Baby Sentinel and Adherent Commander visit the Ministry of Peace

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This is Trahey. He's 21, a new Sentinel recruit, very proud of his job, and his hobby is mimicking Leeoh at the Matrix.

Long, thick feathers of a rich brown sheen freely cascade down Trahey's back, reaching almost to his waist like a protective cloak. Though he tops seven feet in height, the apparent absence of wings reveal the fact that he is an ordinary human. His eyes are bright grey, his cheeks ruddy, and his bushy eyebrows are often raised with mischievous curiosity. The youth is lithely built and slightly tanned from frequent hours in the sun, but the slight flecks of ink on his fingers as well as the unexpectedly intense gleam in his eyes suggests other facets to his character. 

He is wearing: iron buckled ebony leather boots with painstakingly polished spikes
full plate of the midnight typhoon peeking out from beneath
a pale great coat of the Sentinels, its sombre design rather contrasting with his general demeanor
a secure documents satchel, always worn properly to display its emblem
a beret hat of soft white wool as a jaunty, rather than jarring, addition. 

You have emoted: Trahey makes to resume his mimicry, the little sigh marking the difference between him and the rows of implacable, if fidgeting, men around him. He pauses for a moment, thinking. 

You tell Commander Eadei, Harmony's Envoy, "Commander, might I ask how you get into the Ministry of Peace?"

You have emoted: Trahey moves off with an impatient blink of his own. 

Ministry of Peace. Banks of clouds roil about here. This large, busy room is well staffed at all hours of the day, and custodians of peace, order, and justice are constantly coming and going. Up front is a long reception desk and a waiting area with benches and chairs, all made of indigo crystal. Midway back are a number of small white crystal desks, each with a crystal screen. At the back is the communications and dispatch centre, with its crystal screens in constant use. Stairways down can be seen with signs indicating that they lead to equipment storage, training halls, and meeting rooms. A rich and ornate purple banner drapes here, proudly displaying the collectivist credo of the Sentinel Company of Temporal Anomalies. 

Eadei tells you, "Ehm?"

You tell Commander Eadei, Harmony's Envoy, "The Ministry of Peace, sir. I've heard that was the old guildhall for the Sentinels, which I've joined.”

Eadei tells you, "A valid question, one which I'm not sure of but will assist you in finding out."

With a wistful look on his face, Eadei touches the deep purple banner of the Sentinel Company of Temporal Anomalies.

Looking at the deep purple banner of the Sentinel Company of Temporal Anomalies, Eadei raises his right hand and places the left on his heart, solemnly swearing by the truth.

Eadei scratches his head looking for an idea.

You have emoted: Trahey stands straight and tall, planting his axe into the ground and quickly adjusting his beret with his free hand. He jumps at Eadei's arrival, masquerade of Sentinel guard duty broken. You say, "I didn't see you coming, sir."

You give the world a smart salute. 

Suddenly, a single golden sovereign shoots off from Eadei's hand and spins freely within the air. After a few seconds the coin descends down, reflexively snatched back into his possession.

Commander Eadei, Harmony's Envoy states, "That is often the point."

Calmly, Commander Eadei, Harmony's Envoy remarks, "To not be seen, until I intend to be."

He is an ordinary human mist-wreathed vernal ascendant, not exceptionally tall, but with a stern military bearing that gives an impression of height. Keen cerulean eyes look levelly out at the world, framed by short taupe hair, clean-cut and combed back in an orderly fashion. A neatly-trimmed moustache and the faintest shadow of a beard outline his jaw, adding to the impression of meticulous precision. His appearance would seem unremarkable, save for the air of subtly contained resolve about him -- capable of both violence and restraint.

Brightly, you say, "I considered evoking Yesod until I decided I'd just play guard for a while."

Eadei purses his lips pensively, gazing off into the distance as he carefully gathers his thoughts. 

You humbly drop one knee to the ground before the deep purple banner of the Sentinel Company of Temporal Anomalies, genuflecting reverently in its presence.

You doff a beret hat of soft white wool cordially to the deep purple banner of the Sentinel Company of Temporal Anomalies.

Eadei scratches his head looking for an idea.

Eadei extends his left hand to touch the deep purple banner of the Sentinel Company of Temporal Anomalies, raises the first two fingers on his right hand and solemnly intones, 'I swear diligently and faithfully to abide by the laws of the Commonwealth and to uphold the integrity of the Collective.'
The boundaries of Time and Space part to let Eadei pass out of sight.

