Thank you Ianir

CiaranCiaran Member Posts: 819 Mythical
In response to announce post 2857, I just wanted to send out a thank you to @Ianir. For your tireless and frankly insane work ethic, for the flood of bugfixes and adjustments that you made. For being super approachable and friendly. For always lurking and popping up when least expected.

You showed me in a million ways how much you cared about Lusternia, and I'm really glad for the short time that I got to work with you as an envoy.

Thanks for all the fish. <3
Take great care of yourselves and each other.


  • VersaleanVersalean Member Posts: 1,109 Transcendent
    I liked Ianir before it was cool.
  • MinkahmetMinkahmet Member Posts: 104 Capable
    God da***** man... nonetheless, best of luck on your desires that makes Ianir, Ianir in life and keep striving in a positive way and never let go of anything that keeps you going man!
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  • VionneVionne Member Posts: 11 Novice
    The speed with which you fix bugs and acted on quick-fixes was one of the reasons I got hooked on Lusternia again. Go forth and be awesome in your future endeavors! 
  • VatulVatul Member Posts: 265 Virtuoso
    Ianir has truly achieved a lot of things for Lusternia. And not just the game, but as a supportive friend to all players. Thank you for your time and definitely your hard work over these years as both Anomaly and player.
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  • LavinyaLavinya Queen of Snark AustraliaMember Posts: 3,479 Transcendent
    Iosai left massive shoes to fill, and what an amazing job you did and then some. Your work was and will continue to be so appreciated, @Ianir!

  • TambadorTambador Member Posts: 73 Capable
    Best Wishes in all your endeavors @Ianir and thanks for all your hard work on our behalf!
  • ShulamitShulamit Member Posts: 195 Virtuoso
    I love Ianir! Be well! Hugs and stuff!
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  • WobouWobou Member Posts: 142 Adept
    Ianir was a great anomaly. In addition to his obvious coding talent I think one of his greatest attributes is his sense of humor but I'm sworn to secrecy on that because what happens in envoys stays in envoys. Thanks and take care @Ianir!
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