Lack of Raves VI: Rave Today, Tweet Tomorrow



  • VersaleanVersalean Member Posts: 987 Transcendent
    Legit didn't know that was a thing <3
  • JolantheJolanthe Member Posts: 49 Apprentice
    o We have reinstated hunger above level 80.

    ... wait, what? I suddenly feel a new sense of relevance.

  • LuceLuce Fox Populi Member Posts: 2,463 Transcendent
    But still no sleep, so there's that at least. Now to make a tonne of bacon bread.
  • PortiusPortius Likes big books, cannot lie Member Posts: 1,424 Transcendent
    I am thrilled with the new stuff in the guildhall! Also pretty pleased with the release event for it. Log will go up when I get around to cleaning it.
    Any sufficiently advanced pun is indistinguishable from comedy.
  • VersaleanVersalean Member Posts: 987 Transcendent
    Thanks, @Estarra <3
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