Hallifaxian Plotting

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That awkward moment when you start some roleplay with a citymate, and someone from an enemy org tells you that you've won their event. And then you go ahead and roleplay about that, too. Can't just be me.

Also a discussion about paperwork, because this is Hallifax. (Leaving off some tells to/from Kistan just because I don't know if he wants it known generally)

Aramel curtseys gracefully.

You incline your head politely to Aramel.

Aramel beckons you to her.

Aramel Shevat says to you, "If you will accompany me for a moment, I have a question of... some urgency."

The melodious voice of Kistan resonates in your mind, "Congratulations!"

The melodious voice of Kistan resonates in your mind, "You won!"

You blink.

You tell Kistan Rithel Flower of the Wall, "I did?!"

The melodious voice of Kistan resonates in your mind, "It was close but yes, with 9 collections, you came out top."

Quickly, almost as if trying to be reassuring, Aramel Shevat says, "It concerns nothing but paperwork."

Kethaera turns back abruptly to Aramel, not quite meeting her eyes. "Oh, well... I'm sure it's nothing serious?"

The melodious voice of Kistan resonates in your mind, "I hope it was a little more interesting that the usual essence contests."

You tell Kistan Rithel Flower of the Wall, "I would say so, yes."

Daraius enters from the southwest amid swirling motes of warmly-glowing golden light.

Daraius dips his muzzle politely to you and Aramel.

Aramel curtseys gracefully before Daraius.

Daraius Shevat asks, "How are you this evening?"

Looking slightly discomforted, Kethaera nods politely to Daraius. "Ah... I am well. You are as well, comrade?"

Daraius Shevat says, "Indeed, better every day."

Daraius Shevat says, "I hope I didn't interrupt anything."

Aramel smiles slightly at Daraius as she dips her head towards his luminous form. "I am well," she says.

Forcing a smile, you say, "No, I don't think so. We were going to discuss something, I think."

Aramel says, "Only a brief consultation with the Librarian on a matter of paperwork." Turning to Kethaera, she adds, "Perhaps if you would accompany me to the library?"

Daraius emits a soft growl of acknowledgement.

Daraius offers a brief bow and excuses himself.

Daraius leaves to the southwest, surrounded by swirling motes of golden light.

Kethaera exhales a long breath, and nods. "Of course. Lead the way."

You begin to follow Aramel.

You follow Aramel Shevat northeast to the Bridge of Knowledge.

You follow Aramel Shevat up to Library of Universal Knowledge.

Aramel lets out a soft breath, almost with the air of someone who has escaped a rather difficult situation, before she turns to you. "I have a question about paperwork. Specifically, dating paperwork. More specifically, backdating family paperwork."

Aramel stumbles to a halt, looking uncharacteristically awkward.

"Paperwork," Kethaera says, after a pause, and turning to Aramel. "Certainly, how can I help?" She forces another smile, gesturing to the chair nearby.

The melodious voice of Kistan resonates in your mind, "Let us hope so! Lord Ein did promise some favours so expect one of those one day too."

Aramel takes a seat, propping her chin on her hands slightly. "Is there a way to do the opposite of backdating paperwork?" she asks at length.

You tell Kistan Rithel Flower of the Wall, "I'm... sure that will be appreciated, and also quite awkward. But appreciated."

Kethaera leans her hands against the back of the chair, expression distant. "So this would be... forward dating paperwork? Would an Aeronicist's help be needed?"

"I don't know if it would help," Aramel says dubiously. "But yes. I filed some paperwork some time ago, and it is imperative that I be seen to have filed it in the future."

"I see." Kethaera's brow furrows. "I'm not quite understanding the situation, Marquessa?"

Aramel takes a deep breath. "Hypothetically speaking," she says, "If one filed some very important paperwork... such as..." almost in a mumble, she continues, "such as adoption papers... and then promptly forgot that one had signed any such thing, and neglected to inform the parties involved...?"

