Seeking an Eaf'eramich [CLOSED]

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Title really says it all I suppose, I am trying to buy an Eaf! If you have one sitting in the back of a stable somewhere give me a shout.

Now for the part where I try to convince you, I am offering 1,500,000 gold. An eaf is hard to find, I am paying a premium for this reason.

I also offer a no questions asked policy, the less Alli knows is probably better.
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  • AllixeaAllixea Member Posts: 72 Capable
    Sixty-nine views and no replies? Surely someone has one hidden away somewhere. How about I sweeten the pot to 2,000,000 gold, and mention I am open to negotiation.

    Just think! A beast in the back corner of your stable could get you a fat pile of gold. As always Alli will ask no questions about where it came from, the less she knows the better.
  • AllixeaAllixea Member Posts: 72 Capable
    Thank you to my seller <3
  • EnadonellaEnadonella Member Posts: 454 Expert
    Don't let Ena catch yoooooou. <3 Glad you got it finally. 
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