You blink.

Eadei tells you, "[REDACTED]."

You extend your left hand to touch the deep purple banner of the Sentinel Company of Temporal Anomalies, raise the first two fingers on your right hand and solemnly intone, 'I swear diligently and faithfully to abide by the laws of the Commonwealth and to uphold the integrity of the Collective.' Having paid your respect to the banner of your company, you step through Time and Space into the Ministry of Peace. 

The Grand Assembly of Peace.
Large crystal columns hang suspended from the ceiling in graceful arches, grabbing the solid floor of this large hall between their artful tips. Engraved in deep lines in the floor, a single blazing star has been set in between two elegant trill feathers that cross their stems at the base of the star and then arc smoothly around, completing the symbol of the Sentinel Company of Temporal Anomalies. Large purple banners displaying this same symbol are placed at regular intervals around the assembly, symbolising the loyalty of the Company to the State. Large intervals of clear space allow this hall to fulfill its purpose as main assembly hall of the company.

Calmly, Commander Eadei, Harmony's Envoy says, "You may also read the banner."

Eadei nods his head emphatically.

You whisper, "Gods."

The boundaries of Time and Space part to reveal Eadei.

Commander Eadei, Harmony's Envoy says, "Up is out, then."

You nod your head at Eadei.

You say, "Best make sure I don't go up by accident."

A wry smile spreads across Eadei's face.

Eadei ponders the situation. 

Commander Eadei, Harmony's Envoy says, "Never been here. Quite a place."

Glancing at the man, you say, "Have you ever been a Sentinel? You seem like you could make a good one."

Eadei shakes his head once and says, "Symphonist and, as I am now, Researcher. Perhaps in time I will observe the ways of a Sentinel."

You have emoted: "You played an instrument, sir?" Nevertheless, Trahey's demeanor is still rather like that of an ensign to a general. "What kind?"

Eadei draws up a darkly-feathered violin from the confines of his overcoat.

You have emoted: Trahey blinks at the sudden appearance of an instrument. "Cor! That is one fine violin, sir." He glances tentatively between violin and owner as if wondering he might play it.

"It's origin is Glomdorian in nature. The idea is..." he says smooth, with a brief pause, while lowering the instrument back into its dormancy -- hidden away. Eadei's attention drifts over to you then, allowing a mild roll of his shoulders, and he remarks, "Sound can be lethal. If I can kill them with an instrument of their own design, I can think of little else more fitting."

You have emoted: "Nothing smarts worse than betrayal," Trahey remarks. "Shame it doesn't apply to scientific things... Or maybe not. I don't really see the forests being able to stand up to technology they don't have."

Clear and even, Commander Eadei, Harmony's Envoy intones, "The Wyrd is a disease of the mind. It afflicts you at an early age, changes you. Alters who you are, contains who you are meant to be, and blackens the horizon to make you feel there is /nothing/ else relevant."

Eyes sharpening as he listens, you ask, "Is this widely-known information, sir?"

Eadei looks off to the side momentarily, shaking his head slowly, and explains, "To those who have encountered it first hand? Yes. To any who have not, they know only a fragment of the darkness it holds within."

Skeptically, Commander Eadei, Harmony's Envoy remarks, "And to those who know first hand, often never leave the Wyrd. They see it in absolute. Nothing else does matter to them, even at the expense of everything they could've become -- they choose to be whatever it needs them to be. Part of the swarm."

A sudden jerk sends an in-hand sovereign into the air, spinning delicately, before descending down into the confines of his palm. At that, Eadei regards you fully and adds, "It is important you understand the difference between service and servitude."

Quietly, you say, "That certainly must feel easy for them. Just giving in. They don't question what they serve, then? Not ever?" 

Eadei looks at the coin within his palm, dubbing 'heads', and chuckles softly. "Hardly." the commander exhales, alongside a soft sigh, and states, "They select not to. They are particular in teaching the youth, at an early stage, that nothing matters but the very thing that blinds them. Ignorance is bliss. It was through turmoil, agony, and self-discovery that I left there. Enlightened, as if woken from a dream."

Assured, with a hint of authority, Commander Eadei, Harmony's Envoy states, "And I would never return. Unless it was to burn it down."

