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    Wow, I'm going to have to edit my thing now. That information is outdated as heck. :')

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    Most shameful moment: Indulging in a crush on a Drocillan even though she knew it would kill Nelras if he ever found out

    Where is the MMA when you need it?  :o
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    Aw. <3 That was a nice notification to log into. I endorse @Merlose surpassing Syl in cultural glory.

    (Also yes I want the juicy Drocillan deets too.)
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    "Oh yeah, you're a naughty mayor, aren't you? Misfile that Form MA631-D. Comptroller Shevat's got a nice gemstone disc for you, but yer gonna have to beg for it."
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    Sylandra said:
    Aw. <3 That was a nice notification to log into. I endorse @Merlose surpassing Syl in cultural glory.

    (Also yes I want the juicy Drocillan deets too.)
    Now we have two topics for the next tea - Dro and the courtship we didn't get to hear about yet. ;)

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    Xis said:

    Goals: Have the best bar in the Basin (and to beat out the tea houses as a social spot)

    Rival: None
    Sure about this?
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    Xis said:

    Animal: various birds, for various reasons
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    I copied your template, and that one was too good to not agree with

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    Thought this would be a fun exercise to do for my LD&D character

    Graul Dejency


    Race: Rat furrikin
    Gender: Male
    Guild: Vilomae Windplume's Coalition of Ordinary Mercenaries and Extremely Dependable Yeomen
    City/Commune: Hallifax, by default
    Order: None


    Fur: Chestnut brown, tuft of lighter tan between his ears
    Eyes: Amber
    Height: Under three feet
    Build: Surprisingly buff for a little guy, but usually concealed with clothing; hands and feet are spindly
    Defining Features: Loves to wear bold colors and contrasting patterns; known to change "class" (costume) on most missions for maximum dramatic effect
    Piercings: None
    Scars: Notches in both ears suggest a history of getting into trouble; crooked snout possibly from being broken a few times


    Strengths: Crafty, nimble, quick
    Weaknesses: Usually incompetent, can get mouthy when he feels slighted, generally inclined towards mischief
    Attitude: Snarky but cheerful, pokes fun at teammates in good humor
    Morals: Be sure to look out for number one. And Beeno.
    Pet Peeves: People who are effortlessly competent. 
    Best way to piss him off: Hurt or insult Beeno.
    Best way to get on his good side: Give him some applejuice, a shiny trinket, or something fun to do


    Color: Lilac
    Primary Skill: Surprise! He has no class skills
    Location: The rec room of their Jade Tower headquarters
    God/Goddess: None.
    Guild Master/House Head: Vilomae Windplume
    Artifact: Gnomish fountain pen that actually works
    Commodity: silk
    Animal: Warty the toad
    Item owned: A little framed portrait of baby Beeno he puts on the desk when he pretends to be the boss
    Village/forest/region: Estelbar
    NPC: TBD
    Memory: TBD
    Song: Vilomae's minorthird
    Drink: apple juice


    Goals: Make a useful contribution to a mission, perform at least one costume change per mission, keep Beeno safe
    Amibitions: Collect enough money to get out of this business and just carve out a peaceful life for himself
    Nemesis: Andrik Nightshade
    Rival: Teekia Leafsong
    Best Friend: Beeno Longpaw
    Idol: Vilomae Windplume
    Best personal achievement: Convinving Vilomae to give him and Beeno jobs
    Worst personal achievement: Eating all the carrots with Teekia on the way to Acknor
    Proudest moment: Utterly vaporizing a bear with his fountain pen
    Most shameful moment: Leaving Beeno to fend for himself in the bloodmines
    If he could make one wish: A nice estate with an apple orchard where he can settle down and enjoy nice things

    Why you should hate him: He's a bit of a mouthy pest
    Why you should love him: He really just wants to play dress-up and goof around
    Why you should fear him: You never know what trick he's got up his sleeve
    Why he is harmless: The tricks are almost never effective, and he only play-acts at having class skills and weapons
    If he ruled the world, you'd best expect: A more fashionable Basin
    I used to make cakes.

