New-ish (kinda) player, questions of curiosity to pass time.

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So I haven't played Lusternia in a looong time, and it seems quite a large swathe of changes have been made since (including SSC finally, which is nice! )

As someone who's not a big fan of using others' scripts (thus making my own system), at the risk of them potentially messing with/breaking my own ones, I'm curious as to what sort of things you guys use a lot here? The admin seem to have done a great job with implementing serverside curing, so it wasn't particularly difficult setting my system up to work alongside that for most things.

Things I've managed to complete already in the short time I've been playing:
  1. GUI (chat, map, vitals tracking, room/player tracking including scent/walkto)
  2. Deffing up (fully implemented at least for my current class, though very easily supporting multiple classes)
  3. Bashing (tracks crits, last crit, gold gained, % gained, etc)
  4. Almost have my player tracking (name database) hashed out, even though it's kinda impossible to track their current class unless they're hitting you :(

So now I'm almost at a standstill of what I feel like writing up next, that might be beneficial to me to use! Throw me some ideas, I might even share some when I'm done :)

eta: I also whipped this up, because why not.. I was never a fan of the standard output of CFS :(


  • KaliKali Member Posts: 63 Adept
    One thing I use a ton is a script that merges the data from the website's people api ( and gmcp.Comm.Channel.Players to get a decent list of online players (Gets everyone in your org within talking range + everyone who doesn't have a cloaking gem regardless of plane)
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    Hey, you're that novice I shamelessly poached invited to Goon Squad! Welcome to the forums! As to your question, maybe an influence system but I recall you saying that wasn't something you were super interested in so I'd have to think about it
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    Hey, I just returned after an EXTREMELY long break myself...and you've done more than I did when I first started playing...I wish I knew how to do this stuff. Back when I played was when ZMud was a thing, and missed the free upgrade to CMud back then. Anyway, good on you...I should look into setting this stuff up at some point..just fumbling around with Nexus right
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