Happiness, Stories, and Destroying the Book of Mysrai

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Okay first let me start by saying: 

Backstory for those new to the situation: there was an orange thief (denizen of Mysrai's realm) that had been helping Mysrai's super adorable NPC priest Friend Liar/Friend Aschwar write letters to their friends and stuff, and this orange thief was BETTER than the REST OF THEM because he was the GOODEST of lizard boys and loves Aschwar so much clearly, but we THOUGHT THEY WERE DEAD FOR YEARS and finally yesterday they reappeared with some sage advice for Gurashi. Immediately followed by an intense, amazing encounter with Aschwar themselves...

"I'm gonna...let them be happy." <-- meeting with the orange thief. 

"I promised a story. So I will say it now." <-- destroying the book of Mysrai, and listening to Friend Aschwar tell a story

As always. Raves for @Mysrai, @Tridemon, @Esei, @Alary and @Shulamit. It was an honor to be there with you guys <3
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    Oh thank goodness I don't have to clean my logs now.

    I mean, ah! Ah! Orange thief baby! :( I'm sorry for getting you smote! :(

    All the hugs for Aschwar, once they accept hugs.
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