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Hey everyone,

You might not know me, as I was pretty much a nobody when I first went dormant. It's been a very long time since I logged in (back then Ninjakari was still a Guild). I see a lot of changes have happened and I welcome it, but now I'm wondering if its worth it to return. Part of why I went dormant in the first place was the feeling that it was kind of lonely, though I attribute that to being in a non-prime time zone (Singapore time).

I remember I invested in Tattoo armor a while back, and my rift is stocked good enough but I don't remember anything anymore like where I used to bash, power etc just to name a few. Maybe I should drop being a Monk and start fresh but I honestly enjoyed my time in the Ninjakari so I'm pretty conflicted, besides it would be nice to be a living relic of the Guild to be honest I don't remember much of the stuff there either.

Anyway, just looking for some second opinions on how to proceed. Any input good or bad would be greatly appreciated.



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    Hey there, welcome back! The off-peak population can dip pretty low, but generally things still occur. Revolts, flares, timequakes (no exp loss on death in timequakes), and other conflict events are quite fairly distributed across the day so keep an eye out for those.

    Ninjakari can be very strong, but all modern monks have a pretty hefty learning curve. Some enjoy it, some do not. If you're acrobatics, tattoo armor is a good choice. Acro aside, the rest of the game can wear forged armour (20%) now, not sure if that was the case when you stopped playing.

    The only advice I have is find a class that is fun for you, throw yourself into fire, and ask a lot of questions. You probably want to learn about and choose a new guild, which hopefully would help against feeling isolated or alone.
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    Thanks for the reply!

    I might class change so I can get a fresh start, but I noticed a new classflexing thing that lets you change classes temporarily? Is this different from the normal class changing? I'm probably going Bard, which has Acrobatics too. Will the lessons I spent in Acrobatics transfer over to Bard once I change?
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    Classflex lets you snap to/from classes, but you still have to skillflex the skills. There are some artifacts that make this conversion free/faster (ASHOP 67, ASHOP 14) for example.

    I think the info in HELP CLASSES is a bit outdated, these doesn't work/exist anymore:
    Syntax to change class PERMANENTLY:
     CLASS SELECT <class>

    Just use the info in HELP CLASSFLEX. Bard is probably one of the easier classes to pick up, and yes Acrobatics can be kept when you swap from Ninjakari to Cacophony. All compatible skills are kept when classflexing.

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