You have emoted: "I can't see someone like you going back, sir," Trahey says, voice still quiet. "I don't know how you made it out, but that you did must surely be a feat." He pauses, glance flickering elsewhere as if just having remembered why he has sought this guildhall in particular. Nevertheless, he continues. "And yet asking too many questions ought to be inconvenient for any city." He turns his sentence up at the end, but his expression is not particularly anxious or skeptical. 

"Luck, love and a sense of duty to someone who has long since forgotten me." the man states, no hint of faltering to his tone, and Eadei begins turning the coin over and under the fingers of his left hand. At that, he explains further with, "The choices we make, each and every interaction, tends to make subtle shifts in which direction our path takes us. In the end, we will find our destiny, but we do so by our own pursuit. I'm obligated to think everything, and everyone, has a part to play. The possibilities are endless."

With an assured tone, Commander Eadei, Harmony's Envoy remarks, "When the hierarchy's interest is control, questions are their greatest concern."

You have emoted: Trahey raises his eyebrows slightly at a certain verb, but makes no comment on it. "Well, I've only arrived a few months ago, but Hallifax certainly doesn't seem like it's desperate to maintain control." He blinks, adding, "Speaking of 'ago.' I actually came here looking for information, sir. About the Sentinels of the past. Perhaps how it came to be disbanded. Documents would do, but I wanted to find someone who had lived through it. Er..."

Looking hopeful, you ask Eadei, "I don't suppose you were here when it happened, sir?"

Eadei shakes his head once and replies, "I was not. At that time, it is likely I was among the Glomdoring. Come, let's investigate."

You begin to follow Eadei.

You follow Commander Eadei, Harmony's Envoy down to the Hall of Servitude. 

The Hall of Servitude.
Meticulously placed at exactly equal intervals, brilliant official Sentinel regalia have been correctly and orderly displayed on tailor-made crystal statues along the sides of this hall, lining the path to the rest of the guildhall. The uniforms consists of an ornate silver breastplate and shoulders that have been polished to a mirror-line surface, topped with a resplendent comb morion boasting azure plumes. Two-coloured white and azure fabric form the tunic and leggings, accented with polished black boots and pure white gloves. An ornate halberd completes the official regalia of the sentinels, engraved with images of feathers and an hourglass. A paper bearing the Roll of the Sentinels hangs on the wall, a list of names covering it in a neat script.

You read what is written on a paper bearing the Roll of the Sentinels:
Hereunder are those who have taken the oath of the Sentinels and pledged their lives to follow the First Directorate:
 -> Ushaara
 -> Raikogen
 -> Entrias
 -> Adracunin

With a smooth pitch, Commander Eadei, Harmony's Envoy intones, "Old names. Ushaara is now among the Adherents."

You have emoted: Trahey scans the paper eagerly, then draws back with a look of disappointment.

You follow Commander Eadei, Harmony's Envoy south to the War Room of Peace.

The War Room of Peace.
Banks of clouds roil about here. Gargantuan crystal windows span nearly the entire wall of this large warroom, providing a majestic view over the territories surrounding the city of Hallifax. As breathtaking as the view is, its purpose is mainly practical, providing a clear view from which to coordinate the defence of the land surrounding the city proper. A large crystal table dominates the centre of the hall, displaying a map of reality beneath its crystal surface. Minute levers allow the map to be switched from prime to ethereal, elemental or even the aetherways themselves. A single inscription has been laid out in golden letters in the crystal floor, making up the words: war is peace. Captain Irima Ironwing watches her surroundings with a keen, predatory fixation.

Eadei ponders Captain Irima Ironwing thoughtfully, looking her up and down.
Captain Irima Ironwing purses her lips, deep in thought as she contemplates Eadei.

Comprehension flashes across your face.

You give Captain Irima Ironwing a respectful salute.
Captain Irima Ironwing tilts her head curiously at you, offering only a soft "Hmm?" in your direction.

You say to Captain Irima Ironwing, "Greetings, Captain. Erm, good to see you're here."

With a smooth pitch, Commander Eadei, Harmony's Envoy says to Captain Irima Ironwing, "Are you a representative of the Sentinels, then?"

Captain Irima Ironwing says, "Once a guild known as the Sentinel Company, the Sentinels are no longer an organisation within the city - but rather, a class of individuals who serve as stalwart defenders both of the Collective and of the Temporal fabric itself."

