Question about Kephera

Old player, new character, just came back to the game after several years away. Can Kephera stack tattoo armour with the demigod racial stats? I got the pendant artifact, and am trying to figure out if I will lose any benefit from being trans tattoos (haven't inked her yet).

Thank you! 


  • Kinda.

    If you're a kephera monk and aren't wearing armour, you'll get 2/7 from damage absorption tattoos instead of 1/5 and get whichever armour bonus is best: 14% from Kata Tattoos pre-demi, 16% from kephera racial at demi, or 18% from Tattoos TattooMsater once you've transcended the skill. If you're demigod+ you get the full demigod+ benefit.
  • Poop, alright. Looks like I might be changing races then!

    Thank you, Moi!
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    The demigod+ ability on Kephera is really very good. The demigod power doesn't do anything, which may change in the shortish term. It's been on the radar for folks and there's a movement to reexamine racial abilities right now. 
  • The keph demigod power is really good unless your enemy team has a dreamweaver.
  • The demigod power? Or the demigod Plus power?
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