Project Artdump 2.0

TraheyTrahey Member Posts: 15 Apprentice
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Some art still fail and some I actually like. Wonder how many posts I'll be making this time.

First off the bat (besides ropex9000!Llesvelt and Semi-Naked Adom), tribute to @Ein . Asra from the Arcana was an awesome reference, boy has open shirt, sash and the perfect messy hair. So, my version of Ein the Restless:

Poke the Hand of Doom for commissions.


  • CzixiCzixi Member, Gods Posts: 130 Divine
    Trahey, this is absolutely beautiful! Thank you so, so much, I love it.
  • MakaiMakai Member Posts: 242 Capable
    It is beautiful, catches the personality quite well.
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