You should be comfortable with ambition. You should have goals and try to accomplish them. It doesn't have to be about wealth and power, either. You can work towards making sure all the kitties in Lusternia have loving homes, and that's fine. Just respect success, no matter what form that success takes.

    -Ambition doesn't equal selfishness. You can be perfectly charitable and whatnot if you want.

    -Members of all cities welcome. Forestals can apply, but probably shouldn't bother. They only get in if Tremula talks Portius into it. Polite fratricide is perfectly acceptable. Remember that people with opposing goals can fight without hating each other. They can even respect each other's abilities. 

    -Expect a pretty secular family. You can worship whatever gods you want, or none at all, but that's a personal thing. We're very comfortable with renouncing all gods and standing on your own merits.

    -Own your actions and take pride in them. Be sneaky if you need to be sneaky, manipulate if you need to manipulate, but take pride in it. Excellence is its own reward!

    -Assume that Tremula will do most of the RP stuff and homicide, and that Portius will help you with culture, questing, saying mean things about the communes, and giving you free money. 

    -The spot of favourite/active child is currently open! If you accept this proposal be expected to be doted upon and given: a room on the Midnight Pearl, your own four-room home within the Nitraedes Estate (to be described as you please, the first four are free and you can give Trem the gold if you want to buy any expansion to it after that), and a lovely beast from Trem's stables if you don't have your own.
    Bumping this and adding some new things, editing others, and hoping for takers. Portius is still in Hallifax, leading the Consortium, and Tremula is firmly within Magnagora, helping to lead the Society. Due to the current state of politics, Celestines wishing to join can but should expect a little blowback from their citymates. Currently we have no major conflict arcs in play, and we're looking to grow our family to consider becoming a banner house, get our family aether, and keep the Nitraedes name strong. Bring your friends! Bring your kids! Don't have kids? Steal your neighbour's!
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