Selling Beasties

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A roseate dream phoenix with gossamer wings of ethereal light
[50 dingbats | 50 credits - accepting other offers]
- Trained Abilities: (Fly), (Breathe Sleepcloud),
                              (Breathe Amnesiacloud)
- 0 body, mind or spirit trains.
- Level 12
- Male, 41 years old
- Prepaind 26 months in aethermanse stables

A lustrous penguin with a radiant rainbow bow tie sold

A golden dragon turtle with black wings SOLD

A resplendent snow phoenix with wings of golden ice SOLD

 A gorgeous, seashell white stag with white wings

A rose wine wyvern with spectral wings of volcanic ash sold

A freckled white squonkabonk with mercurial copper wings SOLD

A rose quartz thunderbird SOLD

If interested in any, please contact me via PM here, discord (Ani-Laurel#8433), or message IG.

Along with a new beast, you will get access to Winterorchid and the stables there which is discounted price vs city/commune stables.

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  • AnitaAnita Member Posts: 891 Transcendent
    Penguin, dream phoenix and wyvern left!
  • AnitaAnita Member Posts: 891 Transcendent
    Bumping! Just the dream phoenix left now!
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