Aramel Shevat says, "And - also entirely hypothetically - supposing that it is now fast approaching the paperwork deadline...?"

Kethaera nods her head slowly as Aramel speaks. "Well... no one is perfect, hmm? Have you spoken to the concerned parties yet?"

"I... no," Aramel admits. "I was hoping for some way to amend the date on the form. As the current situation stands, it is highly embarrassing for me to present such a fait accompli. As I'm sure you understand."

With a faint smile, you say, "Of course. And I would be happy to help... we should be able still to requisition the form for a final approval, and alter the date before returning it, yes?"

Aramel Shevat says, "I'm not entirely sure, but I will defer to your expertise in matters of paperwork. Do we have to liberate the form from the Hall of Records somehow?"

Kethaera says, with a thoughtful nod, "Quite likely, and we will need to have some explanation for the request... perhaps... that the Ministry of Family needs to do some additional checks?" She releases the back of the chair, and begins to pace around the library, "It may be simpler to fill out a new form..."

Aramel shakes her head adamantly. "No, no," she says. "You see, certain members of my family have already noted the filing of the paperwork, and revoking it would certainly cause them to become concerned when they need not."

"Ah! That would be..." Kethaera remarks, glancing subconsciously back in the direction of the Matrix. "I see. That does make it more difficult." Brightly, she adds, "Well, we could always sneak in?"

Aramel opens her mouth to speak, then pauses. "Sneak in to the Hall of Records?" she says dubiously. "And, er, redact the form, I suppose. That is certainly a tall order, and we'd probably face irate scribes if we were spotted." She visibly struggles with the idea, but then takes a deep breath. "Well, being skewered with a pen is hardly more painful than the burning humiliation of forgetting about important paperwork one has filed oneself. Hypothetically, that is."

Aramel looks expectantly at you. "I will prepare for the endeavour, if you will advise me on what kinds of things one needs, to clandestinely remove a scroll from a well-guarded location." She spreads her hands before her in a half shrug. "When I was librarian, security was much less strict, so I have no understanding of such things."

Kethaera chuckles, and nods her head at Aramel. "I am willing to face armies of irate scribes if it spares you the embarrassment. I deal with more than my share of papercuts on a daily basis anyway. And, ah... as far as the security... I wager it has improved since then..."

After considering a moment, you say, "Of course, it's not as if we're breaking into Gaudiguch or anything. If you can secure a few supplies?"

Aramel Shevat says, "Of course. I shall aim to provide all that you anticipate we might need."

You look thoughtful and say, "I can secure appropriate glamours, but we may need a means of replacing any documents removed, and a device to destabilize locks..."

Hopefully, Aramel Shevat says, "Perhaps an aerochemantic beam generator? Or a blaster. I have a blaster too. Or an axe."

With a wince, you say, "Maybe something a bit more... subtle?"

Brightly, Aramel suggests, "A doorblast enchant?"

Aramel covers her ears and closes her eyes. As she reopens her eyes, a look of wonder is struck onto her face.

Before you can react to this latest suggestion, Aramel admits, "One has to acknowledge that breaking in to the Hall of Records is not particularly subtle to start."

With a sigh, you say, "No, but I would rather not have to fix giant holes in every other document."

After a moment, Aramel Shevat says, "We don't have to go in the front door. I can get some rope and see if we can climb up the back."

Nodding, you say, "Rope could help."

Aramel Shevat says, "Maybe just a -small- domothean scalpel in case it's barred."

One claw extended before her, Elliphira the Cloud-Riding Quokka hovers in from the down. Pointing one claw to the northwest, Elliphira the Cloud-Riding Quokka directs her cloud as she departs.

One claw extended before her, Elliphira the Cloud-Riding Quokka hovers in from the northwest.

Pointing one claw to the down, Elliphira the Cloud-Riding Quokka directs her cloud as she departs.

Aramel visibly twitches as the subject of her paperwork mishap passes through the library.

