Bleed: How Emotions Affect Role-Playing Experiences

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A friend shared this on Facebook earlier, thought it was quite an interesting talk. It's something I've experienced myself, and I think of it like reading a book or watching a movie, if it is any good it will get to you on some level. What does the rest of you think about 'bleed'? Maybe someone has a story that they'd want to share?
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    I make extreme effort to have bleed not be a thing when I play my characters, on any roleplaying game. I've been able to assume so many personalities it kind of scares me.
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    As a LRPer this was super interesting to watch, thank you for posting!

    I especially found the part about the importance of debriefing interesting: as it basically amounts to 'frothing about your IG experiences is good for you/important!' :D
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    Very interesting. I definitely resonate with the 'stepping outside of oneself and becoming a central component of a shared story' school of roleplaying. I've been playing IRE games since high school, and before that I was involved in a kind of forum-based, interactive storytelling roleplaying situation. There was never anyone in my life I felt comfortable talking to about my hobbies (even when I really wanted to gush about something awesome or complain about something frustrating), so I had to set boundaries and rules for myself to avoid getting too affected by the games.

    A lot of times it amounted to reminding myself "it's just a game/story" whenever I got too riled up. I also made a point to never, ever prioritize a game event over an opportunity for real-life interaction. And most importantly (with respect to leadership roles in particular) if I'm not having fun, I quit. It took me a while to appreciate it, but the games and stories go on without me! It's fine! I can jump back in in another capacity when I'm ready! 

    EDIT: I should mention that I can't help but feel connections with the characters I interact with, if not the people behind them. That's part of why we play in the first place, as Doctor Bowman said. It can be a little hard to just quit when you're not having fun, knowing that your quitting might affect someone else's fun. But I gotta look out for my own emotional health, so I try to limit private, OOC interaction. The forums serve as my debriefing session.
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