I accidentally killed my own pet

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As a Druid, once per year I can request great Crow to grant me an egg. I did so, and carefully incubated it in the stable. I prepaid 36 months of housing, and bought all the feed and reagents I would need. Two weaves later, my darling giant crow hatched. I lovingly took it into the manifestation of Master Ravenwood to get experience with me smashing those spiders. After a few spiders, I typed "beast info crow" to see how it was going... It was going well. Meaning to continue, I then typed "k spider"... or so I thought. Apparently still in my muscle memory, what I actually typed was "k crow", and thus Nascent Yalasa, Attendant of the Wyrd, permanently slew his crow pet of about 5 minutes.


I then roleplayed by using the scream emote a few times. 


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