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    Wow... yes, mine is outrageously outdated. Time to update!

    Esei Shee-Slaugh


    Race: Elfen (technically a changeling but not mechanically yet)
    Gender: yes (they/them through this)
    Guild: The Auguries
    City/Commune: Glomdoring
    Order: Nocht

    (we'll just go with elfen, heh)
    Hair: Long, auburn, always braided in some fashion
    Eyes: Very dark violet
    Height: 6'
    Build: Lean, androgynous, elegant
    Defining Features: Freckles, sharp teeth
    Piercings: A lot but no jewelry in them
    Scars: Also a lot, most of them are not visible

    (this one is definitely difficult to do)
    Strengths: Very good at holding a secret or dozen, very good bully. 
    Weaknesses: Very poor in self-confidence, tends to wear their heart on their sleeve, has difficulties setting boundaries but is trying to get better. On a less serious note, licks and drinks things they shouldn't? Can hold a grudge.
    Attitude: Generally mysterious towards others, but tries to be warm and welcoming to allies and fellow commune members to various degrees
    Morals: Variable; if they had a D&D alignment, definitely Lawful Evil. Generally tries to follow commune rules and has a strict moral code that can't be easily put into words.
    Pet Peeves: People who disrespect boundaries; theirs or anyone else's. Those who deliberately break the rules in order to upset others.
    Best way to piss me off: Threaten anyone they care for.
    Best way to get on my good side: Cheesecake, or be an ally.


    Color: Violet
    Tertiary: Healing/Hexes/Astrology
    Tertiary Skill: Cure Insanity
    Primary Skill: Garb
    Location: All of Nocht's godrealm
    God/Goddess: Nocht, for obvious reasons. Viravain is a close second though.
    Guild Master/House Head (all time): Eliron, for Shee-Slaugh; he's just so good.
    Artifact (don't have to own): Gender changing mirror
    Commodity: Gems
    Animal: Thornbeasts. They totally count, right?
    Item owned: Athame
    Village/forest/region: Glomdoring!
    NPC: Filib Shee-Slaugh <3
    Memory: [redacted] but it's about Voidbabies. 
    Song: Some elfen songs. Probably Io Teseí though! (which can be found here)
    Drink: Some kind of tea, probably.


    Goals: Attempt to explore more of their tah'vrai
    Ambitions: Boy, even they don't know.
    Nemesis: None so far.
    Rival: @Lief
    Best Friend: ...uh...
    Idol: Rancoura, Nocht
    Best personal achievement: Getting to cree-Dae Hiua'zal.
    Worst personal achievement: Drinking the Nochtquameld. >.>
    Proudest moment: Asking to be adopted into Shee-Slaugh
    Most shameful moment: Typos. All of them.
    If I could make one wish: Gender-changing mirror for each day rather than each month.

    Why you should hate them: A truly big bully, but in the best/worst way.
    Why you should love them: Apparently, a lot of people find them to be very kind and patient, willing to explain nearly anything they can to newbies and oldbies alike.
    Why you should fear them: Excellent manipulator. Probably other things too but I can't remember them.
    Why they are harmless: Doesn't poison your food.
    If they ruled the world, you'd best expect: N/A
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    Choros said:

    Part Two! Upgraded, changed answers are in Italics
    Character Name: Choros Shevat

    Race: Sileni, but Lucidian or Gnome if he weren't.
    Gender: Male
    Guild: Consortium, Quartz Syndicate.
    City/Commune: Hallifax
    Order: None, but Eyeballing Terentia heavily.


    Skin: Lightly tanned, with light golden hairs all over.
    Eyes: Soft, chocolate brown.
    Build: Tall and slender. Currently Tessenchi, if Kaizynne would help with some katas
    Defining Features: Melodic voice, horns, cute button nose. Did I mention the Sileni part?
    Piercings: None, gross. My body is a temple and entirely too perfect to pierce with sharp instruments of torture.
    Scars: See Piercings


    Strengths: Complete lack of morals. Choros refuses to entertain any sense of right and wrong. There is only what helps himself, and by extension his family and Hallifax, and what does not. He's willing to bend almost any rule or guideline to do what needs to be done. Choros is Neutral Evil, Lawful Neutral, but knows who butters his bread.

