Adherents Tea Party

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A neat and unexpected way to join a new guild. Also, Miella Windwhisper and Princess Setisoki are adorable.

Miella Windwhisper sweeps gracefully in from the northeast, trailing fine cerulean silk.

Nelras bows respectfully to Miella Windwhisper, the Cerulean Skybird.

Aramel curtseys gracefully before Miella Windwhisper, the Cerulean Skybird.

"Oh my," Miella Windwhisper, the Cerulean Skybird exclaims in surprise, holding her fan to her chest. "I had not expected such a crowd. My deepest apologies, if I am interrupting."

Tall and particularly slender in figure, Miella arranges herself with a proud posture and an air of studied elegance. Her finely-etched features are lightly accented with touches of colour: cerulean blue graces her lips, and ivory powder is dusted over her eyelids. She is clad in sumptuous cerulean silk, her loose-sleeved gown artfully shaped to fan out around her hips and sweep into a ruffled train. Her silvery-grey feathers are crowned with an elaborate headdress of cerulean silk and wrought silver, touched with twinkling blue jewels. Her magnificent silver-grey feathered wings are folded in such a way as to artfully frame her figure, presenting her splendidly-gowned form like a portrait. A faceted amethyst iris has been tucked into her headdress, precisely cut petals glittering as she moves.

You incline your head politely to Miella Windwhisper, the Cerulean Skybird.

Nelras shakes his head and says "Not at all," smiling politely at Miella Windwhisper, the Cerulean Skybird. "We were simply enjoying a game of Psychodrama."

Comprehension flashes across Miella Windwhisper, the Cerulean Skybird's face.

Aramel inquires of Miella Windwhisper, the Cerulean Skybird, "Is there anything we might help you with, Lady Windwhisper?"

Miella Windwhisper, the Cerulean Skybird steps forward with near-silent steps to observe the game, maintaining a polite distance. "I must confess, I have never played." She looks up then, turning to Aramel. "Oh! I was - well, I was to meet someone here, but I see the space is quite occupied." Her small smile is quickly hidden behind the crystal surface of her fan.

Kethaera dips her head in Miella's direction, taking her attention away from the game. "Oh? Who was it you intended to meet?"

"The Princess," Miella Windwhisper, the Cerulean Skybird replies without reticence, letting her smile become visible as she snaps her fan closed. "We have been taking tea together for - oh me oh my, it must be decades now! And yet it seems so short a time."

A look of comprehension crosses Aramel's face. "Oh, I hadn't realized that the Princess was in the habit of leaving her usual haunt," she says. "But it does sound like a charming excursion."

Miella Windwhisper, the Cerulean Skybird gives a trillingly melodic laugh.

Nelras glances at Aramel and you, before saying to Miella Windwhisper, the Cerulean Skybird, "Would you prefer it if we were to leave? We could move our game to the world stage, certainly it would not do to interrupt such a meeting."

WIth an air of confession, Miella Windwhisper, the Cerulean Skybird says to Aramel, "Sometimes, I think I am the only one who can convince her to."

Miella Windwhisper, the Cerulean Skybird shakes her head at Nelras.

Miella Windwhisper, the Cerulean Skybird exclaims to Nelras, "Please, do not let me disturb you so. We were only to meet here before moving on, after all!"

You look thoughtful and say, "I would like to speak with her myself, sometime. But I would not interrupt your meeting, of course."

Nelras nods his head in understanding. "Very well," he says with a slight smile. "That is most kind of you."

Miella Windwhisper, the Cerulean Skybird tilts her head curiously at you.

Kethaera glances between Nelras and Aramel before turning back to Miella. "Concerning the Adherents. It is nothing that cannot wait."

Miella Windwhisper, the Cerulean Skybird's face lights up at once, and she clasps her hands around her closed fan. "Ah! A topic we have lost many an hour to. Would that I had time to do more for my guild, but..." She trails off, looking wistful. "Alas, my work consumes such time."

Princess Setisoki enters from the northeast, the train of her gown trailing behind her like a sweeping sunset.

Princess Setisoki brings her palms together before her and dips into a perfect bow.

Aramel curtseys gracefully before Princess Setisoki.

You incline your head politely to Princess Setisoki.

Nelras bows respectfully before Princess Setisoki.

There is but a brief expression of surprise upon Princess Setisoki's features before she schools it away with a polite greeting. "Good morning."

With a polite nod, you say, "Good morning, Princess Setisoki. I hope you are well?"

Quintessence Nelras Shevat, Her Silvern Legate says to Princess Setisoki, "Good morning. I trust that you are well, and that our presence here is not too unwelcome. We did offer to leave when we learned of your meeting, but lady Windwhisper was kind enough to have us remain."

Tilting her head, Princess Setisoki says, "This is a public space, Quintessence."

