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    obnoxious furry alts
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    Gee Gee Glomdoring.
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    Kagato said:
    RIP Stephen Hawking :(
    what the f...?
    *sprints to tv*
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    Shaking things up.

    Oh yeah. >:D

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    Got caught Lustying >_<
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    Love Lusternia Twitter
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    I hate plagues.
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    Refactoring is hell.
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    You tell Wyrden Ravager Tarken, "Come to Gaudiguch. I'll give you the title of Grand Moth."
    Eyes peering skywards as he thinks, Ironbeard the Magnanimous says to Sksez, "Welll, on my gooD lis *hic* t, we have....Stei *hic* ng *hic* rim.U..Xypherv....Luu *hic* hghaigh *hic* hhe....Breandryn....."
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    Don't shoot lawmakers.
    The cool night-time breeze shivers in the arid caress of the streets of the capital city, brushing the earthen taste of dust across your lips.
    A blessed silence falls upon the city for the moment, most activity confined to the towers and the
    theatre due to the snowy weather.
    Pinprick points of light twinkle in the deep black overhead, their brightness full of a cold,
    hungering malice.
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    Damn these mosquitos
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    Triggers, etc. vanished.
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    Spheres. Avatars. Demonlords. 
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    Nobody wants to,
    Play with you.
     "Oh the year was 453CE, how I wish I was in Serenwilde now... aletter of marque come from the regent to the scummiest aethership I ever seen, gods damn them all...I was told we'd cruise the void for auronidion and dust, we'd fire no turrets, shed no tears.. now I'm a broken man on a Hallifax tier, the last of Saz's privateers."

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    Toxic Cancerous Rocket
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