Garosaur? How much do these go for?

RiviusRivius Your resident wolf puppyMember Posts: 1,681 Transcendent
So I got a garosaur during that last event and raised it. Didn't teach it much of anything that I recall. I ended up throwing it into an aethersphere and now sort of want to give it a new home.

The desc is as follows:

Rumbling with natural aggression, this savage adult garosaur casts her body about predatorially, flicking her strong reptilian tail with constant restlessness. Her entire body is covered in miniature scales of deep brown, gleaming and well-tended, ending just before the small forelegs she holds in flexion. At the top of her front, just at the base of her neck, protrude stubby, useless wings. A long, triangular snout emerges from her long face, scales contrasting against her rows of slender, but very pointed, teeth. A crop of luminescent eyestalks rise from the top of her crown, the many eyes roving to watch every possible direction. Two strong legs, not unlike a chicken's, sprout from her miniature scales of deep brown, ending in cruel claws of ebon that click loudly against hard ground and fall silently upon soft earth.

It's not the prettiest. But I'm sure someone would want to buy it off me. Just have no clue what a good asking price would be.


  • Daxi StrongleafDaxi Strongleaf Member Posts: 43 Apprentice
    I actually was wanting to buy one. Not sure on what a fair price would be however.
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