Glevich vs. Azula

GlevichGlevich Member Posts: 20 Inept
Here's a simple spar against Azula.


  • LeradLerad Member Posts: 2,405 Transcendent
    I have no idea what's going on in this log, not because it's in monocolour (having ansi logging would help a lot though) but I really have no idea what's up with your vitals. There are places where you jump from having 10p to 5p, from full mana to none, inbetween blackouts. Without recklessness. I'm not sure what you're doing there, gagged clotting or what, but it's making no sense to me.

    Also, I have no idea how/why Azula passed up on so many inquisitions.

    Also, I have no idea why you firstaid so much. Azula doesn't seem to want to run even when she's at 8+ vessels, so you could easily have heartbursted her, if only you didn't firstaid again and again. If you have a system, use normal diag. Firstaid uses more eq, which slows you down that much more as a TK. Diaging after a blackout is a pretty good habit, but against Celestines, you can exploit the fact that changing imbues is not something they often do. If you're up against a vapours imbued angel (which is everyone and their mother these days), trigger your system to add vapours + whatever the second aff is on the angel attack. Set up easy aliases to enable/disable the affs that is automatically assumed, and you save yourself diag time while also increasing your system's cure reaction speed. When you notice their power move (which allows double imbue) running out, disable it, and wait to see what their next combo is, and then enable it again. As a TK, don't drop the pressure on vessels. Make sure your sub channel is always off bal from vesseling. Against anyone who can cure decently, the amount of firstaids and diags you did would have made it pretty much impossible to kill them.

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    yeah.. I asked Caerlyr about the color thing.. I noticed that after I posted.. Still trying to get used to Logsty.. Anyways,. Reality costs 5p, I did do a maelstrom, which consumes all of my mana. Umm.. The firstaid thing is just habit really, from when I didn't have a system to cure. But I'll try to stop doing that and use diag. I spammed firstaid after I came out of inquisition just because it's been so long since I've fought one that I didn't know if she would be able to hide anything on me. Next time, I'm going to see about using ansi logging though!
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    Ew, a Maelstrom, why? It's a wonder she didn't absolve you then and there.
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    Oh, that's what that was? I guess I missed it in the monocolour. And yeah, you're a TK. Don't bother with anything in your primary except your passives. >.>

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    yeah, I actually was wondering the same thing after I did it.. Then she didn't absolve me and I kind of laughed to myself.. Anyways.. You can't really rely on TK to kill anymore.. It's still super hard to proc vessels.. I mean, anyone can cure 2 vessels per attack.. Plus you regain sip/sparkle balance faster than I can regain my channel balance.. So, even getting a lucky 3 vessel proc, that's only 1 that you can count on.. If you proc 2, it's like you don't even hit them at all, and if you only proc 1 then you have to think a -1.. Only way is getting lucky and hiding the vessels somehow.. A way I learned was to time a choke/vessel/clot with my meld (jellies stuns) so, systems think that they cured, but they didn't.
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    Heartburst really isn't a valid kill option anymore. They are either going to die to bleeding long before you get to 12 vessels or you won't kill them.

    I would focus more on doing bleed damage and draining mana so they can't clot (also, enough clotting in a long enough fight will make them lose willpower far too quickly). EvenBlade does decent mana damage. Also, Weaving Wounds helps when going for damage/mana damage. Very underrated skill.

    Not sure how long the fight lasted, but Phantoms/Claws probably wore off and you never put it back up.

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  • GlevichGlevich Member Posts: 20 Inept
    Yeah, they wore off. I noticed them, but I seen that her vessel count was already too high, didn't want the chance of her curing the vessels and clots while I was trying to re-apply phantom/claws
  • ReahReah Member Posts: 17 Apprentice
    Glevich trying to use my cheesy kill tactics? XD
  • GlevichGlevich Member Posts: 20 Inept
    nah, @Reah.. I just did the maelstrom so she would stop sipping mana and would focus on health for like 2 sips.. Since she's a mana user for her attacks, plus bleeding/clot consuming her mana passively.. It was enough for me to be able to drop her mana and focus on the bleeding. I was about to hit preserve at the end, but she bled out right before I could.
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    Her TK curing is pretty bad :/
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