Truth Changes [Mysrai's Visit to Serenwilde]

LiefLief Member Posts: 483 Transcendent
As promised in Tridemon's thread, here is Serenwilde's visit with Shofet Mysrai!

Truth Changes

All things considered, it somehow went pretty well, up until the very very end, Lief thinks? Maybe?
Amazing beautiful stunning avatar by Gurashi!
A gentle breeze ruffles your wings and whispers in your ears, as if for you alone, "Dragonfly's words shine... seeds, sown and tended, inspire... a forest harvest."
Maylea reaches out, Her fingers poised in midair. "Now you are of Me, even more than you were before." Her golden and azure eyes glitter. "Walk well, Eldin. Shed glory in My name, and bring life to the lifeless."


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