    Weaknesses: Choros overestimates his ability to get away with his shenanigans, and he's going to be caught some day. But not today. Choros has a dislike of people who break or change laws for their own profit, and not for the good of the whole. This leads to a lot of arguments.

    Attitude: Well dressed, openly polite and respectful, especially to authority figures who aren't hampering him. Think mobster.

    Morals: If you can't prove it, I didn't do it. You got a warrant? Am I free to go?

    Pet Peeves:  Being touchy-feely or openly flirty. If I'm interested, you'll know. If you don't know for sure, I'm not. Changeling as a Sileni to get perks.

    Best way to piss me off: Lack of manners, ratting me out to authorities. Bitches get stitches. Being too lazy to work to get what you want. Nothing worth having is easy to achieve. Break your promises or show that you aren't worth his trust.

    Best way to get on my good side: Feed me, show me how to make a profit. Make small talk and tell me things. Be a Sileni and be interested in roleplaying about it, including listening to Choros when he waxes eloquently about Sileni history.


    Color: None, but prefers black accented with gold or quartz buttons with gold veins.
    Tertiary: Psymet
    Tertiary Skill: Gliding!
    Primary Skill: Tessenchi
    Location: his Manse, Goldensil.
    God/Goddess: Still slightly interested in Czixi, but in Secret(TM), looking at Terentia
    Guild Master/House Head (all time): Ayisdra, who is the closest thing to a mentor Choros has.
    Artifact (don't have to own): a plush doll of Guido Bondshredder, his Torus and Boots of Shanth. 
    Commodity: Rope. @Aramel knows why.  Quartz crystals with gold veins (gems/gold)
    Animal: his mount, Durama the Llama.
    Item owned: a crystal bottle emblazoned with the seal of House Shevat (filled with winter's rose and peach white tea)
    Village/forest/region: Hifarae Hills
    NPC: Raphie DiGagio.
    Memory: Escorting Daraius to a timequake. Speaking to Terentia about Justice, and earning Her favor with his answers.
    Song: <----his song as a Symphonist.
    Drink: Tea. Anything but black, preferring honey or fruit.  winter's rose and peach white tea


    Goals: take over the Consortium. Remarry, get more people in the Consortium
    Ambitions: See goals.
    Nemesis: Glomdoring. He  finds them entirely too much like Hallifax in many ways, and there can be only one. Nelras, who he has decided is a bad influence on his sister.
    Rival: @Alexandria, who is also his best friend and sister.
    Best Friend: See: Rival
    Idol: Ayisdra and Portius
    Best personal achievement: Beating @Steingrim and @Lisuarte to aethertrades Winning the Seal of Justice after losing his first round
    Worst personal achievement: None, yetWinning the Seal of Justice and having to beat both his daughter, and his mother twice, to do it. Choros heavily pondered letting Aramel win the Seal.
    Proudest moment: None yet.
    Most shameful moment: Getting pissed off over Ironhart and verbally berating people for not wanting to do timequakes
    If I could make one wish: The admin would make a bubblix for Lyria-whatsit.


    Why you should hate him: You shouldn't. He has a heart of gold.
    Why you should love him: Because if you're friendly with him, he'll shower you in riches. Maybe.
    Why you should fear him:  because he doesn't care what you think, and he'll gleefully pay for someone to slaughter you and bring your head to him time and time again if you piss him off.
    If he ruled the world, you'd best expect: Speakeasies and gambling casinos all over the place.

    Everiine said: The reason population is low isn't because there are too many orgs. It's because so many facets of the game are outright broken and protected by those who benefit from it being that way. An overabundance of gimmicks (including game-breaking ones), artifacts that destroy any concept of balance, blatant pay-to-win features, and an obsession with convenience that makes few things actually worthwhile all contribute to the game's sad decline.
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