Miella Windwhisper, the Cerulean Skybird skips over and tucks her hand into the kephera's elbow at once, flashing her a winning smile. "And a lovely one! If only I could claim credit for arranging so august an audience."

With a slight smile, Quintessence Nelras Shevat, Her Silvern Legate says, "A public space it might be, but that does not mean that one would wish to interrupt a meeting which has been arranged ahead of time."

Princess Setisoki places a hand over Miella's, returning her smile a little more reservedly, if no less warmly. "Not at all. It is a pleasure to be amongst comrades."

Nelras's smile widens as he looks at Princess Setisoki and Miella, and he says, "The pleasure is ours, to see the two of you both away from such matters as you usually are busy with.

Aramel looks between Miella and Princess Setisoki. "As it happens," she says, "I do have some tea in my possession, if you wish it. Or perhaps you were headed to the teahouse yourselves?"

Almost apologetically, Miella Windwhisper, the Cerulean Skybird says to Princess Setisoki, "I mentioned how often we take tea, since there was some confusion regarding your absence from our guildhall."

Comprehension flashes across Princess Setisoki's face.

"'Our guildhall'?" Aramel echoes, a look of slight surprise on her features. "I was not aware that you had affiliated yourself with the Adherents, Lady Windwhisper. I am sadly behind on the latest gossip..."

Princess Setisoki says to Aramel, "Thank you for the offer, Dignitary. Of course, I would not come to a rendezvous so unprepared."

Miella Windwhisper, the Cerulean Skybird looks very confused for a moment. "I was the one who seconded the proposal to form the guild, Lady Shevat. Though, oh my, I suppose it is quite a long time ago now."

Miella Windwhisper, the Cerulean Skybird gives a trillingly melodic laugh.

Nelras nods his head in agreement. "Indeed it has been quite some time," he says quietly. "I am afraid that certain people, myself for one and the Dignitary here for another, may have had certain matters on our minds which make it rather difficult to recall other details. Please, accept our apologies for that."

"My pardon, then, for being unforgivably late on the news," Aramel says. "I can only offer in my defense that I was not yet a citizen at that time, and - if I count the years correctly - was tending to some distressing matters at the time."

Cheeks flushing, Miella Windwhisper, the Cerulean Skybird says, "Oh! No, no, there is no need to apologise at all. I do not get much time to do things for the guild, as I say, so it is quite understandable - especially, as you say, with not being present."

Nelras nods his head at Aramel, sharing a glance with her.

"On the contrary," Princess Setisoki corrects, looking at Miella almost sternly, "you serve the Collective and the Chairman Eternal as one of the Beacon's Master Artists. There is not a moment that you do not uphold the tenets of the Adherents of Adom, Lady Windwhisper."

Miella Windwhisper, the Cerulean Skybird's cheeks darken considerably, and she flicks her crystal fan open to hide her embarassment, far too late though the gesture is.

The ghost of a smile passes fleetingly across your lips as you glance at Miella Windwhisper, the Cerulean Skybird.

You say, "Ah... were the two of you planning to stay? I'm sure there is enough room, and we could find more tea."

Clearing her throat and assuming a hopeful tone, Miella Windwhisper, the Cerulean Skybird says to you, "I think you said you needed to speak to the Princess, did you not?"

Nelras gives you a reassuring smile.

Princess Setisoki glances curiously from Miella to you, assuming an expression of expectation.

Aramel glances briefly at you, smiling encouragingly. "If you wish to speak alone, then we can go elsewhere," she says, "But if not, might I suggest we all settle somewhere more comfortable, and less apt to uncur the wrath of the stagehands if we spill something?"

Looking slightly flustered, Kethaera says, "I... I mean I also said it could wait."

Maligorn inclines his head politely to those around him.

Nelras bows respectfully to Maligorn.

"Ah," Princess Setisoki says gently, her eyes gleaming, "but now I am curious." She pauses in her attention to dip in a half bow to Maligorn, the movement aided as Miella - arm still linked in hers -dips into a deep curtsey.

Maligorn Shevat says, "Oh my, you ll have quite the audience today."

Surreptitiously, Aramel elbows you in the side, raising an eyebrow at you.

Raising his palms up, Maligorn Shevat says, "Please, continue - I did not mean to interrupt."

Kethaera scowls at Aramel, shifting a few steps to the left before turning back to Princess Setisoki. "Aye, of course, and I would not want to be rude. I wish to join the Adherents of Adom, actually."

Both women perk up at once, but it is Princess Setisoki who helms the reply. "We should be most pleased to have you, comrade. Though I should be curious as to why. I cannot imagine that the Grand Aerie has offended you in any manner?"

Aramel glances at Nelras before saying, a touch wryly, "If the Grand Aerie were to have offended the Librarian, then it would have had to be either the Quintessence or myself - or perhaps poor Mr. Skysoarer."

