Snubbing and Emotes

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Let's say two people who have each other snubbed are in the same room. One person emotes, and it's more or less about the other person.  Do you believe that person should be punished for snub avoidance?

..I messed up the choices. Just post your opinions here. Please do not reference any ongoing issues.
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Snubbing and Emotes 2 votes

Yes, with shrubbing!
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  • EllowynEllowyn Member Posts: 382 Fabled
    Depends.  If you're spamming emotes, or if it's harassment, then yes.

    If it's not - then you're just being petty.  Let it go.
  • BairlochBairloch Member Posts: 184 Adept
    ugh, is this really a thing?
  • LavinyaLavinya Queen of Snark AustraliaMember Posts: 3,479 Transcendent
    The way I see it, if you've snubbed someone, you don't want to interact with them, right? So don't, simple. If you pursue them and they emote in the room, that's your problem. The person who has been snubbed shouldn't have the onus to try and make sure they don't emote JUST IN CASE (and we're talking pre-programmed un-targeted emotes.) 

    If you have someone snubbed and they go out of their way to turn up where you are, and spam and try and get around snub, that's entirely different. But if you're putting yourself into the way of the other person you can't cry if they move. It's like attacking someone, then calling it snub abuse if they use an ability on you.

  • ShangoShango Member Posts: 167 Capable
    It's a thing. Both sides of intentionally instigating so they can go ahead and issue in the attempts to get the admin to shrub the other, and to just be a pain in the ass to the person that snubbed them by harassing them otherwise. Spamming emotes, being an idiot, etc. Spamming emotes even WITHOUT subs is harassment and should be punished anyway, some of us don't fight purely reflexively, and doing that is meant to ensure you end up missing all the valuable prompts/highlights to work with. Though also why there's afflicting someone with getting high such as through the Wonderitem...all those smileys are meant to do much the same, but without spamming emotes to get away with it.

    So there are issues with both sides of the scenario outlined. Key rule, behave like adults, try to actually PLAY the game, don't meta/break the rules of RP even in combat...if you're fighting someone, you might laugh once, but you cannot spam in 50 separate instances of laughter within the same second time frame, unless someone just broke the time stream...and try to treat it at least halfway seriously. Any MUD at its core is ultimately an RP game, meaning you have to BE the character you are playing. So it has to make sense, in combat or outside of it.

    For this, I'd say it's situational. Spamming emotes, shrubbable regardless of a snub, if If it was really a problem change snub to be inline with other IRE games to remove the ability to see even untargeted emotes as well. Else STAY AWAY from each other. Don't instigate anything with the other person, just a general rule.
  • VersaleanVersalean Member Posts: 1,109 Transcendent
    Two many layers to this for a simple answer:

    1) Too many people in IRE use SNUB as a free artefact conflict-umbrella, often to remove themselves from the backlash of a situation/argument/conflict that they caused. Until there's some kind of oversight of the feature (and I hope there never is), I'm not in support of making snub more OP than it already is. There's some hardcoded stuff that could help, such as requiring an explanation to the Godmin as to why the snub was made, or simply an auto-report that captures the last X tells/messages between the snubber and the snubbee. This latter system would be extremely telling.

    2) If there's a genuine snub and you emote at somebody, that's snub circumvention. Full stop.

    3) If there's a genuine snub and you emote about somebody... the jury's out. In the parlance of the courts, whether it was genuinely intended to communicate to others something about the person ("Might have been him that was defiling") or a poorly-disguised attempt to communicate with them is a matter of fact. That's for the godmin to decide.

    4) Grow up. Seriously, folks, how do you get through the day-to-day business of life in a complex social world? Do you get the last word in an argument then stick your fingers in your ears, close your eyes and run off in the opposite direction? Then if the person speaks to you again do run off crying and tell the teacher? Grow. The. Eff. Up. If you genuinely cannot tell the difference between an argument and harassment - the latter of which is what snubbing's for - then you've got far bigger problems than the godmin can help you with.

    5) You may be part of the problem. Count the number of people you have snubbed. The longer that list, the more likely it is that you are the problem, not everyone else. "Honey, please pull over - it says on the news that some jackass is driving the wrong way up the motorway." "'Some jackass?' THERE'S THOUSANDS OF THEM!"

    6) We have a small team. Any behaviour (being a dick or reacting to dicks) that draws away the Godmin's attention is time away from development. Do you want them to be fixing the swings or breaking up fights? Mmhmmmm.

    7) I don't care because I'm retiring. Laters! Enjoy your playground - as ever, it'll be the one you've created.
  • EllowynEllowyn Member Posts: 382 Fabled

    6) We have a small team. Any behaviour (being a dick or reacting to dicks) that draws away the Godmin's attention is time away from development. Do you want them to be fixing the swings or breaking up fights? Mmhmmmm.

    A lot of awesome points, but this one is so important.  

    Plus it's a classic 'boy who cried wolf' situation.  If you're issuing people all the time, especially for silly reasons like someone doing a non-targeted emote in a room you put yourself in - then nobody would be able to take you seriously, admin included.
  • KistanKistan Member Posts: 417 Expert
    Its a tough one I would say.

    Bullying and harassment are easy to ignore. I have to deal with this daily in my work place (I am neither the bullier nor the bullied, it is just part of my role that all instances come across my desk).

    A couple of years ago, we changed our definition of harassment to

    "If you feel you have been harassed, you have been harassed"

    And that focussed it more in my mind. In the case give in the OP, it is easy to look at it as a one off instance and say well that is just someone being a snowflake. But without all the background, how can you tell? With harassment, if you were to write down a single incident, it always seems like nothing. But the background is everything.

    If this were a one off incident, I would say to the person emoting "This person is upset with you emoting. Please bear that in mind. Read HELP SNUB and act appropriately in future"

    If it were part of an ongoing campaign of continuous minor breaches to bypass snub, shrub away I say. Sadly the only way to build up this picture is to report every time you feel harassed so while it may seem minor, how can you prove a pattern without reporting the minor?

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