Database of all skill lines?

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Is there anywhere I can find a database / listing of all skill lines in the game?

Usage: I want to create my own (Mudlet) system of trigger highlighting for pvp, which might also output a 'summary' of what's going on to a different window on the screen to help better see what's going on. I've been collecting skill lines one-by-one for now, but surely this must be compiled somewhere already...right?


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    I have been wondering this myself in past times, but I don't think such exists, mostly because there's a lot of them and they are, of course, slowly evolving too. The best I can recommend is to go over your combat logs after a fight and pick those you don't already have and highlight them as you need them.

    In theory, gathering such a list would be an interesting idea, but I think, ultimately it'll overwhelm you with the sheer number of different abilities out there. Still, if a sizable group would be dedicating themselves to that, I would not mind providing a share to it.
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  • ZalanZalan Member Posts: 14 Inept
    I'd be interested in organizing such a group. If anybody else would be interested in joining, please let me know here, via DM, or in Discord!

    What I'm thinking is that whoever volunteers and contributes lines for their skills (e.g. by sparring against me) will get access to a spreadsheet where we compile everything.
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