In a clearly audible whisper, Miella Windwhisper, the Cerulean Skybird says, with great mischief, "I hope you were not asked to spell his name."

"Certainly not," Kethaera says, shaking her head before Princess Setisoki finishes speaking. "I am still fond of the Aerie, and always will be, as Marquessa Aramel and the Quintessence are both aware," adding, "But my own path has diverged from it slightly, I believe."

Princess Setisoki nods her head.

Princess Setisoki says, "It is logical, with the high level of cohesion present in the Collective, that such a shift can and will occur for many citizens."

With a gentle smile directed to you, Nelras says, "Mindful of that cohesion, and the feeling of divergence, it is with a fond regard that the Aerie bids farewell."

"After all," Princess Setisoki pronounces, nodding to Nelras before lifting her head regally, "are we not all seeking progress, as the Consortium do? Living by the Higher Emotions, as the Grand Aerie do? That your focus shifts to venerating the legacy of the Chairman Eternal, in this moment, is merely the next chapter of your service to the Collective."

Miella Windwhisper, the Cerulean Skybird smiles softly.

"And all do well, who do their utmost," Aramel murmurs, as if half-remembering.

Aramel gracefully inclines her head respectfully to you and intones politely, "Fair winds and clear skies go with you."

Kethaera nods her head to Princess Setisoki, indicating her agreement. "Quite so. The differences between us are only of a different focus. We are all one Collective."

Princess Setisoki nods her head in agreement.

Maligorn nods solemnly.

Quintessence Nelras Shevat, Her Silvern Legate says to you, "I have said this before, but I feel that it bears repeating. "You shall always be welcomed within the Aerie, should you ever wish to return. And even if you should never find that desire within yourself, we shall wish you only success. May your skies always be clear.""

You smile and say to Nelras, "Thank you, Quintessence. I would be happy to return, should my own path lead back there again. May you know only fair winds, likewise."

Princess Setisoki takes a moment to study you with unabashed intent, her yellow eyes gleaming with pride. What she finds - or does not - is known only to her, but at the end of this scrutiny, she nods. "It would be my pleasure to induct you to the guild, given the present absence of the Emissary and Procurator."

Heaving a sigh of resignation, you leave the Aerie.

Choros enters from the northeast, emanating an aura of immense power.

Nelras bows respectfully to Choros.

Choros bows respectfully to Nelras.

Choros sits himself down on an opera bench of elaborately engraved marble and makes himself comfortable.

Miella Windwhisper, the Cerulean Skybird inclines her head politely to Choros.

To the scrutiny, Kethaera takes only a step back, her smile remaining. Dipping her head politely to Princess Setisoki, she says, "Thank you, Princess, I would be honoured if you would."

Choros inclines his head politely to Miella Windwhisper, the Cerulean Skybird.

With a pat, Princess Setisoki unlinks Miella's hand from her arm and steps forward, coming to stand before you. She folds her hands together before her, and bows her head. A crackle of psionic energy wreathes her form for a moment.

You hold your head a little higher as Princess Setisoki inducts you into the Adherents of Adom.(Adherents): Princess Setisoki says, "Facet kethaera, be welcome to the Adherents of Adom. May you serve the Collective well in your devotion to the Manifesto."

As the energy fades, Princess Setisoki brings her hands together and bows deeply again, the gesture clearly directed towards you.

(Adherents): You say, "Ah, thank you. I will do all that I can to uphold the Manifesto, and continue to serve the Collective."
(Adherents): Princess Setisoki says, "I am certain that the Emissary and Procurator will be happy to orient you when they are present."

(Adherents): You say, "Excellent, I hope to see them soon."

Miella Windwhisper, the Cerulean Skybird beams broadly at you.

Miella Windwhisper, the Cerulean Skybird exclaims to you, "Welcome, comrade!"

You smile and say to Miella Windwhisper, the Cerulean Skybird, "Thank you, Lady Windwhisper."

"Farewell and congratulations," Aramel says softly to you, her voice caught between resignation and pride. "From your long service with us, I know that you will do well among the Adherents - and much good, besides."

(Adherents): Princess Setisoki says, "Regrettably, my prior engagement with Lady Windwhisper takes precedence to my offering further assistance."

"Farewell and congratulations," Nelras echoes with a gentle smile.

(Adherents): You say, "Quite understandable. By all means, continue with your own meeting."

"Now, if you will excuse me," Princess Setisoki says, turning and lifting her arm for Miella, "I should not keep the Master Artist waiting longer."

Miella Windwhisper, the Cerulean Skybird steps forward and takes the Princess's arm again. "And we should cease our grave interruption of your game!"

You smile and say to Aramel, "Thank you, Marquessa, your words mean a great deal to me."

Maligorn's mouth turns up as his face breaks into a smile.

(somehow missed the end, though there wasn't much more.)


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