Lusternian Soup for the Soul

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Hey there everybody!
As we all know, it's Ascension time again and emotions are running as hot as they always do around this time of year. There's definitely drama out the wazoo. Don't get me wrong though, it's for good reason! This is a tense, exciting time, and we all have our competitive spirits blazing. Couple this with all of the beginnings of the free to play thingy being implemented and the changes we've all been experiencing... well, it can be pretty frustrating sometimes.
But that's not what this thread is going to be about. We've got plenty of threads dedicated to the rough spots, actually. This thread is dedicated to all of the awesome parts/people of Lusternia. The changes we've seen for the better, the admin who are putting in fantastic work, and other players who make us just plain happy to be a part of the community.
I know it's easy to get caught up in the politics of the game and the brutal competition of it all, but it's also important to remember we're all a part of the same group. We might not get along at every turn, but we're all adding to the same world and hoping it keeps turning. I feel pretty confident in saying that we're all so visceral because we care so much, our passion is intense, and it all comes from the same place:
We love Lusternia.
So! Let's remind each other of all the things we really and truly enjoy about this world. Like a bit of fresh air, you know? I'll go ahead and start.
I love Lavinya. She's the best mum and Magnagoran I could have ever had the fortune to be stuck with.
I love that the Gods/Admin keep interacting with us and communicating, here and in the discord, even when we're not exactly being kind with our criticisms. It's so much better than the Mystery Box we used to have, I hope people know that!
I love that everyone here is working so hard to make the game better in their own ways. I might not agree with some people, but all of this effort is really something.
I love the patience and understanding I see while the whole game makes this scary and important transition. It's hard sometimes and maybe some people are less patient than others, but they're still sticking it out and trying to improve it all anyway. 
I guess the big takeaway is that nobody can really handle nothing but negative news all the time, and it really feels like as a group we've been pretty focused on the negative. It kind of drains the spirit, right? We can still work on the problems while remembering what sparks joy (I like Marie Kondo ok) and holding that close to our hearts.
So what things and people do you love in Lusternia, or even a time where someone has done something that inspired you and made you feel good?


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    Lusternia came in a very confusing time of my life and I can honestly say the friends I've made here are the most important people I've had in my life. I recall on many occasions how far the community will go out of their way to make sure you're okay. Though there is much friction between myself and many people here I can always count on this community to be there when a friend is needed. Making alts in every org I've made friends with people that I'd otherwise find monstrous due to playing against them for so long.

    I adore each of the orgs and their unique lore. Thank you to all the past admin and the admin to come for contributing their time to making this game even better than it already is.
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    Lusternia has pretty much been there for me through some really annoying situations and kept me interested for almost 15 years
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