You have emoted: Had Trahey been a lucidian, he would have swelled citrine at the statement. "We are here, we remain - " He clears his throat, attempting to control his excitement. "But this Sentinel is rather new. I actually don't know much about what the guild was like, at all. I came looking for history, and life as a Sentinel before the guild disbanded. How it disbanded, as well.”

You ask Captain Irima Ironwing, "If you have time, Captain...?"

It is now the 10th of Avechary, 529 years after the Coming of Estarra.

Idly, Eadei looks around the interior with keen awareness -- one spot, then another, as if carefully taking in every angle of detail. With an upright, practiced stature, the man retains the loose yet reflexive poise. "The honest answer is, it fell." the man states clear, even, before returning his watch between you and Captain Irima Ironwing. "Its purpose was served, and now those attributes better serve as structure to the three organizations of the Beacon."

You have emoted: Apparently reading a refusal in Captain Irima Ironwing's expression, Trahey slackens his grip on a white platinum klangaxe of aurora borealis crystal somewhat. "Though I am sure there are regiments to train, things to do."

You have emoted: Trahey glances around the hall, expression sombre. "A falling of an organisation is... well, I'm sure it was an honourable ending, but it's still a bit sad."

You say, "Even if everybody's still here and the guildhall's still here, something's changed. And it won't ever be the same."

Captain Irima Ironwing says, "Since the edict of the Chairman-Eternal and the Board of Directors, this is no longer a guildhall. It serves as a training centre and gathering place for the Sentinels who stand ever vigilant over the Collective."

Calmly, Commander Eadei, Harmony's Envoy remarks, "History is insightful. It can be useful and informative... but, it should not obstruct you from pursuing the future. The fundamental point to Sentinels, now, is their honor and the purpose they serve. Perhaps it did not end, in fact, but only shifted into something more valuable."

You have emoted: Trahey looks about the room again. A softening gaze may not be the typical reaction to the Ministry of Peace, but his expression is wistful all the same. "That is true, sir," he answers. "Nothing to do but keep up with the times."

You murmur, "Build on what you have now."

Eadei rolls a shoulder, lips creaked into a soft smile. "The Commonwealth is known for its resilience. We endure. It is what is necessary." he states clear.

You have emoted: "I do envy people that know their duty," Trahey remarks, the vulnerability gone from his answering smile but not quite from his eyes. "If one lived long enough in Hallifax they would come to pick it up, wouldn't they, sir?"

Eadei chuckles audibly, lifting a hand up as he shakes dismissively. "My lad, your 'duty' is whatever you see fit to make it. No one can decide it for you. Whether your brightest moment or darkest hour, your duty is what will help you to persevere the trials of time. It is personal, to you, and no other. That is the difference between service and servitude." he states, calm and assured.

Composed, Commander Eadei, Harmony's Envoy remarks, "The Commonwealth has chosen service to its foundations, and so it remains sturdy. They are willing, and thus the notion of servitude is irrelevant. Your purpose will make itself clear without effort."

Commander Eadei, Harmony's Envoy says, "Because, it will simply be what you /do/ which will define what you stand for."

You have emoted: Trahey raises his own hand as he did at the banner. "Explore inside and outside and live well until I can find my duty. And learn to love this pl - home. Love my home." It seems Hallifax has not quite broken in that word to the youth. "Thank you for today, sir. I... I ought to be heading back to the dormitory, but it was good to have someone to talk to about this."

Eadei offers a simple nod in reply, turning to move northward. "Any time. Let us depart, then." he states. You follow Commander Eadei, Harmony's Envoy north to the Hall of Servitude. You follow Commander Eadei, Harmony's Envoy up to the Grand Assembly of Peace. You follow Commander Eadei, Harmony's Envoy up to Ministry of Peace.

You have emoted: "I managed not to get lost the last time I went to the dormitory," Trahey says, his usual cheer slowly returning. "Fair winds, then, Commander?" 

"Fair winds, indeed." Eadei replies, nodding once again.

You cease to follow Commander Eadei, Harmony's Envoy.

You give Eadei a respectful salute.

In reflexive motion, Eadei offers a two finger half-salute toward you in cordial regard. 

Poke the Hand of Doom for commissions.


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