Another returning player being mildly overwhelmed, film at eleven.

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I was going to post this as a reply to another recently-returned player's post, but I realised I had some Glom-specific queries and decided to make a new thread instead.

I thought Dhoggne had been purged but lo and behold he's alive! Last time I was about with any frequency was a few years back. I logged in and poked around in help files and whatnot for a bit. I remember some of what I was doing with Dhoggne last time I played him, largely because he wrote some stuff in his journal. Apparently I was trying to get him his Beetle mask (and I do hope that's still a thing, because the totems or whatever they're called, the Spider and Wasp and Beetle and all, they are super cool). I think I had the same 'you have no class' thing @Asarian mentioned, though Dhoggne is still a nekotai... I thought that was a class. He's going to need new claws, I suppose... he probably has some gold in the bank, I hope. :) I hope to get back into things RP-wise as well.

Anyhow, your basic 'I dropped off the game for a couple years and now I have no idea what to do' situation here. So, hi, and thanks in advance for any advice/suggestions!


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    OK, cures have been super simplified, we have server side curing (AC ON) guilds are no longer tied to class, and uh, yeah
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    You might not have your class officially declared in the new class system, that happens with returning players on old characters. Try CLASSFLEX CHOOSE NEKOTAI ?

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    If you can catch me I can make you nekai, otherwise Yendor might also be able to help.

    Not sure what other questions you have aside from the mask (unfortunately the old guild structure is gone so the actual RP behind those masks is no longer structured), but there are new guilds and new / different RP to get into.  The Swarm, the Auguries, and the Thornwatch.  Eliron has invested a lot of work into our Collegium scrolls (cghelp) which should give a decent amount of insight into Glomdoring starter information.

    I feel like I already invited you to Kindred as well, but if not, you should definitely join!  Real-time conversation is ideal for in the moment question and answering. :)

    Do feel free to pose more questions in this thread though if you want us to write essay-responses, too.

    Edit: PS they are called the Wyrden Idols and are still around, just not in quite the same way.  But now instead of just being part of one guild, they are a bit of all three.
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