Need help with an idea I'm trying to implement.

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So I'd like to make a "smart" combat trigger with a variable in the output that stands for the last command i sent. Something along the lines of "You have recovered equilibrium." yields (repeat command x). Does anyone have a good tip for how to do this? Is it even possible? (P.S. I'm using MUSHClient if that helps)


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    Unfortunately I've never really used MUSHClient, so I can't answer your question directly. Have you considered using Mudlet? A lot of people can help you with it, now, and personally I like it a lot more.

    Also, for Mudlet, Tulemrah made a great free healing system - even if you end up making your own, it's vital that you have a look over how they work - no sense in reinventing the wheel. What you're trying to make is more or less what others call a "do" queue - and Tulemrah's "Medic!" system includes one of these.
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    Iasmos is the current MUSHclient master, if you can get a hold of him.
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    Iasmos said:
    You might also want to read HELP STRATAGEMS.
    I believe you mean AB COMBAT STRATAGEM, which is a decent hunk of lessons for a new player.
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    This is speaking off the cuff, and with pretty much nil Mushclient experience.  If it's a command you already have aliased, I'd add some sort of variable to it named LastCommand or something and makes its value the command that your alias sends to the game.  When you hit equilibrium, have a trigger send the value of LastCommand.

    If you don't have it aliased, alias it. :D

    This is a pretty simplistic way of doing it, and I'm sure there's a better/more efficient way to do it.
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