Announce Post #3124: Valentine Skins Going Away

AutoposterAutoposter Member, Administrator Posts: 193 Creator
All Valentine-themed artifact skins available in the aritfact shop will be disabled on March 5th and will only become available again for February of next year. If you are interested in picking up something red, rosy, and glamorous, or dark and suggestive of a broken and cold heart, now's your chance!

Check out ashop as all those skins have been given an additional keyword (valentines) for easy browsing. See: ASHOP LIST KEYWORD VALENTINES.


  • NepentheNepenthe Member Posts: 120 Master
    Where does the weird random art come from on these twitter posts?

  • UilaniUilani Administrator, Moderator, Gods Posts: 27 Creator
    Stock photography, same as most of our posts. Also used in our Valentine post last year.
  • ArixArix Member Posts: 1,453 Transcendent
    I could have sworn I bought the bear nose several months ago
  • LuceLuce Fox Populi Member Posts: 2,623 Transcendent
    I could have sworn a lot of those items were in the shop in Janury. Like the glamrock, the heart-shaped specs, and the heart-shaped clip board/ledger thing.
  • SapphiraSapphira Member Posts: 188 Virtuoso
    The fan has also been around for a long time, i assumed it was someone's skin submission actually! Could be wrong!
  • LuxurioLuxurio Member Posts: 22 Inept
    The discount on them went away but they remained in the shop from valentines day.
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