Hello, new here and I want to say, well, Hello!

LusaLusa Member Posts: 4 Novice

I can't wait to settle in. Everything looks dark and there are a bunch of words everywhere, but who knows. Maybe I can get things rolling. If you every want to chat or talk, I'm a big talker. Just thought I would see if I can give this a go! 

Don't know much. People been helpful in game. Just want to see if there are any hints or start-ups I can get. 


I just want to say hi! 


  • LiefLief Member Posts: 483 Transcendent
    Welcome to Lusternia, @Lusa! So excited to see a new player about. :smiley:
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  • AnitaAnita Member Posts: 891 Transcendent
    Hello, @Lusa - welcome to Lusternia!

  • MayleaMaylea Member, Gods Posts: 218 Divine
    Welcome to Lusternia, @Lusa! Glad to have you with us!
  • LusaLusa Member Posts: 4 Novice
    Thank you, thank you. Let me hit that Like button on your posts. So far, everyone is nice and bright and cheery. 
  • CrekCrek Member Posts: 263 Fabled
    Hi @Lusa! Welcome to Lusternia! Don't be afraid to try and RP at other org members! We don't bite (hard).
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  • ZephyraZephyra Member Posts: 18 Apprentice
    Hello! Welcome! Feel free to poke at me, I would be delighted to talk/help/talk.
  • LusaLusa Member Posts: 4 Novice
    I don't know why someone would want to bite me, nor what taint is, but I hope there is not a steep learning curve. But the people are extremely friendly, and I like every interaction with people. 
  • LusaLusa Member Posts: 4 Novice
    Recently, from some helpful people. I was told everything in game is done through Role Play. I don't know what to Role Play? I just got into doing emotes with some friends I made, but otherwise, my primary question is what do I Role Play since I have to be in character all the time?
  • MakaelaMakaela Member Posts: 435 Adept
    @Lusa What to roleplay is heavily determined by what you want for your character.  What kind of perrsonality do you want them to have?  What goals, ambitions and desires do they have?  Are they a scholar?  Warrior?  Artist etc..  Do they want to get involved in politics?
  • XenthosXenthos Shadow Lord Member Posts: 6,971 Transcendent
    That's the great thing about roleplay, it is very open-ended!  All you have to do to remain in-character is to not reference the real-world.  Your character does not know what a phone is, or a computer, or an email, or anything like that.

    Beyond that, your character can either have a distinctive personality (maybe you want to be a vegetarian, or be a happier sort of person than you are normally, or be more literal).  If you've got no ideas, though, you're still okay!  A lot of people have no idea where to start either and base their character off of their own selves.  What would you do if someone jumped up in front of you and killed a whole tribe of aslarans that you were having a conversation with?  Would you be horrified?  Intrigued?

    Then, as time goes on, figure out what things "click" with you, that you think are fitting to the character.  It is okay / normal for your character to experience growth and change.  Things that might once have been astonishing become commonplace.  Play off of other people as you interact.

    You'll do great. :)
  • RancouraRancoura the Last Nightwreathed Queen CanadaMember Posts: 1,504 Transcendent
    There are some fairly helpful tips and advice regarding roleplay in this thread as well.

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