Hallifaxian Humor

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You say to Aydeksa, "So... any more puns?"

You urge Aydeksa onwards.

Choros assumes an imperious expression and whispers a single, stern word, "Denied."

Unscarred Aydeksa Mzithrei says, "I haven't thought of any lately."

Kethaera turns, fixing a frown on Choros. "I requested puns, comrade. If necessary, I will fill out all forms, and..."

Unscarred Aydeksa Mzithrei says, "What did the injured Hallifaxian pirate say?"

Choros stares blankly into space.

You look about yourself, rubbing your chin thoughtfully.

Unscarred Aydeksa Mzithrei says, "Har-mah-knee."

You snicker softly to yourself.

You smile and say, "I knew you had to know a couple still."

Unscarred Aydeksa Mzithrei says, "I literally just thought of that one so pardon if it's so poor."

Choros, Syndicate Agent says to you, "May I remind you that simply because you fill out a requisition form, that does not guarantee the quality of the delivered goods."

Choros, Syndicate Agent looks skeptical and says, "Furthermore, substandard goods delivered unironically may indeed qualify as a felony upon all witnesses."

You say to Choros, "Nonsense. I asked a reputable provider and expect a level of quality in return. I think the goods were delivered as promised."

You smile and say to Aydeksa, "You did fine."

Choros, Syndicate Agent says, "Very well, I accede to your acceptance of the quality of the delivered goods."

Choros creases his brow in a frown.

Unscarred Aydeksa Mzithrei says, "Is this Hallifaxian courting ritual?"

Scowling, Choros, Syndicate Agent says, "No. I simply wish to make sure that protocol is followed."

You say to Aydeksa, "I suppose it could be... though I would expect him to issue me proper forms requesting permission for courtship."

Choros stares blankly into space.

Aydeksa hides a grin behind her hand.

Drily, Choros, Syndicate Agent says, "Citizen Kethaera is aesthetically and mentally pleasing, but I'm more likely to present papers of courtship to the nearest other sileni in the vicinity."

Unscarred Aydeksa Mzithrei says to Choros, "You will have incredibly few options."

Skeptically, you say, "I'm not certain if I should take this as a compliment or not... but let the record show that I was merely jesting."

Choros, Syndicate Agent says, "While the idea of a harmonious courtship and a profitable marriage is pleasing, I'm afraid I must decline at this time."


  • AydeksaAydeksa Member Posts: 68 Capable
    If I knew you were going to log it I would have thought of a better joke!
  • KethaeraKethaera Member Posts: 848 Transcendent
    Aydeksa said:
    If I knew you were going to log it I would have thought of a better joke!
    But it was punny!
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