"Small," Kethaera agrees, and starts to back away from the chair. "We are both upstanding citizens, I'm sure everything will be fine." She gives another forced smile and prepares to leave.

"Well, it wouldn't be Hallifax we'd answer to," Aramel says, but she exhales slightly, her shoulders loosening as the plan is formulated. Still, she suddenly pauses, as if noticing something. Concerned, she says to you, "Are you quite well, Librarian? You seem uneasy... if it distresses you, you need not come with me on this endeavour."

Kethaera pauses, still staring at the ground below. "It's... not the plan, I assure you," she says, her tone quiet. "I feel that I haven't been entirely honest about something..."

Aramel seems surprised, but she says nothing, only tilting her her curiously and watching you intently as she waits for you to continue.

Kethaera starts to pace again, speaking more to herself than to Aramel, "Of course, I may be making too much of it, overthinking it and all. It is not as there are laws against it. And I have checked, thoroughly." She says, her tone firm on the last word.

"What aren't there laws against?" Aramel asks mildly.

Kethaera glances back at Aramel, taking a deep breath. "Offering to Elders of, ah, other cities."

"I could swear some law mentioned Elders of other cities..." Aramel she says. "Then again, my knowledge of the Peace Articles is far from comprehensive. What, exactly, did you do that you felt is questionable?"

"Just... that..." Kethaera starts, quietly, "Apparently I won the contest for Lord Ein, last year."

Aramel opens her mouth, then shuts it again. "You..." she trails off briefly, her face the picture of surprise. Then, a corner of her mouth twitches, and she buries her face in her hands, but not quickly enough to muffle the unmistakable sound of laughter that rings throughout the usually hushed library.

Kethaera turns on Aramel with a scowl, folding her arms across her chest. "It is not funny!"

Aramel's laughter has eased off somewhat, but your response sets her off again, and her shoulders shake silently despite her best efforts. "I would -" she gasps for breath before catching herself. "I would not mention that fact too loudly around the Lady Welkin, if I were you."

Kethaera bites down on her lower lip, stifling a giggle. "I mean... obviously?" Unfolding her arms, she sighs. "If I'm to be honest, She scares me even when She's not mad at me... Which, She hasn't been. I think. And would like it to remain that way..."

With an air of fascination that is caught between scandal and glee, Aramel continues, "I wonder if they will have to publish it in the Gaudiguch Gossip. Or if He will have to favour you."

Smiling faintly, you say, "Kistan did mention it as a possibility. The latter, anyway."

Aramel Shevat says, "Well. That should certainly make the next few months interesting. I will go and acquire the items you suggested."

With a nod, you say to Aramel, "Of course. And I will go to rest, for now."

Aramel nods her head emphatically.

Aramel Shevat says, "Of course. Thank you for your advice."

You smile and say, "Anytime."


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    Look, Elliphira found some too.

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    @Kethaera Thank you! That made me smile a lot!
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    Basically, this is what happens when you start the mechanical adoption process and then your adoption RP keeps getting interrupted by timequakes and then you go on vacation and then whoa, look at the time, and now @Daraius wants to meet the newest member of the family and everyone is offering their congratulations and your chosen e-child still has no idea.

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    After an amusing conversation with a friend, I have settled upon an appropriate course of action should it somehow be delayed beyond the end of things. I assure you, there will be much flailing whichever way things go!
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    Aramel said:
    Basically, this is what happens when you start the mechanical adoption process and then your adoption RP keeps getting interrupted by timequakes and then you go on vacation and then whoa, look at the time, and now @Daraius wants to meet the newest member of the family and everyone is offering their congratulations and your chosen e-child still has no idea.

    Not to mention, this doesn't even cover the near miss a few hours earlier where Daraius was trying to say hello to Alex who was all blithely, "Oh yes, my mentor is very helpful". Bwahahahaha.
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    It wouldn’t be the first time Dar stepped in it vis-a-vis potential adoptees. Thankfully @Nelras ran interference to forestall the flailing.  :#
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