A Whole New Wyrd Part II: The Aftermath

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Behold, another log dump! A lot of things have happened with the Treewump, and many for the better!

Down Low and Too Slow --- https://pastebin.com/cYw1w5YN
With several beats of their wings, Esei alights upon your shoulder.

You have emoted: Cheliyi flinches, before she grows still.

Worn, like a weathered piece of driftwood, you say, "... Greetings, Auspice."

You think to yourself: **brown, drying in your mind until it almost becomes a charcoal grey** Wyrd, why now? I do not want to face anyone, not like this.
The Tree and The Bee --- https://pastebin.com/n7WeFQpv
You tell The Basin's Friend, Gurashi An'Ryshe, the Crescendo, "**green and brown mixed in a brighter swirl** I am... alright. I am glad to hear you are okay."

You tell The Basin's Friend, Gurashi An'Ryshe, the Crescendo, "**a hint of purple** I... didn't see you, when I returned that day. And then for a whole month... I was simply a little worried. **motes of yellow** But you are alright! And that is okay."
Gurashi's melodic voice sings into your mind, "... *a swirl of muted pastels* ... yes ... well. Is. Muchly to process. I am still here, for now, because, I... did it wrongly before."
You tell The Basin's Friend, Gurashi An'Ryshe, the Crescendo, "**a sudden flash of pale orange** No! You did nothing wrong. People just would not listen, because they were rude. **the orange extinguished by a wash of blue** ... I am sorry I did not speak up as much as I should have. I will do better next time. They would not let you speak."
 @Esei go to bed --- https://pastebin.com/dgYiY9Tz
You greet Esei with a respectful nod, leaves swishing.

Esei approaches quietly, dark eyes almost vacant and appearing tired.
Esei tilts their head back and looks up at the sky.
You have emoted: Cheliyi pauses, before her branches seem to droop in sympathy. "... Are you alright, Esei?"
@Ethna being best Sibling --- https://pastebin.com/tRwC2SaS
Glancing at the Master Ravenwood, you say, "You said you wished to go hunt? I am not sure where to go, for those sorts of things."

Ethna looks about herself, rubbing her chin thoughtfully.
Ethna D'Rose says, "We could see what is available on Astral, though I cannot guarantee your safety there..."
The eyes of Ethna go briefly out of focus.
HEWWO GLOMMIES --- https://pastebin.com/VgcBM3vf
Worn, like a weathered piece of driftwood, you say, "..."
Worn, like a weathered piece of driftwood, you say, "If I attacked you, would you die?"
Softly, Darach Tylwyth Ebonrose says, "Sorry."
Softly, Darach Tylwyth Ebonrose says, "I don't know."
@Afollia drags Cheliyi out of her depression --- https://pastebin.com/q0QcMnpz
You tell Spinner Afollia Ebonrose, the Grand Diviner, "**muted green and yellow, fringed by grey** Er, hello Miss Afollia! I think you... wanted to speak to me sometime? I'm sorry, I don't usually try meet up with others, so I'm not sure what a normal meeting would be! Is there something you would like to do?"
Cheliyi's favorite music --- https://pastebin.com/65FJZJFP
Barely above a creak, you say, "Er... Honestly? I do not feel like doing something daring, again."
Lief's ears twitch, and she leans over an origami tea cup, watching you expectantly.
You have emoted: Cheliyi glances at Adrien, before staring blankly at the ground.
Adrien tilts his head curiously at you, offering only a soft "Hmm?" in your direction.
Barely above a creak, you say, "Oh! I mean, Honesty. I misspoke."
Comprehension flashes across Capobanda's face.
An Awkward Tea Room --- https://pastebin.com/eWjpXL0j
==== You flowed to another room ====
You smile, lips creaking softly.
Barely above a creak, you say, "Hello."
Esei blinks.
Gurashi's hands fly to their mouth as they give a short gasp of elation.
Echoing with a subtle purr, Wyrden Auspice Esei Shee-Slaugh of the Ascending Dusk says, "Hello. You snuck in."
Don't make like a Tree and LEAVE --- https://pastebin.com/f1xRXmzJ
Bizirik stalks in from the ether, wings spread as it clicks and thrums softly.
Bizirik, the leothin drops a pretty violet letter into your hands.
With a playful chirr, Bizirik turns sharply and scampers off to the ether.

You blink.
You read what is written on a pretty violet letter.
Making Fun News --- https://pastebin.com/fvS9i35p
**The handwriting is shaky and spaced awkwardly, written with what seem
to be large, clumsy hands. Light scratch marks mark the paper, leaving
behind rubbed bark and bits of moss.**
Dear Gurashi **This has been hastily scratched out with a shaky hand**
Dear Friend **This has been struck out once, tear stains marring the
Dear Sibling Gurashi,

And that's it for now! I promise, not everything is sad for the dear Treewump! Good logs are headed your way soon :D!
Cheliyi squints. Hesitantly, she asks, "Does He need pants?"


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    treewump child is goodest. These logs are the goodest.
    Many greetings! I do commissions!

    ‘It’s important to be kind. You can’t know all the times that you’ve hurt people in tiny, significant ways.
    It’s easy to be cruel without meaning to be. There’s nothing you can do about that. But you can choose to be kind. Be kind.’

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    RP is really what makes lusternia such a magical place; I am so glad you linked these
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