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Hello, everyone!
I'm relatively new to Lusternia and I've not had a chance to get to know you all much but hopefully that will change :)

Considering the fact that I've loved Nexus since it all started and the fact that I've been playing on Nexus a lot in other games, I just had to build something for Nexus here as well and, with the help of some fine people and inspiration from those that built things before, I've come up with a baseline version of a system that I want to share with any other Nexus enthusiasts.

It is not the most complex thing in the world and it currently supports many general functions but only has offensive lines customization and aliases for Hartstone druid as that is my class and getting the offensive lines for every class in game might require contribution from others as well.
Also, as a disclaimer, seeing as I did not have access to all these lines, I have used m&mf for inspiration and obtained the enemy lines from there, which I've tailored into a Nexus version. Equally important for my inspiration was Moi's Influencer as, being a noob at the game...:D I would have probably spent ages trying to catch every single line or combination.
So, a thank you for those who developed both of those as they provided a resource for me and I appreciate it and assure you that, even if I have used the previously inputted lines, my version of things is not the same.

Moving on, what is AlixSys and what does it feature?

This list should be pretty self-explanatory and please note that there are many various quality of life improvements that would have taken too long to add and, in their own, would be too small to mention. (Examples being an anti-logout, automatic pit climbing and so on).
Also note that while the system has many enemy lines built in, they were only the ones that I could find in the baseline of m&mf and they might not be complete. This will be a work in progress and I will add to them once I get more.

For a list of commands and uses, there is also this:

All the aliases can be found under folders: Generic > Aliases (for generic stuff) or Hartstone > Aliases (for those tailored to Hartstone druids)

As mentioned in the Disclaimer, I do not intend to create aliases for every class in game as I believe everyone would customize them anyway.
However, if anyone would like to contribute with the offensive lines for a class, I would be able to add them and create functionality, flavor text and customization as well as support for insta-kills and so on.

Both of these lists are visible in game as well, on hitting ALIXLIST and ALIXFEATURES, as you will also be prompted upon loading :)
For any questions, hit me up in game on Alixia or leave me a message/post here/whatever you like!

Major thanks to several people without which this would not be possible:
Anathaerine, Elexia, Llani, Kaizynne, Lief, Pysynne, most of Serenwilde! Thank you for your support!


  • Alixia, this is just fantastic! Thank you so much for sharing it with everyone. I know so many people who have used Nexus and resigned themselves to going without a system, I think this is going to be a huge help!
  • Important Note:
    I will be implementing base class detection and bashing skills but, until then, please look for the HUNTING function in onLoad and modify the "point cudgel " line to whatever your bashing skill is, for the basher to work with your class if you are not Hartstone :smile:
  • Hello all,
    This will be my final posted update because I do not have the time to develop the system for every class unfortunately but if anyone would ever wish to continue it then please be my guest :) I have added some new stuff and some bug fixes to get it to a stable version and make sure the base stuff works so here it is:

    Hope it helps whoever is interested in Nexus at least as a baseline.
    Thanks and have fun!

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